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feh Sep 2022
Beautiful boy
I always knew it was you.
In a world on fire,
Your eyes of blue
Keep me sane.

A glacier in the sea
For me to cling to
And a pretty smile
To hold me together,
You didn’t cause my Titanic.
You saved it

And here I am,
In love again
Without a second thought.
I’d give up my heart
Any day
If it meant I’d find yours so quickly
and you have NO IDEA how much you mean to me
feh Mar 2022
You know what my English teacher told me today
She grinned at me
Said I was going to do well on this one
Because I am not one
To follow her rules
she’s the coolest
  Jan 2022 feh
Made me promises
When I was young
And new
They didn't keep
Because they had known
No one would blame 'em
When I felt old
And used
sketch #24
feh Jan 2022
My life is ending
My world, changing
Souls to come across
And souls to leave behind
And in my nightmares of
The glorified chaos,
I see yours drift away.

With so much ending,
And so much changing,
I see the world open its
Arms to me.
And though it is vast
And cold
And salty
And windy
And moist enough to soak into my bones,
At least I have my kayak,
With countless directions to go
(Except back, mind you),
And you in the other seat.
feh Oct 2021
he is a different feeling
the jump from the airplane
the step off the edge with the rope swing
the synchronized spinning of my feet on a bike chain
to be alive: heart pounding, hard breathing, head spinning
he is a different feeling
and yet he is
the parachute,
the water waiting to catch me,
the wind in my hair
heart pounding, hard breathing, head spinning.
but everything is clear
I found my adventurer
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