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sadhappyb Jul 2018
too late at night
to be writing this piece
piece that consists of words
words made out of letters
letters carrying the feeling
feeling of sting
sting when I saw you
falling inlove
with someone new
but darling, i don't regret
you falling with someone you met
'cause i know it would be better
for you to be further
further from me
knowing what a chaos can i be
i saw u falling for someone i know; im happy that you are happy without me ;)
Choderlos May 2018
I risked the life of mine
To see you smile
I chanced everything
To be there when you needed me
I paid no heed to authority
To be at your command

I gave you my all
Everything you ever wanted
Hoping you'd be mine someday
Who am I to blame you
When I got my hopes up so high
That we'd ever be more than friends

Stripped of everything I once had
Now I am the one
With nothing more to give
Confined to misery
Alone in utter darkness
How was I to know
That trying to win you over
I had become your prisoner
Rizna M Rameez May 2018
A web of cracks appear on my heart
As though I'm being run over by a cart
My heart is torn between right and wrong,
Between what it needs and what is strong
For the cruel reason; that it loves

Many a day I have spent weaving
The golden threads of life, heaving
But as time goes by, all unravels
By people who are all but rivals
For the cruel reason ; that it loves

Though people don't see that I am dazed
I keep eyes, like the leader, unfazed
Striving to be strong, though mind screams not
I skewer my way, through the forest, beroft
For I can no longer listen, to my heart

For the cruel reason ; that it loves
But yet, it loves
Of many things in life we love that must be sacrificed for various causes
How though we may ignore all our passions for a certain cause, the passion will remain, never to fade away
Duty before Love
Responsibility over Passion
Will that be your choice on life too?
Nylee May 2018
In the torch of fire,
someone is burning,
dying every second
to keep the flame alive
When you left for a reason
I said, “I understand.”
But actually, I don't.
My fault, I regretted.
Still thinking why,

I love you
More than myself
Sacrificed all I have
I thought, “I’ll be fine.”
Missing your arms now
Feeling cold and blue.

Your smiling face
I'm missing it so much
Looking at your photos
Can't remember how many times
Where are you now?
Are you coming back?

I'm patiently waiting here
Even there’s a little or no assurance
for you to come back.
I'm still under your spell
still blinded by your words.

Someone’s telling me I'm dumb
For believing your promises
I love this illusion you gave me
Don’t wake me up until I figure out
The truth that you already left me.

God once gave sinners a chance
So, who am I to be stingy?
How much chances I need to give?
I'm already insane
Insanely in love with a fool.
Kristhie Sep 2017
Because of you
i am worse
i'm someone i would have never thought i could
become on my own
You made me become the person i am today
and that is not something to me proud of.
At the beginning, i wanted this writing to be a poem
but i have to write it out as a story.
You can trust someone with your all. You can sacrifice everything
for someone. At the end, they forget everything you did and were willing to do. They turn your actions, into something people don't like. They try to convince everyone else, an idea that is completely different. They don't realize the damage they do to your soul.
In your head, you keep recalling all the things you guys did. You recall the little things you guys used to do. You remember the songs you guys sang in the car. You remember all the little stuff. Because he is the one who in fact left. You tried to be his friend. You tried your best to keep in contact.
In his mind. You weren't worth it. He hangs with other girls. He starts to assume that it is okay to move on. And then again, he forgets. He forgets everything that you did for him. You come into tears, and you drown into your soul while being against the wall. The wall makes you think there is someone holding you while your tearing apart, crying about the person you went to when your where spilling your tears off.
When your mind is wondering off, it takes a little peak back. It wonders, and it goes into the little section that says "broken". It reads a little, and on its own, it starts inundating.
You find yourself in this position, where you don't know what to do. You don't know how to move on. You don't know if moving on to someone else is the best action. Even if he starts being interested in someone else. You are still there. Stuck. Debating on whether to stop, or finding a way to move on. He made you worse, than you were already. And you could never go back. Not in the same way.
I'm lost, the road in front split in two
So little time, with so much to do
The woods around me, is so dark
Each thorn I touch, leaves its mark
I grow tired, with each step I take
"Next time", I think, "my mind will break"
Every day, strangely, I survive
Each accident and problem, leaving me alive
How much longer, will it take?
How many sacrifices, will I have to make?
els Dec 2016
I appreciate the people
who sacrifice anything
in order to give a
random act of

Isn't that what Christmas
is all about? To refresh
us into being kind for
the whole new year?

Because I think so.
God bless you all.
cream skin glistening, hit by the lights
screams echoing throughout the whole night
dedication and enthusiasm, clear on your face
if only you knew how frantically
my heart is picking up its pace
filling the air were cheers of your name
my soul felt like
it has been ignited with flames
and no matter how hard i try,
i could never
extinguish it, now i know that it will burn forever
i thanked the stars from afar
for bringing me to you
for just one time our fates collided
and we did not get misguided
every trial i've been put through,
my love, i overcame it all for you
everything is worth it if
the reward is meeting you
to jww. i miss you so much. can you smile at me one more time and hold my hand again?
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