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It dawned on me the other day
Your fingers swept my palm
I knew what I wanted to say
And I tried to stay calm
Your left dimple sprung alive
As we carelessly got in the car
Is was supposed to be a quick drive
And now your melted to the tar
I should have said no to the beer
And noticed the roads were wet
Now my reality is my worst fear
And my cherished love is just a regret
Self mutilation at simmering dawn
With no remorse for what tomorrow brings
Now you lay there
Gutted in the middle of your life
Wondering how the ******* got here
With that shovel still in hand
It's easy to blame those who watch
So take your eyes from your sockets
Catch a glimpse of the blood
As it pours from your existence
Maybe now you can learn to cherish
This fragile slimey brain of yours
And stop smearing it on pavement
I hate you
For you lack of compassion for me
And unforgiving choices
Please kindly let go of the steering wheel
So I can verge away from the median
Into this whimsical bubble bath called life
Brandon Cotter Nov 2021
I hope these goosebumps stay jagged forever
Like summits of this tubular dance
The infinite free fall from never
Blankets our young souls with radiance

As piano keys play during our wars
And we shall melt in syncrony
With our laughter bottled in jars
Will you please sing with me

So we can drown out the booms
And my mother's haunting cries
We've crawled from cribs to tombs
As the metal falls from the skies

My tears evaporate into the air
As my skin boils off my face
Our boney bodies rip and Tear
Cementing our final Embrace
Brandon Cotter May 2021
Why is it I feel you on the coldest days
As the sun cowards behind the clouds
La de da da
Ballads of rain shower the earth
And scars swell at the thought of healing
La de da da
As the darkness dances around me
You sing at the sight of my falters
La de da da
Breaking me down for the last time
As I struggle for a grasp on what's left
La de da da
My only hope is to someday recover
And survive long enough to forget you
Brandon Cotter May 2021
***** me with your love
Stab me with your beauty
Gut me with your kind heart
Yet leave me alive long enough
To regret the day we ever met
Brandon Cotter Feb 2021
I act as though I'm tough as nails
Forget what words the ignorant wails
How I know you gave things your best
Much more then I got from the rest
I just hope you can forgive my mistakes
Really, any sort of look my way is all it takes
Needed you so bad I would stay up and cry
You were my everything, an excuse not to die
Brandon Cotter Oct 2020
Along the moss covered stone we walk
In harmonious clatter of the hills
As stark chills sweep our way
Our skin is like fog along the roaring river
Gently skimming on our clammy existence
Simply clumps of flesh wandering
Enveloped by these jagged hills we roam
As the salty meat of an oyster
Surrounded and encased by the hardness

Hold me close darling
As we forage this cold world together
Besides the monumentous red wood
Sharing hands with the earth we skip
Like pepples across the water
Yearning for somewhere new to grow
New to learn and love
May we dance in the foliage
Of the forests of our hapiness
And spend eternity like the open meadow
We both sprouted from long ago
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