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Ako May 2018
I keep slicing reality
With the Knife of Reason,
Yet brushing winds
Carry scents of hope.

Neuron connections of
Misconceptions -
Is that causation
Or empty words?

I keep dicing my days
Climbing the ego
Of a shoreless mind
You keep coming my way
Wearing nothing but bands
Around your thighs -
Limelight moments.
Ticking clocks.
Down my spine.
Written Nov. 10, 2016
Ako May 2018


Shinning Sun
Steps Steps Steps
Steps Steps Steps

Work Work Work
Work Work Work
Work Work Work

Something Sweet


Slow Stroll
Some sips of wine
Steps Steps Steps

Some TV-Series
Some random thoughts


Ako May 2018
I need
To find
My poetry.

I think
It's hiding
In my
Weekly Planner.
Ako Jul 2016
Turn your head
and see the sparks.

Look him in the eyes
as he walks pass you on the street.
I end at your fingertips
and you start in mine.

All of this violence of
“you” and “me” and “them” and “us”
and what hasn’t been said?!
from cliche to cliche
but we’re still here,
we’re still standing in front of each other
we’re still holding our heads up high
we’re still tearing and salting the skies -
We’re still us.
You and me.

Turn your head and see the sparks.

From afar.
From lands we’ve never been to
and stars we’ll never reach
you are in arms length
high above the clouds
of the deep seas
as crystal clear ideas
get all mixed up
in between
those daily walks we used to take
those silent trips down to the park.
The sun goes down.
I can hear the grass growing
under my feet and
the kites brushing through the lights
on tiny strings by tiny kids.
Just turn your head and see the sparks.

Daddy used to say that
sticks and stones
may break my bones
but not the words
but daddy’s gone
and your words burn.
As if you weren’t me
some time before as if
we ever parted
from the dust
from which we’re born
as if the echoes
ever stop and I
can feel the cries
of ancient birds
just screaming to the sun
for more of that.
we’re all just screaming
to the sun
for more of that.

Why don’t you turn your head
and see the sparks?

It is 99% invisible
but there is love
and there are lies.
And in between those lines
thy warming flames
they touch me not
bewildered soul
what have I got myself into.
lost but safe.

Remember those nights
on the roofs?
just you and me
and the stars above
and those people
in the windows all around
watching us as we made love?

Those spells we whispered
to the wind
just before
the sun came up.

Turn your head and see the sparks.

There is love -
and there are lies.
And in your eyes
that roaring flame of
passion burning
through the sieve
releasing all
the words we’ve never spoken
all the turns we’ve never taken
it’s been so long
since we’ve got lost.

You had so many names.

I was a god and
you were frightened
you were reaching
from the depths
of my perception
to the corner
of my eyes
and I can still see your face.

Your whole expression
dripping with lust
every move that you made
made my hands
touch my crotch
with your
shining red lips
blushing cheeks and
black dresses.

Turn your head and
see the sparks.

We were sipping Chartreuse
but we had
a whisky kind of love
of broken glasses
filled with blood
the doctor said
we’ll never make it
but the curtains
couldn’t stop
the light from flooding
and the
dreams from coming
as we were laughing

Turn your head
see the sparks.
Ako Apr 2016
I think of poetry
While I *******
And of ***
While I work.

And **** the Buddha!
What does he know
About my life

It makes more sense
For you to leave now
Get out of my head
I’m chewing on nightmares
And you’re a bubble-gum-ballon
Just waiting to explode
All over my face
And when did I ever
Let you in

**** the buddha.
Ako Apr 2016
Remember when you -
never mind.
It doesn't matter.

Remember when I -
Oh just forget it.
The moment's gone.
Ako Apr 2016
I'm a
Web Developer
Which is
The politically correct term
Professional Stalker.
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