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heyli Oct 2018
Knowing you
You'd cry all day and night
Lock yourself in  a room,
No light could be insight

I was there,
hiding behind the dark
peeking at you,
"I do care, please don't cry."

Knowing you
You'd grab a pen and knife
Once the ink was gone,
You'll use your blood to write

You're too busy dying
You can't even see me crying

Knowing you,
just doesn't feel so right.
Naomie Sep 2018
As you drag me out of bed at 5am
With an assurance that I won't go back
I can't help but think
That you're stealing from me
And that's the beauty of having you
You make me do amazing things
And I can't help but wonder
That someday I will be complaining
That you are sleeping too much
Naomie Sep 2018
These nights, I hate
Tonight is one of those nights
I have tears flowing out of my eyes
Instead of closed eyelids
When you're ruling like a little tyrant
When your little adorable self is nowhere in sight
And I'm managing the worst emotion

These nights are a test of my patience
They are a measure of my ability to stay focused
They are a test of my ability to stay sane
In the midst of the madness
That is my overwhelming emotions
They are a test of my ability to put you first
Not that I do have another choice
At times I can control it
Other times it gets too much
Sometimes I cry too much
Other times I just stare at you blankly
I want to ask you why you can't just let me
Get this precious thing I've waited all day to have
But I can't. Because you can't.

Then after several minutes, or hours
Of a mixture of self control and overreaction
I get what I wanted
I guess when you have to do things alone
You learn to wade through the mud that is your emotions
You learn to be strong in your weakness
You learn to give yourself a pat
You learn to encourage and admonish yourself
Because only you, can make yourself better
Or worse
And tonight, I choose better.
Some nights, making me a stronger person
mitus Aug 2018
I always knew that you weren't the one for me.
But the way you stared at me,
Cared for me,
Fooled me.

My heart- it was yours and yours only.
My soul, lonely.
You kept me waiting closely,
Reminiscing remotely.

You were my sunshine. Always there to wipe away my tears.
Your kindness blinds, erased all my fears.
Without your warm signs, I realized you wasted my years.

To you, I must've been only a vulnerable creature dying.
To you, I must've been an innocent friend crying.
To you, it must've felt like you weren't lying,

With the way you stared at me,
Cared for me,
Fooled me.
Choderlos Aug 2018
One day she will turn to you
And ask you
Do you still love me
And a million things will rush through your mind
A question whose answer seemed so obvious
Now leaves you speechless

There's a lie in your mouth
But your conscience won't let it out
You don't want to break her heart either
With the truth
But sooner or later you know
Everything will be evident

It's no fault of hers
That you've changed this much
It isn't because she stopped caring
Or snapped at you last week
It is because seasons change
And she's still like sweet lemonade to you
But lemon is not your favourite anymore
You'd rather go for hot chocolate
Or ice tea instead

This love you once had
Has now developed cracks
They will break and cut her
Today or tomorrow
You need to let her go
Before you break her
Free her of the imminent pain
Before it's too late
Let her go.
Credits to Lily Rain
sadhappyb Jul 2018
too late at night
to be writing this piece
piece that consists of words
words made out of letters
letters carrying the feeling
feeling of sting
sting when I saw you
falling inlove
with someone new
but darling, i don't regret
you falling with someone you met
'cause i know it would be better
for you to be further
further from me
knowing what a chaos can i be
i saw u falling for someone i know; im happy that you are happy without me ;)
Choderlos May 2018
I risked the life of mine
To see you smile
I chanced everything
To be there when you needed me
I paid no heed to authority
To be at your command

I gave you my all
Everything you ever wanted
Hoping you'd be mine someday
Who am I to blame you
When I got my hopes up so high
That we'd ever be more than friends

Stripped of everything I once had
Now I am the one
With nothing more to give
Confined to misery
Alone in utter darkness
How was I to know
That trying to win you over
I had become your prisoner
Nylee May 2018
In the torch of fire,
someone is burning,
dying every second
to keep the flame alive
When you left for a reason
I said, “I understand.”
But actually, I don't.
My fault, I regretted.
Still thinking why,

I love you
More than myself
Sacrificed all I have
I thought, “I’ll be fine.”
Missing your arms now
Feeling cold and blue.

Your smiling face
I'm missing it so much
Looking at your photos
Can't remember how many times
Where are you now?
Are you coming back?

I'm patiently waiting here
Even there’s a little or no assurance
for you to come back.
I'm still under your spell
still blinded by your words.

Someone’s telling me I'm dumb
For believing your promises
I love this illusion you gave me
Don’t wake me up until I figure out
The truth that you already left me.

God once gave sinners a chance
So, who am I to be stingy?
How much chances I need to give?
I'm already insane
Insanely in love with a fool.
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