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leinstinct Apr 2018
they flew together
never to look back
dreams aligned to face
the roller-coaster of life
they chased the winds of pleasure
two women and a dream
they embraced the love of nature
their souls purified with melody
all they had
and all they needed
each other and nothing else
dancing on the way
like faries of the sunshine  
embracing love
embracing pain
passing yellow flowers
towards the hill of destiny
two women


leinstinct Apr 2018
I cant read
my hyperactivity prohibits my concentration
it is implied
i am always doing something
whilst feeding my procrastination

if i do not like what i do
if there is no reason at all
why should i be dissarayed?
from my creativity
my passion
my love

they say there is no way out
condemnation is our only reality
I only believe in what I have to say
I say we should all keep fighting

whatever is your present
too gloomy
too bad
too shallow
there is always a spec of hope
a glimpse of light
a reason to shine

There is always a tomorrow
leinstinct Apr 2018
No shame
     in personifying vice
         all they can ever do is judge
If maybe
       you are not where you are supposed to be
just maybe
       life has deprived you from your dreams
The sun is shinning
             but you cannot embrace her love
                        your hopes are fading
                  you have lost your will to fight
somehow Magically                                
                Even if you are completely lost
You find a reason
                                      "keep on keeping on"
leinstinct Apr 2018
I fell from your *****
Onto an empty soul
I took her pains with no regret
She confessed she'd never felt
The years of flowers, musical sunshine
She took care of my sorrows
I was taught to forgive
Now i lay on her soul
Hoping to never fall again
leinstinct Apr 2018
There is no turning back
                                           Long gone is the time spent
Do you love?
Do you feel?
                                           Do you understand my pain?  
                          I may turn to a different love
                                     You may change your drip-****** ways
leinstinct Apr 2018
Give me something to be deprived from
                    I will take it anyway
If there are no rules that I can follow
                    I will break them anyway
Whoever said it's simple
                    Never tried to LIVE a day.
No truth can be prescribed through
leinstinct Apr 2018
Beautiful and sweet
Such innocence
So deer

To battle with my bitterness
Embraced by your forgiveness

Non deserving
I must confess
I never learned to live

You taught me how to love
Forever grateful
For your purple beauty
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