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Victoria May 4
I am the thunder that you never hear,
Suffocated in air and light;
Lightning’s tiger-
(The roar you associate)-

The fighting call;
The alarm,
Rough, harsh slice of the night,

The creature caged,
The light you saw and died in nothing-
Defining silent isolation,
A cage, a room, a tomb-

A buried body still alive,
The suffocation, the air, the light,
The absence,
The void,

How unremarkable I seem from the epitaph, from above,

So high above me, are you, you stand;

You morn me, I am alive,
Alive and buried under and under six feet of fear and anguish-
Of all the pains of past and future,
Of all the unsurety,

I can still assure you;

I am the thunder,

Victoria Jun 2019
One day I found myself afloat above the clouds,
Above thick gossamer mists created from the silver moon,
And those billows stretched thin across their deep canvas and joined in an intertwining infinite ocean,
Swarming around at their peaceful resonance so gently and smoothly flowing-

One day I found myself afloat above the clouds,
And I didn’t know where I was going
Victoria May 2019
When I was younger,
the monsters hid under my bed,
within dark closets,
and filled my head.

I ran away from those creatures,
those things of looming dread,
but nobody ever told me,
they'd chase me down instead.
Victoria Apr 2019
I gave myself a tattoo,
Just a couple of small red lines,
And I know I shouldnt draw them but,
It’s my own little secret design.
Victoria Mar 2019
When I think of you,
My body shivers,
My throat starts to burn,
I become weak,
My head pounds,
My stomach churns,
I want to yell for help,
But I guess that’s just the side effects,
Of taking your poision.
Victoria Mar 2019
I want you to sway me,
Like how the moon dances with the earth,
Tugging your tides as you hold me close,
And making sure I don’t get lost
In this big wide dark abyss.

Darling let’s dance in the sunshine.
No matter how far away it seems.
We’ll explore each other’s secrets,
And send our whispers on rocketships,
To remember that we’re never alone.

Let’s slow dance until the end of time.
Where I can see your face forever.
Because without you,
These stars don’t shine as bright.
Victoria Mar 2019
I’ve seen this girl hanging around before,
A couple of times I suppose...
Everybody’s always telling me about her-
How she acts,she speaks, her clothes-

But I never see her how they do,
And I can’t seem to comprehend,
They tell me she’ll have a big future,
When I just see dark dead ends.

I’ve seen her hang around before,
But it doesn’t make it clearer,
‘Cuz she always just stares back at me
In the dull reflection of the mirror.
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