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Henry Koskoff Oct 2017
things that grow
also shrink
everything rewinds
bigger then smaller
things that stretch and lengthen into a thin wire
also coil back into a ball
things that twist upward
deplete and sag and turn grey
things that are taught and dense
end up loosening
when most things fall
they also bounce up
at least a little bit
its not good or bad
its just true
Zero Nine Sep 2017
I see a fat kid, twenty eight and aging
A welfare old kid, casting sideways eyes
At store front windows to make sure
S/he's getting smaller, to take up less space

This is a small place, we cook in snake oil
A young, self-assured place, still fitting graves
Even the sun shines on this necrotic fixation
Everyone lives in maudlin infatuation

I am neither, born of the expanse in-between

Tiny aspirations, that's us!
Shrink with me into the night in the land of rolling holes

Six feet, at least, sweet destiny sweeps sooner, so soon

Tiny aspirations, that's us!

Shrink with me into the night behind the day,
in the land of thick lipstick over genocide
mk Sep 2017
the salesperson
pointed me towards
the petite section
told me
'oh the women's section
isn't for you'

made me realize
how much
i've shrunk

don't get me
i'm still 5'2 (& a half)
still weigh
somewhere near 120
i have bent and burnt
the corners

i have

it's a slow process
you don't
even realize that it is
until you find yourself
smaller than ever
and you
how could a personality
as big as mine
as small as this

perhaps it first began
when i
learnt to
stay quiet
i really
wanted to say
i believe
or i don't think so

but instead

i looked down
my lips
and my
eyes closed
only to
feel my eyelashes
my cheeks

i once
had a boy
tell me
he fell in love
first with my voice
with me

he tried to solve
like a puzzle
putting back the bits and pieces
to create something
but in the process
the pieces got
jumbled up
into something new
and the
i had
that captured
his soul

i started shrinking
i lost my voice
and now
i think i've lost
my heart too
passion doesn't
flow so
loudly in
my veins and
every now and then
it does
but i silence it
be good,
little girl,
be silent

and to
the girls who
are walking on
glass made
of unwanted opinions
and voices
which are far louder than
i say,

remember who you are
remember what
you are worth.
and remember
that not the father
nor the son
can take from you
the fire
that burns
brighter than the
sun above.
my daughter,
i say,
let your voice
be heard and
let your freedom
there is a day

when a man
comes and tells you
that he
will replace
the vocal
chords into
open your hands
offer him peace
and if he rejects
use your freedom
to send
K Balachandran Aug 2017
I am that fragrant thought, still alive,
as a seed,one of nature's wonder
that sprout in a season not expected,
in your mind in a blue moon night.
Though we loved and lost without
knowing reasons and sans any regret,
as it would be just probing for errors,
in the book of accounts love never can keep.

You were left alone for long, yet moved
by love that caressed your heart
with such intensity, only once that
made possible many flights together
with moon beams as wings of fantasy.
But that was before the tsunami hit,
just a memory now,but would last long!

Now, here the magic happens again,
as musky fragrance hovered
in the west wind,stirring passions,
I can't understand the dynamics of this:
somehow a beam of light hit,
my being telling me about,
your plight in a flash and
our hearts melted together,beating
making shrink the distance between us!
We touched each other's heart,felt
love traveling at the  speed of light.
The world suddenly looks a place brighter,
What if we wouldn't meet even once, hereafter.
Underland Jul 2017
Sometimes it feels like the world is coming down on you...

... And the only thing that you can do about it is to shrink...

... And Shrink...

... And Shrink...

... Until there is absolutely nothing left.
samantha page Dec 2016
I'm just a normal person,
or so another may think.
If only they could see in my mind,
oh, how my normalacy would shrink.
Joe Black Dec 2016
They say:
-Be yourself!
And later
They take you to shrink
Blossom Dec 2016
Hello, said you.
Hello* said me.
Whats wrong you ask
I smile, nothing
You glare, Do not lie
I grin, But I'm not
You huff, Talk to me
I sit like a robot
You write in your book
my actions, Im sure
But I wont share my thoughts
with this talking doctor
Cat Fiske May 2016
Like a candle we all shrink away,
and are left in a pool of our own mess,
but I collected up the wax,
to make the broken things new,
and that's when my candle holder shattered,
and you can't fix things like broken glass,
the same way you can with old used wax,
it has to stay broken,
because you can't mend all broken things.
Sally A Bayan Sep 2015
To be
a  husband, or a wife,
a friend
a sister, a brother
a mother, a father
an aunt, an uncle
a grandmother, or a grandfather,
one has to be a indestructible wall
amidst storms and droughts, never to fall
be thought of as Fire and Ice:

be the Fire, the steady flow of heat on icy, or wintry nights
the wood crackling, to fuel the flames dying...
a burning spur for the mind, when nothing comes out of the well
fire to boost the wilting spirit..bringing in newborn courage...
the warmth from hands that would hold... heal and  save
to fight for those near  you...even the ones farthest from you

be the Ice that never melts, right in the middle of the fire
to gently freeze anger...hostility...madness
neutralize the fiery air, to balance the atmosphere
to be a cooler head, among violent minds
make glaring eyes and deaf ears, receptive to reason
from an icy blue...

"Are you a shrink?"
i was asked once...
the thought lingered for a while...

Why, maybe...yes!
i've got no license, though
all i have are experiences,
a drop of and there
from times, when i failed
to notice what i was wearing
even the weather prevailing
because i was swimming
with troubled, murky waters...

As heads of our families
Fire and Ice, we have to be...


Copyright September 6, 2015
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
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