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Along the moss covered stone we walk
In harmonious clatter of the hills
As stark chills sweep our way
Our skin is like fog along the roaring river
Gently skimming on our clammy existence
Simply clumps of flesh wandering
Enveloped by these jagged hills we roam
As the salty meat of an oyster
Surrounded and encased by the hardness

Hold me close darling
As we forage this cold world together
Besides the monumentous red wood
Sharing hands with the earth we skip
Like pepples across the water
Yearning for somewhere new to grow
New to learn and love
May we dance in the foliage
Of the forests of our hapiness
And spend eternity like the open meadow
We both sprouted from long ago
my left hand quivers as the right extends
reaching out for you knowing its the end
brushed aside by your cold slap
I reach again but am met with a slap
my face felt the pain but my heart aches
like fissures gouging cracks in lakes
I stand stunned yet want to hold you
as you walk away and say that we're through
you get no more than ten feet from me
I hope you feel safe because now I'm comfy
pointing my gun at your back
all that's heard is the crack
as you fall dead into the soft leaves
and I blow my brains to smithereens
Hello my love
My ember nestled beneath the sand
Of a brisk hollow night
As billions of stars pierce our gaze
Temping us of the heat we may never bathe in
A ploy gesture to continue on
Waiting on this frozen beach
With a spectacle of sand made of glass

You began to pulsate
Radiating your waves of warmth towards me
And like the ***** of a knife I noticed you
Of the seas of blue sadness
You frothed crimson from your veins
Spewing with rage from every pore
Of every tiny sliver of existence
You called my name

Through my watering eyes of fear
Your fire burned through every hope of escape
My vision blurred red as if my eyes began bleeding
Being dragged towards you
Like a vile corpse to the grave

Of all my strength I take one last look at the stars
A turquoise velvet blanket covered in gems
Shimmer to the fate of my existence
And that of my cold brittle heart

Merely at hands grasp and I could feel you
Every croaking notch of burning fire
Your slithering magma oozed for my heart
I awaited the agony promised of Gods
And the end of my minuscule miserable existence

A moment had passed
That of which I could still feel the breeze
And droplets of blue given to me by the sea
As yet another moment passes
As confusion emanates with your warmth

Your hands of burning coal melt my frozen heart
Running a river of warmth to my soul
As cascades overflow my emotions
I lay adrift Not in blood
But of love

Every stroke of your burning passion heals me
Soothing wounds I never thought could be closed
I lust of every splendor you grant me
Your barrage of molten touch has lifted me from the depths
Of the darkest of deepest of oceans
Have me now and forever So that I may die blistering
Alongside you
And your everlasting inferno of love
Brandon Cotter Dec 2019
dance with me
on this winter night of winds
embrace my beating heart
to the contempt of our life's mistakes
journey across the fields of my madness
and of course your pain
sweat through every pore onto mine
culminating a smear that we only know
and only trust
warm my body with yours
and let me taste what you are feeling
my love
dance with me
and never let me go
Brandon Cotter Mar 2019
When the stars undying light reaches you
I hope it scathes and scratches the skin
Tearing you down to your soul
And if our cold moon crashes to earth
May it shatter what feeling you have left
If any is left to consume

Beyond your existence
I wish nothing more of you to come
And this prancing version of you
In my head
To die along with my dreams
For your being sickens me to suicide
And I might just do it
To say goodbye to you once and for all
Brandon Cotter Dec 2018
I carry your heart in my breast pocket
So close to mine
As the beating of our love
Has become inseparable

Creating lives spread so vast
Yet they rumble as one
Like howls drifting though the sky
Of a midnights praise of harmony

Our hands cast in a shell
Healing together
As if we had broken all that we could
Yet anticipating anew
For what beauty
Awaits to discover

A single kiss
Calms that tingle along the spine
Planting our seeds for blossom
As we delve through one another
To grow into something greater
Something new

And we'll bathe under the sun
In endless laughter
Until our bones hug the sand
And our souls may dance with each other
With the same fire we had
When our love first crashed into existence
Brandon Cotter Oct 2018
Heartbreak shakes my hand again
Mottled with grays and hints of black
In awe of my grimace, it paces
Observing my battered heart
As the crimson flashes from my chest
My light is squandered once again

As the cold embrace tightens my throat
I am speechless to this view on life
Desolate and distraught  
Of the corpse I have shriveled into

I must kneel to the darkness afoot
With tears to choke the last breaths I take
I am left abandoned
Of all that I have ever loved
And more importantly
All I have ever lost
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