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Victoria Apr 2021
Why are there worms when it rains
Gathering to the surface for air, for sun
The pinecones curling like dead bugs
Like upturned cockroaches and beetles
The scent of forgotten aquariums hanging over the dirt
The petrichor stained metal handrails
With grass soaked pools

And after it rained
The corpuses of worms sat
Gruesomely pressed into pavement fossils
Beneath a brown soled sneaker
Victoria Apr 2021
Its called falling in love, like an accident
As if something unplanned, that you cant understand
But I didn't fall in love with you, I never did
Because we walked into love, hand in hand
Victoria Apr 2021
There was a sort of whizzer boy,
The tinker blinker clinker boy,
With gears and knobs and springs abound,
A head full of thoughts and gears that go round.

He liked to paint and make and build,
For every craft, yes, he was skilled.
“Working hard but with time to play?
Why, that’s my favorite kind of today!”

But what made him different, you see...
He was always quite metallic-y,
And when it was his time for bed,
He charged his battery, and turned off his head.
Victoria Mar 2021
The sheep in wolf's clothing,
The fraud the fake-
Does that bundle of grey fur,
Hide the mistakes you make?

Sing of sleep little sheep,
Or are you still awake?
Do those howls and growls
leave you too frightened to shake?

You've got them convinced,
So let's hope for your sake,
That they'll never realize,
And that you'll catch a break
Victoria Feb 2021
I am a native woman
It runs in my veins, my skin, my bite
Barefoot to twine and leaves drizzle down
As I walk tirelessly through poison brush
To the lonesome crystal waterfalls, white stones
I contemplate my dagger, entering my being
Do you see now my flesh? My blood? My teeth?
What more must I prove? I would ask
But no, I am a woman
Victoria Jan 2021
My grandmother sticks sewing pins in the walls
Sharp, invisible pins with the bulbs sticking out
She claims they moved there by themselves
True, I’ve never seen her do it-

But there’re needles in the floor
Tiny, sinister needles with the smallest eyes
She says she doesn’t mind them
Slides on her black slippers

And she walks
Victoria Dec 2020
I saw your shadowed twin last night
Under the open moon
And as I walked I heard your voice
So hushed with an echoed tune
Your scent dragged along the wind
All things I’ve missed the most
Your gentlest touch on my sleeping skin
My dear, my love, my ghost
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