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Pepper Dove Apr 28
Within these walls
I call my home
a roaring white tiger
freely roamed

in disbelief
disguise and shelter
is what I seek

an empty closet
appeared as promising
to which I discovered
surprisingly puzzling

a protruding backpack,
what a heavy load
took up such space,
the door would not close

from which the white tiger
would poke and ****
but did not nip,
which I thought to be odd

the next thing I knew,
my back became bare
the door opened wide
without even a care

approaching the beast
with my head held high
I walked towards the exist
with the beast by my side

out in the yard;
a fence and a leash
for which was to withhold
this unruly white beast

though, as I held
that anchoring chain in one hand
a glimpse into pure eyes,
forced my soul to expand

and in that moment,
without second thought
I no longer desired
this creature to be caught

a sense of release
overcame my tight grip
as a breath of relief
fell from my lips
Inspired by my dream from last night:
You see… the white tiger is my inner power, my true self… from which I would keep running and hiding from, all the while clinging onto what no longer serves me... and it isn’t until I decided to release the baggage that I could easily stand tall in the face of adversity… to see how truly beautiful and freeing it really is….
I took this as a message to release my inner white tiger
Pepper Dove Apr 4
Left out in the cold,
you leave me here to freeze
shut out from your warmth

I am forced to trudge on
leaving footprints in the snow
I walk towards the sun

drawing me
to serenity

it directs my uncertainty
ensuring that everything will be fine,
if I continue on

my feet will reach the sands
which I will bury
grounding my spirit

stilling me

instilling in me

r e s i l i e n c e
Lyrics to a recent song in the making
Pepper Dove Mar 27
Milky clouds rise like kicked up dust
and spread like fog
in the early morning

Crystals rain down into the flood
of memories, swirling and twirling
until dissolved

Its tide slows and settles
stillness overcoming its surface
mirroring grey eyes
as quivering lips disturb

Slowly she sips,
warmth filling her void

Slowly she slips,
into numbness
Making tea with milk and sugar; though sweet it may be, sweet is not how I feel while drinking it

It allows for time to slow, and for the mind to wander... and wonder
Pepper Dove Mar 21
A ghost is said to be a form of energy;
and we now know that energy can physically move objects.
Which would make sense when someone witnesses an object move independently,
they would immediately assume “ghost”.
But what if it wasn’t actually a ghost moving the object at all,
but really the person themselves?
We are starting to understand, more today than ever, that when we breakdown a humans molecules
to the tiniest points, known as “subatomic particles”,
that all that is left is light,
and that in fact, light is a form of energy,
therefore we humans are essentially energy.
Now knowing this,
and with practice…
why wouldn’t a human be able to harness their energy,
and use it to quite literally
move physical objects themselves??
Going further into this concept, where we are talking humans,
then we can’t ignore our biggest human quality: emotions,
which we are also now finally understanding to be a type of energy in itself,
and that it can also be felt…
such as when someone is sad near you, you are able to sense it
and feel bad for them...
So who’s to say that when a human has a panic attack, is outraged or even terrified,
wouldn’t be able to form a supercharge of energy from a build-up of emotions
and unconsciously move an object?
Therefore, confusing the incident with what seemed to have been
a ghost…
I wrote this 2 years ago and just now rediscovered it in my notes on my laptop... thought it was an interesting thought I had hahaha and figured I would share.
Pepper Dove Feb 12
Outside my window, dull light peers through
bringing with it a solemn feeling, cold and still
an ache deep within, to escape to faraway places
filled with the warmth of the sun, warming me to my bones
awakening my soul, like an old candle finally lit
a burning, a yearning to brighten this room
casting whimsical shadows on the walls, stories to tell all
of worries turned into hopes, learn to cope anyways
move on with the day, skip along to the song playing
playfully in my heart, dancing like a child
alone in her room, singing into her brush
hair in a tangled mess, I must confess
the music caressed, moving me to a rhythm only my soul knows
blind to the outside world, on the other side
of my window.
When the winter blues kicks in at full, all you have to do to cope
is let the inner child out
Pepper Dove Feb 3
I can always tell when my life is beginning to fall apart by the mere glimpse of my ******, torn and gnawed to the bone fingertips. A reflection of my internal chaos, now exposed. Revealing my lack of will power to resist the urge when life’s mundane patterns and stress-induced anxiety take over. There’s something to be said when your toenails become longer than your fingernails. I’d say it says that it's time for a manicure of the soul. ****, a pedi wouldn’t hurt either.
A pattern I've noticed when I'm not at my "A-Game" in life. I think I'll use it as a red-flag to pick myself back up again. It's time to nourish my soul.
Pepper Dove Jan 29
I sit still
with my mind in a haze
a state of dullness
trapped within this cage
I'm in a place
not too far away
from here
can't really say
can't really stay
with nothing to give
to give
I pay the price
in change
I'm not the same person
never settle
just get up and go
Nowadays I lay back
and go with the flow
so tell me

Tell me how many times
do I
got to tell
that I'm so tired
of waiting for you to
see me through
see me
for me
loneliness is
so ******* crippling.
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