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Guntang Aug 2020
the crow emerges
picking at the hollow bones
of my life
the darkness trembles
with fear
the staring abyss
the eyes of the wolf
you liken me
to a frozen rose
i cry the wakefulness
into tears of dreams
this thing that rises
from the ashes
a terrible thing
disturbed in the dark
no longer sleeps
Guntang Aug 2020
my mind goes
in the forest
i’ve been here before
why not get lost
some more?
leave breadcrumbs
so i can find you
or blood splatters
so i can feel my way
to you
when it’s dark
and i’m on my hands and knees
in the deep forest
it’s dark
the trees congregate
and the branches laugh
i will never get out of here
the dark
has me
Guntang Aug 2020
dripping nightmares
from my eyelids
burning pleasures
in my eyes
my sinews wrapped
in the vines of my mind
a black tear *****
doom from the beyond
and the brittle
footsteps of boney death
crumble at your doorstep
Guntang Aug 2020
fate’s whispered needles
time’s silent puddle
life’s fading whispers
in a snow-beam
Guntang Aug 2020
along the path
of life
though the grey swamp
is uncertain
placing stones
as we move
placing stones
as we speak
each stone plunging
in unknown depths
only mist
only stepping stones
of regret
Guntang Aug 2020
skimming across
the surface of life
discard my heart
into deep fogs
like an errant stone
Guntang Aug 2020
i don’t speak of things
only words
i don’t speak of time
only vapour
i inhale the dawn’s drapes
watching the bleeding sun
i smoke the burnt sunset
in a bent pipe
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