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Pepper Dove Dec 2022
I catch a break
from the clattering chatter
of complaints
To melt into this cozy chair
and rediscover my own thoughts,
who I have lost
somewhere in the noise

I catch my breath
and slowing its pace, I embrace
the silence
This temporary peace I seldom
catch hold of these days

And just as I finally start to see

It's taken

Shattered and scattered
like a cars side mirror
by the haphazardly cluelessness
of another

My reflection

My inner self


Once more
Pepper Dove May 2022
There really wasn't much to the day
A bit of sun
A bit of grey

Leaving me with room to think
A sip to numb
A heart to sink
Pepper Dove Oct 2021
The wind stirs
jerking the trees
Shaking away
all the pain
- I mean, rain
from my leaves
Pepper Dove Mar 2021
You ever bite your tongue,
to not hurt someone with the truth?

You bite down even harder,
knowing it's only hurting you.
Pepper Dove Oct 2020
The taste of pennies
in her mouth
As she continues
to bite

Her lips
Her cheeks
and her

Holding back
So others

All the while
Pepper Dove Oct 2020
The sun set fire to the autumn trees
Good evenning tease
Before the wind takes the leaves

Cotton candy clouds blanket the sky
Kissing childlike eyes
Before saying goodnight

Whispering moon slips into the night
Collecting bad dreams
Before allowing for fright

Heavy lids fall, lashes kissing both cheeks
Seperating worlds
Before the alarm clock piques
Take in as much beauty as you can
before you lay down to sleep.
Pepper Dove Oct 2020
A droplet of water
Peers over the edge
Slowly inching towards death

Not resisting
To fall into a mess

Gone missing
Yet followed
By all of the rest
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