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missanthrope Jun 4
mumbles, jumbles, into the night
my baby phoenix stumbles into its plight
a better life was merely imagined
but my dove, my dear, bitterly determined

huddled witnesses
there! in the square
a drove of fireflies,
her rebirth in fire, laid bare.

one talon atop the southwest corner --
soon no more the object of the poet's pen,
is she reborn her own poetess.

her tuckered tail, dead-centered --
shaking off crimson pearls of lunar lunacy,
henceforth, bleeding on her own time, her own tenancy.

another talon into the southeast corner,
(we see that fiery lips lash and scorch her) --
never more at his penetrating gaze,
as her wings envelop the column of blaze.

she soars, she screams:
but to nothing but scorn --
the square-goers think she is just forlorn.  

my dove, my dear, for your ****** death --
I pray it greets not a dragon's breath.
missanthrope Jan 2022
A hallelujah for
classes with masks
I'm basking in
masked yawns,
masked frowns,
half-opened lips
dreaming of soda sips.
missanthrope Sep 2021
sitting here, with
elbows resting on each knee
chin resting on cupped palms
skull resting on clenched teeth
gaze restless on the page.

sitting here, without
interest, intent, or intensity

restive yet frozen
taking classes by the dozen.
missanthrope Aug 2021
My footfalls, they
Were the could-care-less slaps
Of a housewife’s plastic slippers
Upon her unyielding hardwood floors
When she unwillingly gets up from the sofa
To open the door
For her ugly husband.
missanthrope Aug 2021
The masked runner’s breath
Is already circumcised fivefold.
But he will never get over the humiliation
Of wearing right on his mouth
A diaper
Of saliva, stale air, and swears.
missanthrope Aug 2021
give me some more
of that

i want some more
of that

you’re the best
i’ve ever had
you’re the best
i’ve ever rubbed on.

give me
every last drop
of yourself—
baby .
missanthrope May 2021
I love
the sum of
the sun,
the summer.
every bleak winter day
I wait for the sun
to kiss me

but today
her kiss
is unbearable
torching my eyes
blazing past my eyelids
radiating right through my core
extinguishing me from within.

every bleak second of today
I waited for the sun
to go

all I wanted
some more shuttered seconds
some more blissful blackout
some more ducky dreams.
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