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Cross Roz Sep 2019
Mag-iiwan ng bakas ang apoy sa aking palad,
Manunuot ito sa balat hanggang tumatak,
Mahapdi ang pagdampi ngunit 'di ako bibitaw,
Maging gaano man ito kasakit.
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ame Aug 2019
by god, i know i am no hero
but that would not stop me
from burning every star
down to its dead core
if it meant i could save you
from your own hellfire

you could fracture my heart
with your sharp words
and your cold eyes
but still i would not hesitate
to paint my hands red
until my soul is blackened
as long as it meant
making you whole again
how can selflessness be so selfish?
Keiri Aug 2019
Everybody tells you from the moment you're born.
When you grow up, do what you're best at.
But honestly, I could've sworn.
That I never intended to be a brat.

Everybody tells you to keep your dreams real.
To not expect fairytales to be true.
So I always made it a big deal.
To push my dream and pull me through.

Everybody tells you to live your dream.
The bodies I walked over.
Even though I heard them scream.
I closed my ears, I wasn't sober.

Everybody tells you to believe in what you can do.
But what fruits could I ever bring?
What have I ever done for you?
All I could ever be is dissapointing.
I am only a dissapointment :/
Nina Jul 2019
I will keep on falling
Falling in love with you
Despite knowing how painful the fall will be
I will still fall
If it's for you
Paras Bajaj Apr 2019
When you have to
stay away from them
and always just be quiet.

When you are in the darkness,
but forever wishing them light.

When you have to get
over them and move on.
When you are the weakest,
but always trying to be strong.

When you have to forgive
them for  not giving you
what you deserved.

When you have to understand
that sometimes you are
just never enough.

When you have to pretend
that you are fine without
them and act cold.

When you have to pretend
that you are nothing,
but brave and bold.

When you have to pretend
that you are always happy and high,
but deep down, only you know,
it's a lie.

All the pain
that you go through.
Believe me,
that's love too.
-Paras Bajaj #PoetrybyParas
Instagram : @mr.parasbajaj
Sillo Anderson Dec 2018
A product of disciplinary mounting anger for shameful pleasures.
Saturated by agonizing defeat, plastering the souls of humanity.
Solely for self assurance of days being free, without subsidies replacing traditional beliefs
Nurturing concealed possessions soon to be free
Upon a dynasty we all fail to feel.
But sanity knows of me
And sacrifices taking places of serenity.
Though struggles grow profoundly
An instinct isn’t considered a gift
Eugene Nov 2018
"Please assure me that the moment you walk away with me is the end of You and Me."
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