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Shadow Dragon Apr 2018
Listen to me carefully.
Bees won't die necessarily.
The flowers will stand up straight.
Everyone can be in a good state.

Stars will continue to shine.
The universe will be fine.
So will the whole of you.
Mistakes will be few.

Miss nothing but your sole.
Nothing worse than losing control.
Treat every ounce of your body.
Life will stay rocky.
I offer myself as bait to those who eat souls for breakfast.

I offer myself as a toy to those who want to kick me.

I offer my soul to those who need new soles on their shoes because my soul is the most immune to physical abuse, with a soft heart acting as a comfortable cushion to stomp on.
Brandon Cotter Sep 2017
Years from then and you’re still in the doorway
One hand in your pocket and the other on the frame
Though shadows, they refuse to be stored away
Vivid to the clothes on the ground, everything’s the same
You hurt someone you loved and couldn’t see it
In the mindset of forever you forgot to live for now
The moment things came crashing down you couldn’t believe it
You kept asking yourself how
How do I live without her here, how do I go on?
Why should I pretend to be happy and fine when I’m dying inside?
You spiral down into dreams, into an abyss of fault, you’re gone
Nothing can dig you from this grave, dug in full stride
The snapping of a bird awakens you from your despair
Mystified by the room you roll to your left and cry
Struck by your reality like the warmth of a shimmering glare
There is no reason to live without her, just another reason to die.
Juniper Zed Jul 2017
Da te, posso vedere il sole
I segreti dell'amore nascosto
Dormono sotto le palpebre
Perciò raccogliono le folle
Durante la nottata
Mi segue il tuo spirito
Sebbene l'amore non è un diritto
La tua voce sempre è ascoltata
Detto questo non vedo occhi tuoi
Apri gli occhi per chiunque puoi
Perché mi manchi molto
Purtroppo sei sepolto.
Alan S Bailey Jul 2017
If you read it from the ******* book it's
"True," not just for you, for me for everybody,
We're all just here to waste, make our own sole filthy space,
What you believe is always "truth for everyone" and not just you.
No matter what we say or think or feel or know or do.
Helplessness and hopelessness drag me away
Between contentment and dissatisfaction I sway
Whatever is right is like enlightened dawn of day
For success of virtue we never ever need to pray

Let my friend take right path for our destination
Following right path takes us just to our salvation
Faith is the hallmark of a believer's sole determination
Sincerity is the part of my sweetheart love and passion

So let us see the results of virtue really with open eyes
A faithful heart never ever dies or in the process cries
Truth dominates to crush and vanish all the ***** lies
A righteous man has the courage and confidence to rise

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
My sweetheart you are my sole impulse
Survival without you will tear me apart
When you place your finger on my pulse
My sweetheart you are great piece of art

Let me praise your beauty in real trance
You can take my life as price of a glance
Let me take my love chance after chance
Let hearts dangle and go for final dance

Please do not ignore my love being sweet
Let my love to be with your beauty on seat
Let our hearts be together in beat on beat
Let me with open arms and heart to greet

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
The weight of the world on my shoulders
Almost too much to bear
Knees starting to buckle
Sometimes life isn't fair

I won't give in
I'll fight the fight
Every day
and every night

It's me alone
against them all
That's the reason
I must not fall

On me alone
Your life does depend
I will care for you
Till the very end

Things have gotten in the way
many people have tried
These things I have overcome
I will not be denied

Providing for you
at this I can not fail
Sheer determination
That's how I will prevail

I'll never let you down
giving nothing but my best
Always putting you first
so lay your fears to rest
Melody Claire Dec 2015
At the heart of all monsters are emotions
If so influential, if so terrorizing,
how can it be that the human fault is
arguably the sole aspect of power?
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