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Amanda Nov 13
Those who search for inspiration
Flame lies there inside
Instantaneous creation
You find the place fire hides

Do not shush that whispering voice
Let the thoughts come rushing in
You want to make art
You have the choice
All you do is just begin
For my fellow writers
Laokos Oct 12
just thinking back
my twenties and cracking
smile for every tree I hollowed
to make room for a new universe.

in my thirties, I laugh at windows
on top of Mercury's head as
           Venus covers her mouth and hides again.
Alex Miller Sep 9
Mask on my face protects me.
Hides me.
Binds me.

Help me to pretend.
Puting on a smile
Dont put me on trial.
You wont win this game.

My mask is a cover,
A slip,
A shield.

Its protects me,
It helps me.

Let me go about my day.
Let me on my way.
This isnt your issue.
Dont get a tissue.
I was born this way.

Hide away.

Push it away till it is no more.
This mask is my safety net
Nylee Apr 19
When will I know
Who I am,
When will I see
The reality
My reflection hides
A M Ryder Jan 20
Do you think god
Hides in heaven
Because he too
Lives in fear
Of what he's created?
Perdue Poems Sep 2019
I opened my closet door and fingered through my masks
"Which one should I wear today" I wondered by myself
"Today is Susan's birthday, perhaps a happy face"
"Though John just lost his game, perhaps a sad one as well"
"And Tonya's mom is nervous, perhaps some empathy"
As I looked upon my masks to wear, all seemed quite fitting
I removed the mask I wore below, the mask of apathy
as I slowly peeled back this fleshy molded face
a salty barren field revealed its proper place
as true features themselves emerged
amuck with tears unnoticed
by myself
Poetic T Jun 2018
Though the lamp burns
all I see is the brightness before me,
yet I never watch the shadows of woe
                               that this light expels.

                            For within illumination  
there is always things that even though
illuminated we shield our eyes from.

For every footstep may be seen,
but still we tread over the footsteps
                     of others shielding eyes.

For we may follow others paths,
     but there are still stones
             that are never read upon.

For every smooth path hides the weeds,
                         to ashamed to walk upon.
nanda Jan 2018
my heart is an ocean
calm and stormy
a blue force
that hides thousands of secrets

many have wandered
out on my untameable seas
but my waves have dragged them
my love drowned them

but you
you are the only one
that can sail through my heart
the only sailor
who knows the ways
knows what will happen next
you know the semantics
know the secrets bellow
you know what places to approach
and which ones are better to stay far

and it pains me so much
that after months of sailing around
you always go back to the land
haven’t written in so long... i’ve been lacking inspiration; but the other they i cruised by the shore, and this is what came out of it
Ely Averill Dec 2015
Look with your eyes,
And not your mouth for all that,
hides will soon be found.
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