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Glenn Currier Jul 2018
I am here in the hazy light of a new dawn
writing to you.
You and I here alone
is like floating in a soft piano nocturne.
Gliding over the keys with natural finesse
is a taste of heaven.

Here in this muted light
with you in mind
a privilege no less
than being in the majestic presence
of loving and friendly royalty.

Writing to you
from the inner reaches of my heart
is a journey
more precious
than the emerald landscape
I can see
to the far horizon
of this new day.

The freshness of this moment
basking in our love
is a tiny sprout
greeting blessed light
thrilled with the sticky twining
of its new life.

It is good being here
alive with you.

Written 7-19-18
K Balachandran Jun 2018
sky, benign cry
for life,that roots ever for,
interstellar sprouts!
K Balachandran Aug 2017
I am that fragrant thought, still alive,
as a seed,one of nature's wonder
that sprout in a season not expected,
in your mind in a blue moon night.
Though we loved and lost without
knowing reasons and sans any regret,
as it would be just probing for errors,
in the book of accounts love never can keep.

You were left alone for long, yet moved
by love that caressed your heart
with such intensity, only once that
made possible many flights together
with moon beams as wings of fantasy.
But that was before the tsunami hit,
just a memory now,but would last long!

Now, here the magic happens again,
as musky fragrance hovered
in the west wind,stirring passions,
I can't understand the dynamics of this:
somehow a beam of light hit,
my being telling me about,
your plight in a flash and
our hearts melted together,beating
making shrink the distance between us!
We touched each other's heart,felt
love traveling at the  speed of light.
The world suddenly looks a place brighter,
What if we wouldn't meet even once, hereafter.
Richard Grahn Aug 2017
Yearning for sunlight
In this warm summer daydream
My stem reaches out

From the moist earth around me
Into the sunshine
I reach out for the heavens
Just learning to sprout

In the breath of the morning
Down by the river
With the crisp air around me
I  bask in the glow

In the still of the daylight
Warmed by its bright rays
Mesmerized by the dewdrops
I can now cast my shadow
Started this poem about a week ago.  Then my body decided to have a ******. Spent four days in the hospital and then came back and finished the poem. A brush with mortality can surely sharpen the senses. All is well though.
SQUID Aug 2017
Ideas caress my mind
warm sun, old red bricks
words sprout and lift
petals, blue wings..
Priya Prathap Apr 2017
Sprout Again

The flowers , all bright
Spreading the scent
Roots that penetrated
Into the deep mysteries
And the tender green leaves
Danced with the spring showers
Nothing is no more
Left with the body
More of a skeleton
All alone and all vibrance lost
Yet , the soul remains in the memories
Of the full bloom days of the past spring
There seems no spring anymore
Every spring that left
Will never be recovered
Yet , sprout and bloom , sprout again !
cait Mar 2017
just like the flowers
i must lose something
to become beautiful again.

now here i am growing.

you thought i was dead didn't you?
i smell just as sweet the second time around
Starry night comes to take both of us to kiss with flair
To allow all lovely flowers of youth to bloom to sprout
Love explores beauty step by step and layer after layer
Let all the rivals embrace miserable death full of doubt

My beloved Let me take you on to be my heart and soul
Let me kiss and caress you to taste the reality of prime
Let not love in broken pieces but take the affair as whole
Let us be on the edge of eternity to cross barriers of time

Beauty is what attracts eyes in one glance to take chance
Love is like fire which engulfs whatever comes on its way
On land on sky and where ever it goes it takes to dance
My beloved I love you, I love you this is what I always pray

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Your sensual graces make the quest for romance
When you open up like bottle of wine give chance
To celebrate beauty in company of love to dance
Being clever my sweetheart I never miss a chance

Let me take your wine through taste of your lips
Your juicy apples ask me to take very many trips
Your attractive alluring curves take heart in grips  
Soul is at liberty to take wine of beauty for sips

My princess white robe suits to graces and charm
My piercing eyes make my soul and heart warm
Let me take you to kiss and caress as real norm
Spring is in bloom sprout flowers there is no harm

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
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