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Isabella Soledad Oct 2018
My wings were once gold and full
Until my feathers they started to pull.
I’d give them away too,
But mostly just give them to you.
My feathers were priceless.
They helped me to fly.
Now I’m stuck on the ground,
With everyone wondering why.
Isabella Soledad Sep 2018
my heart is too heavy, but flutters so fast.
Anxiety is crippling, and threatens to last.
I've already lost too much, but feel I will lose more.
I constantly feel like all I do is bore.
I just want to be loved. To feel like I matter.
but I feel so alone, and my soul seems to shatter.
I'm so drained and so tired of only helping others.
I'm surrounded by a world of problems, a world that smothers.
I feel like a child, that was raised without love
Hoping that somebody is looking down from above
To console me, to tell me that everything is okay
to tell me not to be sad, from day onto day
But I'm just here alone, left to deal with my loss
Hoping that someone will take me down from my cross
And save me, and show me the world is alright
Hoping maybe, they'll help me see the light.
Isabella Soledad Sep 2018
The one I need to hold me tight
The one I need to sleep at night
The one who calms me when I’m sad
The one who helps me beat the bad
The one who’s there just by my side
The one who I don’t want to hide
He’s so much more than just a toy
He is my special fluffy orange boy
Isabella Soledad Sep 2018
The want now has started
The need began creeping
Now all that’s on my mind
Is you and me sleeping
Just us together
No one else around
Pure serenity and pure love
Happily to you, I am bound
Isabella Soledad Jul 2018
I know that words don’t break the skin
But the walls of my heart are wearing so thin
They’ve been scratched at and rattled beyond ones belief
It seems that no person can offer relief
Because when those words hit my ears
My mind always delves into my darkest fears
Of being taken advantage of, hurt, and worn paper thin
So much so that if you blow on me, I’ll crumble from within.
Isabella Soledad Jun 2018
As my feelings are expressed through words and rhythm your poetry is written through the intention of your touch

From the graze of your fingers to the flick of your tongue our arts seem to gather so simply as one
Isabella Soledad Jun 2018
From the sweetness in your laugh
To the thunder in your step
From the beauty of your eyes
To the cuteness of your pep

From your hair that flows like rivers
To the sincerity of your eyes
From our love that thrives so purely
To a love that never dies

From the gentleness of your smile
To the orange stars on your face
These features are some reasons
Why you are my happy place.
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