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DBE Aug 13
Is nihilism believing that life does not matter? - or is it more?
Hoping for a world that holds meaning because of the knowledge that this one is flawed, broken,
Nihilists see beauty because they reject to accept that our world is a utopia. They seek. We seek.
Something more. . .

DBE Aug 13
I will not wear a tie.
I shall not I cannot
wear a tie.
For this tie is a symbol like a noose
for what we must succumb to.
For society is flawed.
I do not wish to be their chess piece in a game I did not sign up to play.
So here's to the broken ones.
The pieces that don't fit the puzzle.
Raise a glass!
DBE Aug 12
She makes me so confused
but perhaps to be confused,
conformed - is to love. to live. to laugh.
Don't clarify. Don't text.

DBE Aug 12
I am who I am
I am afraid. I am only a man
A man who looks in the mirror
yet sees only a boy.
A boy who never found his place in the world.
Uninspired. Different but not special.
We are all perfect. How can this be true?
If I slip. If I fall. Will you lie down with me?
Will you join me on the ground?
Please just don't leave me alone tonight.
DBE Aug 12
I wish to lock myself away with my books
sit there and read the classics until I myself
become one

DBE Aug 9
Where the land meets the sea.
That's where I'll be.
Come find me.
Let us be 'we'.
Where the land meets the sea.
I promise this time I'll stay.
Come sit with me and watch the world wash away.
Oh, and bring snacks.

DBE Aug 9
Am I lost or am I free?
                          I am lost, therefore - I am free!

Romantic notions.
               Head in the clouds.
I am the biggest fool on Earth.
               But because I am foolish I am Happy.
I am Free.
                          Come wander, my love.

Run away with me?
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