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Beleif Jul 2014
Low-Hanging Tree
Part III

Dream of the hills,
And picture the mountain.
I see the sun born,
Making way through the storm.
The winds blow against me,
Rain lands on my face.
The grass is now dreary,
My travel remains.
Beleif Jul 2014
Low-Hanging Tree
Part II

I set out with a strong tune,
And a thick beat in my heart.
My goal in life is visible,
And my pathway lies ahead.
But yet I find myself aware
Of seaspray on my face.
But I know there's nothing there,
My pathway lies ahead.

I'll find the low-hanging tree,
The clouds.
As I imagine in my head.
Beleif Jul 2014
Low-Hanging Tree
Part I

To be lying in the ocean in an everlasting dream.
To be crying out for wonder,
All the more in my belief.
I'll be tossing out my gold,
As that of which I've seen.
I'll be setting for adventure,
And I'll leave my narrow stream.
Beleif Jul 2014
Part VI

I awaken,
With sand in my eyes.
And wonderment is in my mind.
I've come upon the fabled Lymeria,
And I, for once, am surprised.

The mountains, as told, were shining of gold,
And the oceans were diamonds untold.

The rainbows were vivid with color,
And the forests were vivid with life.

I've come across,
A legend lost,
The twelve islands of Lymeria.

I know that I
Am no longer confined,
And I realize I've now lived my life.

I see the spheres of my own eyes,
And I notice the stars in the sky.
My youth is still timed,
And I eat from the trees,
My purpose has entered my life.

Soon I know, I'll take a flight,
Through the borders of Earth uncharted.
Soon, I know, that I will find,
And idealize the meanings of life.
Beleif Jul 2014
Part V

Towards the sea,
I've done my best,
To build a boat,
And drift in darkness.
I do not know what lies beyond,
Until ashore,
I'll come across.
Beleif Jul 2014
Part III

The waves ashore knew not their greetings.
Their lure was Man,
Who steered my dreaming.
Is it so wrong,
To live at my best?
When I can't see the better,
To float like the rest.
Beleif Jul 2014
Part II

You must think in this way,
And shall think only truth.
You cannot dream at all,
If the Lord has not called.
You must warm by the fires,
And follow our will!
For if you learn to doubt,
You will not see the hills.
Beleif Jul 2014
Part I

My life has begun,
Like gears under the sun.
I can't wait to find fortune!
Or to be saddened, to stroll or be shunned.

I can't handle the wonder!
I'll live by my truths!
I'll feast upon fruit,
And live out my youth.
Beleif Jul 2014
The Kingdoms of the Mountain Cross
Part VI

Our numbers lessened,
For every step.
And our resources were very sparse.
Will I live to see the Mountain Cross,
And be joyful to walk in the sand?

Then all at once,
The people stopped.
They thought that their eyes had deceived them.

Ahead was the Bridge in the west.

The children ran to play in the sand,
And the people found food,
Not starvation.
They rose and built their cities high,
And danced near their fires at night.

Our ashes washed off in the ocean,
And our tales of light,
Were ever so bright.
Beleif Jul 2014
The Kingdoms of the Mountain Cross
Part V

In mornings,
There rose globes of fire.
At nights,
Their deaths did not sound.
Every day,
The people decay.
And for every light,
There were souls taking flight.
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