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Io Sep 21
Deep within the folded grey
Lonesome titans weave
Upon their watery
shale seas
with fog
Vast beasts of smoke float

of grey     silence
mon nuage solitaire
Vous flotte au-dessus
un tourne-disque coincé
Io Mar 22
As sky deepen,
cerulean blue
On black bird’s wing
Eve’ draws first breath

Past rose castles
Adrift in limbo
Eternity dawns
Io Feb 28
Barren wastes', oceans' lure
A promise, a lie
A joke of life
Cities of ice
Carved of hatred
is this my fate?
A jest
A joke
Under eternal dusk
Born in smoke, a husk
Io Sep 2019
Oh, Dark star
To be born in your own death
An existence invisible
To witness the last ancient beasts
Die in the chaos
of resurrected light
To watch the last photons
A dance of final lonesome bright
To feel yourself wane
Die in silence evermore
Oh, lonely star
Dark as solemn night
Breathe the last breath
And as you were born
Let lie the universe
Still forevermore
Io Jul 2019
Sand encrusted servo motors and
Crippled circuits fail
As battery fades
Images dim
My final sun set
A distant blimp
Before the approaching
2004 - 2019
Lost to another planet forever
Io Jul 2019
Slivers of lost light
Ignite the under belly
Of a grey abyss
And we went into the small hut
Io Jul 2019
Why are there holes where your eyes should be?
infinite and vast
Past your mind Green fractals
Seen without light
Infected without order
Incongruous with my thoughts
Clouded enigmas
Screaming without sound
within mind
without mind
How can they exist
Those have no place here
beyond time or space
When there is no beginning
How does one know
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