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Em MacKenzie Oct 2018
All work, no play and neon screens
menial tasks even coat my dreams.
Overboard in bored and a silent phone,
oh no, I think I’ve evolved to drone.

Punch in, punch out, this is the wrong route.
Punch in, punch out, a life of drought.
This technological terror
has caused life to flash in error.
For lady dollar; I can’t bear her,
as the riches are even rarer.

I’ve become a machine, to crush numbers
with no log off for needed slumbers.
Now my brain’s racing, a million miles per hour,
oh no, I think I’ve gained A.I’s power.

Punch in, punch out, this is the wrong route.
Punch in, punch out, now what life is about.
This technological terror
has caused life to flash in error.
No sudden movements; don’t want to scare her,
she’s updating with no carer.

Learning binary,
a breathing library,
processing slowly
but still a finery.

I forgot what my hands were for
they used to write all that I adore.
Now fingertips type, each key a shot,
oh no, I think I’ve grown into a robot.

Punch in, punch out, this is the wrong route.
Punch in, punch out, no one hears me shout.
This technological terror
has caused life to flash in error.
Pure absorption; a simple stare,
life’s equation could be fairer.

Learning binary,
a breathing library,
walking geometry
complete machinery.
The Dybbuk Oct 2018
Breath the air in zeroes and ones,
Gather your forces and gather your guns,
Feel electricity flowing through you,
Paint oozing red from pulsating blue.
A network of neurons fuels violent vigor,
Process their fear and pull on the trigger.
Some of my poems are just really violent.
Robin Carretti Jun 2018
Moved by his computer frame
Love to love you he loved to move
her body frame he loved to love
That chrome love doves  her delicate fingers
got taken to another flight
So moved no ABC alphabet so elementary
My Watson be a real person

I Love You with all my circuits wings
of the falcon then she submitted it
She was so committed and clicked
her words  started dreaming  in her
chrome French Provencial
Metal I connected in his commercial
So moved by her
Fingers like the yellow pages
But that wasn't so romantic more silver
and erotically cool blue
But Iced like fine slender metal

Soft and creamy cake in her love portal
So Sara just smile she was something
In her way was the General Lee
French stewardess Wee Wee

Her chrome metal Oh! Gee
What it did to him drove him hard drive
Mentally he was melted he had to stay firm
The midday she moved  into another
love O circle inside to her Tantalizing beat
she was out of her box  he was bad to his
biceps of  any type of metal
High life joy wife
So outgoing gift of gab needed a body
metalworking off their grime
Moved by his soft smile the Spa
crystal persuasion  rub we don't
need some baby cub  but so moved by him
The armor body stretch this wasn't the
marching soldiers to fetch melted divinely

He was ready to  her awaken
Her body mystical got changed like
seeing a spark more alive into a gunmetal
So rebel her face had a dark silvery veil
She was hard as a rock

What a  mess needed
some shining
At the muscle club
Something moved by
So hushed her lips
took another try
to tell him why

She was so touched by
something he did
Like so cared for his
metal parts how it had a
change of wildcard hearts
she was eating
her milk duds
Move to the other side
Was her heart moved away
Her hands tightly closed
It got caught on the metal chair
A piece of furniture with a
modern metal lamp
It was blown glass
Italian love made
all twisting
her words
Genie just appeared
How a gift moved somehow
more resisting
Chrome cool lips pray of
the constitution

Moved by him her
metal box
Somehow she was moved by
the thought it was for her
The love moved for him
so rare moved again
his energy
that was coming
Like the Mozilla
Chrome attire good fella
the name was
Not a child's Crayola
She loved to drink his
metal cup mountain dew
Some kinda metal she felt
on her feet when
someone walked by
  she froze  like a
Like a camelina reborn again
Changed her pictures
the camera is in
People didn’t like her
on Mothers Day

She needed to bloom
more (May I)
Way too polite was
the season
  But he had the
stiff collar he took
such a hard drive.
She needed his oil
can her metal
was always melting
but not with love hearts.
like the Cosmos and half
metal, she was always in the
lab finding new age
better medicines and top
War veterans deserve the metals
Oh! Metal Heart take a chill pill

Becoming junkies Doctors
are making
more money excuse me
Britney shakes
Please spear me thou shall
not believe (Ripley’s believe it or metal it).
I’m a mature lady I
need a flower soft
silky bloom petal it
Are you
so tickled chrome pink
with my
fancy cell I- O-U metal heart phone
  Here is a link to my song I did

The  ammunition of the best silver
That was Terry Techlee
his brother was Techie

Heavy metal rounds the sea minerals
To top things off Metal Generals
Moved by only chrome
The robot combat type metal
Moved by taking night *** education
we became robots studying  and melting
Metal hearts we got way too soft
I didn’t wash for 9 1/2 weeks
until I realized I was pregnant
celebration baby shower origami
folding stroller baby going to turn out?
I wasn’t aware that I was pregnant
for me or my baby analyzer
why on earth would anyone
need to be analyzed
I need my own outlet
smart sock testing
a babies heart rate
if I only had a brain

Were built like machines anyway
pacemakers nothing feels real
in our hearts lately
What night courses was I really taken?
The Brooklyn bridge and singing the
worst that could happen
to hold onto the metal
Something got flatten
Have a heart, not of cold stone
if I only had a brain
fine all-metal wedding
When always traditionally white
maybe a Greek wedding?
Well! how much olive oil can
they serve did my husband
to be or dear lord buys me a
Mercedes Benz

Studio 54 You need 50 shades darker Ice Queen
He crushed my cheeks like Rotten metal tomatoes.
  Tech-lie don’t twist?
So fresh starting out such
an innocence
Mr. Clean robot cleaning up the metal hearts
of the lonely club bands
Sargent Metalhead
someone will throw you off the
Brooklyn, let's play bridge
Should you get a metal bridge?
So moved by the
Jewish dentist, he has plenty of bridges.
You could find him near the Trump Towers.
Greeting we all feel Metallic a bit ****** but something we need to bend and expand our metal horizons there is also a link I put on here for my song but I don't know if you will get it to work but we are hard as metal  all chrome  pick up you metal phone LOL
alex May 2018
Bursting tanks of propane, all was in vain
I’m gonna blow up, throw up, blow dust
Ligaments rust, no trust, nonplus
A fraud and I ask god
Please, come back to me, attack me
These parts creak, rip them off
Rubber plate skin on my face, tear it off
Look into my glazed glass eyes and see
Through my metal skeleton beneath
Through the chattering of my teeth
How you ravished and destroyed me
i've been tossed aside by the one who meant to me the most
Passions, pleasure now feel like a chore,
making my life a bore
and my mind sore.
Tick, tock
Time is valuable
panic rises,
for there is a mental rigid routine to abide by.
But now my soul wears a dress,
which is stress.
Watching shows, self care and reading books
which once upon a time used to be relaxation,
have now become a cross off a to do list.
Losing interest in my mundane life,
I find my breath meaningless,
waking up pointless and have  
life just drag my corpse with time.
There are mountains;
burdening my mind and scraping my heart.
A soul of a robot is what I have,
except that I have a voice that complains
and ears that hear commands,
creating havoc on my mood and mind.
All what I loved, became
‘have to’ and ‘should do’,
a daunting tasks
requiring more effort than it did before.
Life seem drudgery and draining to wake up to.

But It was all about approach and perception.
Digging deeper with why,
I found reasons and meaning behind my life.
It was about relishing in the process,
rather than completing them.
In the errands for others; I searched for joy of my own.
Unleashing creativity in daily mundane activities,
it did not seem robotic no more.
Rediscovering happiness and enthusiasm,
making it interesting by sharing and snapping,
I set lose from the chains of my routine by reinvigorating spontaneity.
For what felt like burden, wasn’t meant to be felt like a burden.
Will Jan 2018
The revolution will be televised,
people flooding the streets, the skies.
All who oppose will be demised,
Those who carry on will be prized.
And so the cycle continues, generation after generation.
It’s hard to tell what mutation will come to fruition,
but the fact of the matter is that it’ll be just as superficial as the last.
Nobody wants to be different, do they?
Criticism is welcome.
When I'm with you,
*My hard shell
Turns soft and human.
sweet ridicule Sep 2015
chest pressure like a wasted life
hiding from the possibility
of living I have never spilled these
few years into anything
except for everything
this is the unbeatable monster of
nothingness and robotic arrogance
of undeniable certainty
spilling over my cup runneth over with
disdain and my teeth are sour
from sleeping I hate the taste
of sleep
in my mouth like over-chewed mint gum
cliche stories have never
clicked with me
I would like to watch you smile for
a few hours before I believe
the pressure in my chest is
legitimate life will die
'***** u man in sky'
I believe that this will not
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