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Elena May 2020
As pebbles are thrown
into the lonesome pond
laughter splashes out
And smiles run and glide
with ripples of liveliness.
Elena Feb 2020
A candlelit rage
Dances in Shadow and Light
Flickering our flame.
Elena Nov 2019
I ride waves
deeply unaware
of how long.
I ride waves
afraid to face
what will wash
up from the sea.
I dive in slowly
As if seconds
last forever
but in just minutes
I’m face to face
with the silent ticks
of each gone hour.
Elena Nov 2019
A halo of envy
Steamed a green fog
Upon her dreamy sky
The faint shape of him
Unveiled her heart
And she shivered
With a chill of denial
But hope was a’gliding
And a’rising at Dawn
and He, so humble to beauty,
Was flowering notes
And willed solace afloat
This crystalline sky,
Fuming boldly.
Elena Nov 2019
Truth was a breath
of cold November air
Escaping from her soft lips
Truth was warm
a breath of purpose
A spoken word
Tasting sweet nuance
A fresh, crisp blow
of season's new flair
Something so subtle
yet undoubtedly alive.
Elena Oct 2019
Our bed is the epitome of careless love
“Blue caress, blue sheets, blue dove”
But creaking like broken bones
And eyes so sleep deprived
This voice was cracking
And failed to verse the final line.
So this is what we call rosy then
A bare thorn without a flower?
Your music transparently
repeats our chilling song
But still you sing,
“Blue promise, blue jay, blue flame”
And with the softest blow
We always fade away
As bells softly chime
A ringing cry,
“Blue dreams, blue freedom, blue winged bird of mine.”
Elena Aug 2019
Serene words
are like good seeds
planted in the mind.
Watered by the smile
that will bloom for miles.
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