My galloping love
Untamed to these treacherous hills
Steady the unraveling nerves
That fall like petals
From these outstetched stems
You once relied on

Emotions culminate atop this crest
To the enjoyment of the howling wind
Brushing cascades to the north
I feel your presence crashing into me
Like the carless crescendo
My broken heart

Your smile dances around my head
As a sultry chasse
inviting memories abound

Of the prancing Pollock
Beneath our swimming souls
And our warm blooded bodies
Falling in love
Like a tender tompé into my arms

I can feel your touch
A subtle
Yet electric brush of comfort
As the pouring rain smears around me
Casting clouds into shadows
Like your hiding just out of sight

No matter the distance traveled
Or the places you call home
I will always be holding your hand
To mend a bond gone aloft
But not forgotten

Until the sun and moon
Forget how to play
I will cherish what we shared
With a key around my neck
To our locket of love
And everlasting friendship

For you
Love is miraculous
It's countless bubbles perched on your shoulder
Surviving our baths journey
your soft skin wrinkles
As tiny toes adapt to the water

It's miracles making eye contact

While the sun sets
Between our gushing hearts

It's the burning down our throats
From the poison we share
Before a long night out

The many seasons of our love
Autumn encased our passion
As the falling leaves
Crunch beneath our feet

Love is the laughter
And our endless touch

If souls exist
Ours are holding hands

The cuts and the bruises
Of painful nights of regret
Love is worth remembering
When all you want to do is forget

It's tasting you after a long day
And the feeling of your heart
Knocking against my chest
If to plunge through the doors
Into my cyclone of desires

Love is the songs we sing
And the movies we watch
It's the memories we have
And not knowing the last time
We'll get the chance to make more

To be honest
Love fucked me up
Not caring if I failed
Or made a mistake
Love would catch me

Love is the last time we kissed
The last time I held your hand so tight
But now that you're gone

Love is something cold
A cadaver drained of a soul
A pile of mass to dissect
Love is cutting yourself
Just to see if you heal

In all the madness
Love is
And will always be
A curse of the damned
Yet plush to the touch of wonders
An unlit room more or less
I've lied
Much more
Black paint under moonlight
Let's forget the moon
But you see the walls still right?
How about drawing the shades
And now I've disconnected the street lights
And every other light
While we're in a mood to disconnect
There goes the rest of them
Now we're talking
I mean really dark
But I can still feel light pouring in
Spraying on my skin
Oh of course
The sun
It must go
Ah like that
That's better
Oh my God
The stars
How the absence of ours
Illuminates your beauty beyond words
And yet you must go
One by one
Until we have finally arrived
As if my eyes have been taken apart
Atom by atom
Each wrapped in vantablack
And individually deleted
Darkness that questions reality
As I float adrift
Searching for a way out of this emptiness
That I have trapped myself in
The more I yell
The less I feel
The less I love
The more I cry
And you
Even in the dark
In a blanket of black
I can still see you
For in the absence of everything
Nothing matters but you
Brandon Cotter Dec 2017
The berries harvest an electric brisk
Channeling fears
Of the roaring seas
Oh how the clouds ran that day
Beside tides of tireless wakes
Spewing from airless lungs
And of dreams
Pouring with laughter
Open toed and gay

A touch to my lips
Provokes my blood to dance
Joining hands with your heart
To the rhythm of your soul
We clasp
As a hymn of whimsical folly

Cheek to cheek
I taste you and all your wonders
Tantalizing every taste bud
Of adventures to come

As your tart latches to my gums
Surviving the swallow
Clinging to the last of our memories
I regret ever consuming you

The after taste of you lingers
Like empty vases scattered from death
Hollow of the red I once held
And the smell I followed
When lost in the dark

I will find you someday
Deep within those woods we wandered
I will pluck you from safety
And we'll plunge into chaos
The chaos of love
Brandon Cotter Dec 2017
Our jeans tattered from the fields of grass
                                                           ­              GREY
Soaked bags as we run off to class
                                                           ­          BROWN
Oh how intense I can stare into your eyes
                                                            ­           BLACK
As darkness blankets the churning skies
                                                           ­        YELLOW
we awake overlapped and full of love
                                                            ­          WHITE
Floating in fantasy as the symbolic dove
                                                            ­       ORANGE
Sunsets and champagne, and treats too tart
                                                            ­                RED
I gave you more than everything,
                                               I gave you my heart
Brandon Cotter Dec 2017
Reverberating madness
Like an echo on repeat
The blames hurled around us
Yet it stops at your feet

Time to claim your faults
Let's reopen the scars
In search of your hidden vaults
There's one for every star

Every picture
Every song
The cruel thing about it
Is it took us this long

To find out we'd lose
Like a game of darts
And someday we'll choose
What happens to our hearts

Do they belong in the sky?
Or burn to the touch?
Either way I know I'll cry
Because I miss you so much

I miss the sounds
I Miss the sights
Like searching hounds
Miss searching nights

As I sit here all alone
With the confidence I lack
My heart turns to stone
wishing I had you back
Brandon Cotter Dec 2017
You are
The worst thing for me
Yet all I could ever need
And tonight I need you badly
If I kill myself
I want you to be there with me
Smothered on my lips
Violently flowing through me
Pulsating past my heart
So that I can feel your love
On this peaceful winter night
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