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em May 2
A thumb pulls back on a lighter, fire flies up, eager to grab, to please, to warm, to
Ignite the tip of my cigarette, eating up the paper at the end as I
**** in a breath, a pause, a moment of tension as the world
For me to exhale
And when I blow out plumes for the night sky to devour, I send with them all of the past parts of me that have lived in this world for too long.
An exorcism of the past, an offering to the night:
Please do not haunt me any longer.
Xallan Jan 24
I've grown too old to learn
how to love
you can't teach this ***** new tricks
by writing poetry for her
by singing music to her
not even by showing her-
I will not understand this strange tongue
not another romance language
I already know several
all with Latin roots
but when I
whisper those three little words
it is for an exorcism
I do not need this ghost
in case it becomes a demon
and my mind has already been filled
to capacity with these specters
they are all faded phantoms
of my past selves
who comforted and adored me
before they finally touched my soul
my insanity
then my tender spirits
morphed into wraiths and torment me
with their pale dreams
and their false hopes
but I inhale their beautiful lies
with pleasure-
so now trust is a fallacy
because I cannot be sure
when I am told I am loved
that it is not another apparition talking
Aishah Oct 2017
you feed
on my fantasy
and hunger
for love
the way a demon
would feast on
a ***** human soul

I need cleansing
from you
Knit Personality Oct 2016
acid rain eye drops
psychedelic brainworm infestation
simulated timeless afterlife

pre-mortem autopsy
without anesthesia

666 - 666 + 666 =

Catholic Church of Satan
satanic possession
papal exorcism

unwritten Apr 2016
someone once told me
that writing
is an exorcism.

if that is true,
i can conclude one of two things:

i. i have never truly written before.
ii. my demons know their way back home far too well.

and while i am reluctant to choose either of the two,
i know that the more realistic answer is the latter.

i have known, at times,
what it is like to be clean.
to be pure.
to be holy.

i have known, at times,
what it is like to make my body a one-bedroom apartment
with space solely and deliberately for me.

i have known, at times,
what it is like
to fear no evil.

i have known these things, and i have known them well.
at times.

but i know, too, that these times never last.
there is always a second coming i cannot foresee,
a judgment day that gives no warning,
a demon that yields to no cross.

someone once told me
that writing
is an exorcism.

but i am a church of worn walls,
my pen a faulty crucifix.

i need not look down at my hymnal to sing of false purity.
i have read that one far too many times.

heard from someone today that writing is like an exorcism, and i was really inspired by that analogy. so thus, a poem! i hope you enjoy. i apologize in advance if i offend anyone with this; that would never be my intention **.
Madeline Hatter Jul 2015
I can drain my feelings onto paper via ink as much as I want
My heart remains just as full
just as empty,
just as burdened,
just as abandoned.

I need a miracle
Or an exorcism.
Sabbathius Jun 2015
In vain, the priest attempts to exorcise
He struggles hard to cease the demon’s rise
His prayers prove to be of no avail
She's almost sure they will completely fail

Contorting limbs, in pain and immense fear
From one of those alluring eyes, a tear
Cannot control the one inside no more
Without a pause she screams, so sick and sore

The wretched spawn is crawling right within
Her aching throbbing belly weak and thin
Some spikes are seen already tearing flesh
She feels each one just like a dagger's slash

With blisters-covered skin, expelling pus
There is no true escape from all this fuss
Entirely drenched in sweat, in **** and tears
Atrophied head rotates, her judgement nears

Amidst the blackened blood, now flowing out
Applying strength, ignoring cry or shout
Exuding putrid smells, an horror-born
Keeps screeching out as if destroyer’s horn

*Possession, Defilement and Birth by João Massada is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
I fear for my mental faculties :/
Just kidding, but sometimes my mind is a really scary place xD

— The End —