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samantha page Jun 2018
you dyed the lawn pink
when you spilled your lovely, flowery words.

you filled my home with the color red
with an exciting, loving hue. with you.

you added rainbows to black and white movies
more vibrant than i could ever imagine.

but then, your green lights began to flash yellow and red
causing me to be unsure about my every move.

blue skies turned grey and filled with tears
like a sunny saturday sabotaged with a sudden storm.

you stained my bed orange
eternally drawing attention to where you no longer lie.

and you painted me a royal purple
royally *******, yet, mysteriously still wanting you.

you taught me how to live a life, filled with color
only to wreak black and white havoc in my life.

you left me feeling more color blind than ever
and in a dark, colorless shell of my former self.
samantha page Jun 2018
Poetry expresses the deepest
emotions in one's mind
But who decided that deep
had to mean sad?
Go deep, to the bottom of the ocean
to be surrounded by wondrous creatures
Go deep, to your basement
to be surrounded by the best friends you've ever had
Deep in friendship
Deep in love
Deep in happiness
So yes, deep can be sad
but it can also be the happiest place to be
samantha page Jan 2018
she says she wants
and I can do that
but I need to know
if she wants it from me
samantha page Dec 2017
she woke up at 3 am
the sky was a hazy purple
from today's snow

the snow wasn't the only
thing falling today
she too, was falling

falling in love
by snowflake
samantha page Dec 2017
that thoughts of you run through me
like water through a river.
that you are as enticing as a great book
maybe even more so.
that i really really value you as a person
as a friend.
that you are as beautiful as the sky
and i love the sky.
this was from over a month ago and is kinda unfinished but i like it :)
samantha page Nov 2017
as they walk away,
you still see the shadow
and everything is okay

the figure grows darker
but you can still hear their steps
nothing bad could occur

in the blink of an eye and an ear
they have transformed into silence
nothing is okay and they disappear

be careful always
because before you know it
anything could become a
samantha page Nov 2017
as of late, i cannot speak
i have a few things i want to say
but am too terrified to
so i do not speak at all
i do not say what i want
or anything else
nothing else matters
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