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Sandile JUNIOUR Jan 2016
One body is a title
Two bodies are more then a title
Iv researched and found
Out that everything is a title
The air that strokes down your hair well if you have some hair its titled the wind,the ground that we walk on is titled the ground,the fresh aroma that you wake up to in the morning that doesn't Quinch you're thirst but make you're body temperature to slowly inflate with heat its called Coffee

Everything has its own title and its own purpose so

Everybody seem to have miss placed their ghost on this question would they ever find it..?
Life time
Sandile JUNIOUR Jan 2016
The pretty white light I had
Flashed off now there's only
A pretty dark light within me
This dark light makes me see
The beauty of darkness
And it took away my fear of
Darkness I'd prefer it to be dark,
The globe not to shine nor to be
Dim,People are scared of what they
Can't see, they are scared of the
In chanting night the darkness is not
So bad because it is my light
The beautiful darkness
Sandile JUNIOUR Dec 2015
I stood so firm giving out my speech to people who really inspire to me people who care I felt like I was rare up on the stage and giving condolences to all my fans nice life but would clash wood smooth wooden chair but thoughs going wild on the air drank champagne looking at a crowed all there to celebrate me I new this was the start of something, something very sparky iv never felt so alive it was about time I waked up and shine but would clash wood wearing my Italian suit looking like the person on my mirror wooden door I was trying to open but thoughts all over thr door would this happen...??? Kept asking me questions but I found the answeres while I was celebrating ..
This poem is about me thinking about my performance which is gonna take place live( TV ) every time I came across something wooden I would wounder and think so I named it would clash wooden
Sandile JUNIOUR Dec 2015
Iv had it with you  so called Christian you claim to be following God but you're eyes are blind they are following the devil,holy you are infected with false teaching there is, you can claim that you know better but you and I are the same holly holly you try to be wearing skirts that touches your kneez and caring a bible and thinking you are saved..!! You are condemned by light and darkness you fail to see what is real and the fact is you very selfish,rude,not kind that's blue ivy you have there resting within you you call me crazy what does that make you...!! Ha...!! A ***** you say I'm I'm stupid and I need to go to mental hospital that's why you came to a gun fight with a blunt knife, your wrong you think you know it all but you just the other chicks iv met ain't nothing special about you wake up and be in the world where you realised that you not a God follower you just a pretender realise that you not going anywhere with life a simple happy birthday request you turned it into a battle arina haha. ..holly holly your not indeed
I'm tired of watching people pretend in my present real facts
Sandile JUNIOUR Dec 2015
my life is my life I have seen iv gained knowledge of things that are assumptions and dissaproved by others but iv learnt to live not by the word of other people but I live in my principalls I love GOD and I have a personal relationship with him which doesn't reach the public but because people always assume they talk too much they forget that they can't trust themselves,Remember your teeth always bites you tounge once in a while when you look at the mirror you looking at you're best friend and worst enemy so judge not my life, no one is holly in this world even pastors sin even you sin, this is my life I believe in facts and amused by scientifiction I use my gift to get my heart desires this my life.
No hard feeling but stay  off
Sandile JUNIOUR Dec 2015
Oh girl how I wish to
See your mother you're
Face is a reflection of an Angel
But you disappointed god when
You slept with me in my *****
I saw real passion in you
The sense of Adventure that made
Me start perusing all over your
Body I though you where the one
But you just one of the others
Girl you made me happy but you disappointed me you slept in my
Filthy bed though you where high
Class but you where not high enough
You say you love me, then you wouldn't have slept with me.
I broke you virginity now its open
For eternity,
Lying on my ***** bed feeling
Satisfied but I was paranoid
I love you but you love me more,  
Girl looking at you're eyes trying to
See you're desire of what you want to do with me and i see you lying on
My ***** bed.
these hoes
Sandile JUNIOUR Nov 2015
Happy birthday to a
Fellow poet she's been
Gifted with the gift of writing
She cannot let go of the pen

All to well our fellow poet
Is a magestic imaginative one
She sweet as the candy mountain
Bold as a holly spirits she
Faces her darkness with a conquering pose

Happy birth day to our
Fellow poet for she is now
Chasing after her adult life without
Fear happy birth day Joubert
Follow Nolwazi joubert
At hello poetry and just say happy
Birthday she's part of the family
Sandile JUNIOUR Nov 2015
Iv been thinking stressing
About you not that I thought
You where dripping tears about
Me but I was not willing to
Leave the town without saying
Goodbye and just to see you happy
Just for you to say your happy made me feel in lighted of course the light was in me so you couldn't see it
Seeing you happy was my only last wish I had in this place mission complete to my subconscious I told them that you where happy,but its those arguments you have with yourself but if your happy I'm happy and that has fueled me up for my next journey I keep say thank you but I don't think you've ever wondered why but thank you NOLWAZI JOUBERT MABILISI mega love for you
Sandile JUNIOUR Nov 2015
Just like numbers
And maths you gotta
Add l multiplied,subtract and
Divided them
I added up my strategies
In life multiplied my friends
For more opportunities
Subtracted the people that I
Don't need in my life and
Divided my friends from the
Life lessons are constantly
Evolving inside my head
I follow no man that's why I'm
A prodigy in what I do
I think before I move the next
Piece I look and strategies before
Action its all added up
The heart causes problems
The mind keeps you focus
Iv added up my wisdom
And I know where my kingdom is
I know where I'm going I'm an
Asset not a liability
I am strong and not weak as
My pillow I stand for myself
I was born alone
I just added simple
Sandile JUNIOUR Nov 2015
Today has been hot
The suns heat is our new body guard
Its these days when you
Sleep half naked because of the
Interaction you facing with the heat
Youe ice cream melts
You have to **** it fast
Your body needs water
You have to drink fast

My little town is hell
The heat is always flaming
Its too hot couldn't finish this poem
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