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Bansi Adroja Apr 25
I was a stargazer
sky watcher
full of hope
tracing pictures in clouds
(cats on surfboards and such)
with bright sunlight
or deep blue midnight
until it ended
with a crushing sunrise
A Poem a Day: Return from the abyss
Bansi Adroja Mar 8
I always thought you’d be the one that stuck
through the three am fights on our phones
through cold winters
and even colder shoulders
but here we are undone
in the worst kind of way
A Poem a Day: Fading out
Bansi Adroja Feb 19
I love the idea of us
having a place of our own
somewhere to share discussions
about the meaning of life
and drink good wine
a place we can hide
from the world
and all of it's cruelties

I imagine us choosing the paint
or the perfect coffee table
being content with the small act
of decisive stability
we chose to be there
in the place
that feels like home
A Poem a Day: Day dreaming home
Bansi Adroja Feb 18
We're all just zeros and ones
on a mailing list somewhere
we signed up for
on a whim

Waiting for days to pass
into darkness and oblivion
because who knows
if we matter
in the grand scheme of things

Against this background
of wars and weather change
we fight battles with paperwork
who's turn it was
to load the dishwasher

Who would notice
if we disappeared
lost in the wilderness
A Poem a Day: Monday Mood
Bansi Adroja Feb 10
You stand in the school yard
waiting for the bell to ring
for the day to disappear
they tell you not to
wish away your life
but you want to be someone
outside of those gates

These will be the days
you ant back later in life
they tell you
but you're not so sure

They don't tell you
about 9am tedium
hours spent in traffic
endless forms about taxes

Days lost behind your desk
watching the clock
wishing for the day to end
as you keep your head above
the bills, deadlines
and desperately needed alone time
A Poem a Day: Sunday Blues
Bansi Adroja Feb 3
Wanting is a strange feeling
an abstract emotion
that can tie you up
in all sorts of ways
days undercover hiding
or running away
from a ghost
a promise
something tangible
A Poem a Day: What do you want from life?
Bansi Adroja Jan 28
We're halfway between
two different worlds
caught up amongst the chaos
of all the colours
fighting against the dark side
of cigarettes at the back
of the bars we shouldn't be in
glasses of gin or something
more like liquid guilt
A Poem a Day: Finally starting 2019
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