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Zero Nine Oct 2017
Lying on the ground
Rain falls
Washing waste from purple skies
Sun sets
The dead man's skin is wet and orange
He melts
A Creamsicle in holy Summer's mouth, and the

Holler sits still
The silent home of broken will
The corpse misses mourning
While, all around, the residents eat
and sleep and lie
Zero Nine Sep 2017
She said, "Hello. You look like ****."
I said, "To what do I owe this. . . this compliment?"
A double whiskey on the house
I said, "Fine with me, I always take the first one free."
"But you've been here all night," she said,
"In fact every single night this week."

Hope stands monstrous in the door
Can't tell if it's as it is or if it's my eyes swimming
Memory's a funny thing, because from what
I remember I never was a drunk
Just everyone on dad and grandpa's side
Cruising all the way up the line

Now, reflection's come to cast
proper shadow 'cross my heart
in clouded mirrors with lights off
I outsmart the faint voice
No hands, ******* in the dark
halp mi
Zero Nine Sep 2017
I see a fat kid, twenty eight and aging
A welfare old kid, casting sideways eyes
At store front windows to make sure
S/he's getting smaller, to take up less space

This is a small place, we cook in snake oil
A young, self-assured place, still fitting graves
Even the sun shines on this necrotic fixation
Everyone lives in maudlin infatuation

I am neither, born of the expanse in-between

Tiny aspirations, that's us!
Shrink with me into the night in the land of rolling holes

Six feet, at least, sweet destiny sweeps sooner, so soon

Tiny aspirations, that's us!

Shrink with me into the night behind the day,
in the land of thick lipstick over genocide
Zero Nine Sep 2017
My heart was mine in day til night
She came and stole my life
In cold, beneath streetlight
In her leather and jeans
Like she knew just what
She wanted, and she did
I'm glad the innocence
At first kept back the fiery truth
That you were so much like me
That I was much like you
Or else I'd not have stolen yours, too
Zero Nine Jun 2017
Gone walking rocky cliffs
Seem to stretch to oblivion
This rain with little clothing
Cuts my fatty layers through
To quake the bone
I haven't known home since you were with me
Now the most powerful memory barely manifests in mist
This calls for a summoning
I'm shamed in calling for you, maybe I'm too paranoid. After all you said you loved me and it stuck in the midnight wind through windows.
Please let me find your face in dream to lead me home.

— The End —