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Reese Dec 2019
One life
Two life
Three life

I thought I knew
I plan and pursure
But when its almost here
The finish line falls
And is no where near

My college ends my program
Now what do I do?
Do I start elsewhere
Or end my pursuit?

The second choice of 42 thousand
After talking with them its up to 84
But what about life and living there?
Well now its 115 and my hope fades away

That cant be impossible
There must be a way
But after some thoughts
I realize the cost

Maybe elsewhere,
Perhaps more near?
Well thosell cost less
But wont be the same.

Do I drop the thought?
Do I end it here?
Perhaps theres no need
Perhaps theres a way

I think and I think
More and more
About just what to do
Because we are poor

We arent poor in love or happiness
Thats what family and antidepressants are for
We arent poor in money either
But once experienced
Its hard to change

We arent rich
But we arent poor
So why is money
Still the deciding factor?

What ever you call it, its all the same
They just want your money
And to boost their fame
At what expense
What do you have to pay?
For a modest job you probably wont like
Only the 1 in 3 chance of taking your life
Perhaps not perhaps youll win the fight
That 1 in 3 college students fight.
Well if you win and if you fight
Now comes the problem of paying for life
The debt it gives is so substantial
That they lie and say its just circumstantial

Perhaps their right
Perhaps thats the way
Just dont go
And regret it for life.
But maybe not
Maybe youll make it
And one day become famous
And be adored both wide and far
Just to be pushed further inside
Where only you will see
The pain and agony
Put on by society

That is until one day
They wake up and find
How you truely felt on the inside

You had it all
So much to live for
And no reason to die
But now your hanging there
Like Robin Williams who never said
Good Bye
This explores the different avenues life can take but primarily focuses on the one for college.
Kristian Bonjet Feb 2019
I walk the road less travelled
For this is where i can be myself
Not one to try and change me
Not one to tell me what to do
Just me in control

I walk the road less travelled
Finding my own way through
Not one to say what i should be
Not one to tell me i did wrong
Just me deciding for my own

I walk the road less travelled
For here is room to breathe
Not one to tie me down
Not one to disagree
Just me being myself

I walk the road less travelled
Learning as i walk along
Not one to preach their beliefs
Not one to pity on my choices
Just me living my life

Just me being me
This piece was inspired by a quote of Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society. Though he was already quoting someone else, I do have a huge respect for the works of Robin Williams who has inspired a lot of people when he lived. May the good man rest i peace.
Ma Cherie Jun 2016
I was flipping through some books that I got from a free pile.... some lovely literary titles.
In the back with a note with a quote from Robin Williams

"Please don't worry so, because in the end none of us have a very long time on this Earth life is fleeting. And if you're ever distressed cast your eyes to the Summer Sky when the stars are strung across the velvety night if a shooting star streaks through the Blackness, turning night into day make a wish, think of me, make your life SPECTACULAR! "

I can hear him saying that in a sincere yet....  comedic tone. Words like this above and the ones following just seem to always flow from his lips

" you're only given a little spark of Madness you mustn't lose it"

" Comedy is acting out optimism"

" People say satire is dead. Isn't dead it's just living in the White House."

" the Statue of Liberty is no longer saying 'give me your poor, you're tired, your huddled masses'- she's got a baseball cap and a bat yelling- you want a piece of me?"

" Time is the best teacher, but unfortunately, it kills all of its students"

"Never pick a fight with an ugly person they've got nothing to lose"

And finally...not by any favorite

"No matter what people tell you words and ideas can change the world"
All above quotes by Robin Williams

"I think Robin Williams was an amazing quick witted poet, an exceptionally gifted actor...because I'm not sure he was acting...and he was also a very shiny human being" - Cherie Nolan © 2016
Fun, inspiring.... Just because I hadn't been writing poetry when he died so this is for him. I personally loved him as an actor I wish I could have known him more as a person which is unrealistic! Through his words & pictures I hear his voice and know him as well as I can. If anyone doesn't care for Robin Williams or comedy that is totally fine- if not perhaps you can find something in his words to appreciate...Farewell Mork! thanks for reading. :)
Torin Apr 2016
Ms. Doubtfire
Says her hearts too cold
To ever be unfrozen
And I can only laugh
Because she thinks he looks like a woman
Ms. Doubtfire
I was never convinced
Still thank you for cleaning my house
You have a check for all your work
Signed Mr. Fire

Don't doubt me
I've seen Peter Pan
I don't know where the **** this came from. I'm having an onion ring overdose and it is causing me hallucinations. I never should have eaten all those shrooms
Shay Nov 2015
He was the brightest star the world had ever seen,
but no star can burn bright forever, although that was unforeseen.
He was a man who brought joy to all those around him,
so that he never had to show them how his life was grim.
He made them laugh until their stomachs hurt,
even though inside he was full of despair, sadness and disconcert.
Like a clown, his smile was painted on,
only when he removed it did you see the wretchedness in his deep blue eyes; that’s when it dawned
that he was a slow dying flower,
fading petal by petal and losing power
until the day he’d been poisoned enough by this ghastly world,
and he died once and for all by his own hand – that’s when the truth of his life really unfurled.
Alessander Jun 2015
I told them,  “I don’t feel sorry for Robin Williams.
He lived it. Coke-fueled, bearded trickster of ******.
Well traveled and well versed, raging into worlds
Physical and ephemeral, like a ghostly bull
Goring mortals to unfeel the estoques
Sunk deep into his vital corpse.”

I had a friend who blew his brains out
While his parents were watching tv in the living room
And another who rented a room at the Marriott
Then hung himself off the shower-rod

Both early 20s
You won’t see them on the big screen
Or hear their witty banter on interviews
Chic celebs won’t eulogize them
On “Extra”, “TMZ”,  or “Access Hollywood”
No 2 minute montages
At award shows, while tuxes and gowns float
Clapping in ovation behind the shimmering façade
Of golden statues

They got a few lines in an obituary, in A7
Those who knew them will speak in hushed euphemisms
No one daring to whisper “suicide”
As if it’s the ****** Mary of deaths
Like walking under a ladder, or breaking a mirror
The mirror containing, like smoke, the future
The jagged shards reflecting moonlight faintly

I love them all the same
estoques: the swords ****** into bulls
Yasha Harkness Apr 2015
How are you?
99% of people /all over the world have /responded to that question /with a lie.
/Its not something this generation began, /no its been here as long as the question, /and isn't that the saddest thing you've heard today?/
I'm not okay.
Ottar Feb 2015
at the sky,
waiting for the signs,
to change,
crashed through a mile-
stone marker,
foolin' with life,
hands on the wheel of
what is broken down,
dark, dark, dark like area
grams are instant,
you might figure it out,
then again, whenever...

first heard of denver,
rhymes and reasons,
eagles and hawks,
music to my ears,
oh then came the tears,

Road Weary too early
in this Rotten World,
but rw came along,
and laughter filled
this heart,
to over flowing,
until tears
came from every laugh
and ... then...
only the tears.

A r m, there was no
harm, only a heart
for God,
step by step you
brought me closer,
if i stand,
me to my knees,
understanding your love
for the Navajo

Too hard to be a bard,
all the waves that
sound like me
are hammered flat,

Too soon.Wanted to grow
old with all of you
even though we share so little
but here it is play
with words,
sun still rises
and watching flights
of birds and
make me pause;

from the shape of the sky
to a colour of the paint
that comes from the sun
in the clouds.

Then walking with ugly
toes with feet and
older than they should be,
people on the street,
love to hate,
hate to love,
each day is a wrestling
match in an atmospheric cage,
that puts ufc to shame,
seeing way more
than can be put on
the will, be tried.

roof over my head
like a hat hanging
on an empty coat
between the ribs
tearing at a heart
that refuses to
beating while
being beat up by voices
that keep coming out
of the dark, dark, dark

of hope
that knowing
as long as the
sounds of music
from many artists
find the ears
able to feel,
lines of tears
and too
the laughter
echoes in the
empty hallway
that swallows
red and white
and clear,
I live to write
Take courage
to Play
the ukelele
if may I
by deSign.
12 poems in 2012, the other 760+ in 25 months, I had no other way to show You.
For helping me, for saying I matter,
you will never know
what you have been part of
thank you
200K reads
A r m - a Rich Mullins, any and all of his music, "step by step", 'if I stand"  denver is John Denver, Rhymes and Reasons, Eagle and the Hawk, two very powerful songs in my teen years, RW is Robin Williams, made me laugh when well...strange what happens to you inside when people you look up to, successful people show their human side, makes you want to believe in yourself and what you can do, just a little bit more, better.
Makes it easy to believe that there is much more than meets the eye, in this world and especially every person.
Enough reading, do what you do best...write and read aloud
Thankyou for reading this if you made it this far, Thank you for all
of your
No Muses were injured, overworked or expected to get a tattoo with my name on it, during this poetic adventure.
LA Brown Oct 2014
May you find the peace you so desperately sought.
You tried so valiantly to win the war you fought.

You did not lose, no sir, no, not at all.
But sometimes even the mighty will fall.

Your efforts in battle were not at all in vain.
We must find solace; as you've silenced your pain.

A soul that made us love and laugh - truly one of a kind.
But sadly, humor is merely the mask of a tortured mind.
I wrote this as part tribute to a man I thought brilliant, but part selfishly. When I am in my darker hours, I think, "Robin Williams, THE Robin Williams, couldn't do it either"'s not about loved ones, or money, or fame - it's about the battle, our fight - I am not weak with my thoughts, nor am I alone. I fight. I fight for all of us "Robins", we can overcome, and if we don't, it is not a failure, it is a quieting of our souls.
Anna Vigue Aug 2014
Now he’s gone
I can’t go on
Feeding on this
We ****** him dry
What a great guy
His light side
And his dark side
Are  a treasure to
Nanoo nanoo
Your time is through
Your legacy
Your jokes
Your glee
You’re a
Candidate for suicide
A Statistic in your
Look up suicide statistics. It's a very sad time for many men.  Thanks for the laughter.
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