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Dee Bach Jul 2018
Do you ever look back and think what could have been?  Look at that time when I was scared. And maybe if I was stronger, we would have had something?  Or if you would have know what words I needed to hear, or understood what I was going through.  Otherwise we were just destined to be where we are today.  Barely speaking.
Dee Bach Feb 2017
Dee Bach is not me
only a cover,
to let out the pain inside.
But she is not me anymore
I do not feel the daily
pain that once was.  
For I am me.
I am Tricia.
Dee Bach Nov 2016
There's something beautiful
about waking up to a smiling face.
Something wonderful about
not having to care what you look like
and yet the smile is still there.
There's something amazing
about the way you can look
at me and want to know
every little thing about me.
Dee Bach Nov 2016
Your eyes speak to me,
they calm me in a way nothing else can.
I never thought I could fall in love so much,
with the way someone looked at me.
But somehow I did,
and I crave that feeling.
The feeling of being
fully, truly, and completely
loved by you.
Dee Bach Oct 2015
I didn't believe in love at first sight tell I meet you
But that doesn't mean our fairy tail ended happily ever after
We had differnt dreams then
I still have the same one
Still get butterflies when you enter the room
But do you?
You seem cold, distant, and unrecognizable these days.
And I can't do it
I can't love someone who doesn't love me
And say kind things to brighten my day.
Not once did you tell me I was beautiful, pretty, or gorgeous.
But I'm telling you this now, no one could love you like I could.
Dee Bach Oct 2015
The stars twinkle against the dark sky wishing you a goodnight,
and as a promise of the beautiful day that lies ahead of you.
Dee Bach Sep 2015
In his greedy hands,
I’m just a doll,
Not a person.
With a beating heart.
With an imagination.
No, I’m just a piece of space,
I don’t have thoughts,
I don’t have feelings.
I’m just some toy,
Who would not care.
In his greedy hands,
I’m only an object,
An object not worth much.
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