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Pear Summers Feb 2020
Nothing mends a broken soul
The feeling of giving up
and losing all goals
The constant fear of f*ckingup
and a heart with a gaping hole.
Pear Summers Nov 2019
This could be the last chance you have to fly
Do you like the ground want it to pass you by
When you were just a kid and you held your cry
Now you have your voice, don't let it defy.
What you dreamed of, don't let it die
It's not the last goodbye let it be your war cry.
Pear Summers Nov 2019
Why do I even stay
When all you bring is pain
may be because you don't cast me away
but love me even when it's inhumane

You always keep my feelings at bay
it's something I can never explain
you never let me stray
even when you're a demon I try to contain
Pear Summers Nov 2019
Up until now, I can't keep asleep

As I reminisce about our past

And our memories embedded in too deep

I wished it wasn't the last

But it was and it's for me to keep

because memories everlast

but our love to be reaped
Pear Summers Jan 2019
As winter turns to spring
Nothing has changed at all
My feelings had more to bring
And I couldn't help to fall

I wish my feelings were like that
Of a season that's bound to change
So I could just turn my life to the next page
But it's not like that you're still in my heart

For I have loved you
As new seasons start
I can't turn back now
I know there's no return

I hope you're willing to take care of my heart
As its love will burn
For as long as I live I will try
To earn the love your willing to give to anyone in return
Pear Summers Dec 2018
She is your queen
No one dares to deny
She is the glee
That makes your life worthwhile

You loved her so dearly
She loved you as much
Everyone can see your love clearly
That no one dares to touch.

You've fought battles with her
Countless of times
She never gave up while I couldn't even try.
Now let's get to the point before I run out of rhymes

For years we've been allies
Close friends some say
Only now do I realize
I had something to say

The way my heart felt
Just like no other
It boils and it melts
But you don't bother.

The way you look at her you always smile
How effortless she had made you fall in a little while
As she stood tall and talked to you all night

I was in bed wishing I'd be alright.
I wish I was in her place I know its no use
Because she is your happiness to tell you the truth.
I love you but I need to let you go for love is giving with no return at all.

— The End —