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Staring into the flames
I see twenty-one candles
I never thought I’d see.
and when the song is over
I seem to have disregarded my only wish

There’s chaos inside of me
My heart is dancing
My lungs are singing
Every nerve is so electric
Because my broken brain has been defeated

We never thought we would make it this long.
abs Oct 2018
we were just two kids
you and i
thrown together in the worst way
never meant to make it
always meant to break it
but we made it,
we made it.
NothingInMotion Aug 2018
I made it from the beginning,
I made it from spare parts,
I made it so I could finish,
To then rebuild it from the start.

I made it through the years,
I made it to this minute,
I made it to this world,
To be the only left in it.

I made it through adversity,
I made it through the pain,
Hey. I made it Mr.
I made it here again.
Paul R Hensley Mar 2018
I made it.
Just a thought really
Dr Strange May 2016
I know this is going to sound quite dramatic
But twelve years a slave
Now I'm finally on my way out
My debt has been paid
My keep has been earned
The struggle has been real
But now I can smile without a doubt
There have been ups and downs
And times I didn't even have a clue
But now I can honestly say
With my ******* in the air
***** I made it and ******* too
The tears of joy flow from eyes
The laugh of disbelief break free of its chains
2016 has finally come
And there's my freedom dancing along

— The End —