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Proctor Ehrling Jul 2019
Shepherds, cobblers, carpenters and joiners of all creeds and worldly dreamers
You troubled souls, the brittle spirits drinking spirits cleaner
Taunted workers of yore, farmers gone and industries endowed
Disseminating futures, who's gonna build your ***** barrels now?
**** it, I'm going to work in a call center
Continuing clearing my notebooks. I think this one was supposed to be inspired by the death of coal industry and other types of jobs going extinct, but I am not sure anymore.
Brandon Conway Jul 2018
Tiptoe to the moon you wanderlust sole
Fetch the cobbler from beyond the green knoll
For I'm in need of mending this black hole
Rain down on me stardust, repair my soul
Put stars in my celestial insole
Fill this galaxy with light and resoul.

— The End —