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Elena Mar 14
Values cave when built upon the riches
of a dead man, whose soul was fed by the hands of greed.
Elena Mar 12
Life is an accelerator
But I hate her
She trips on words
And works my nerves

Life pushes me away from you
Begged her not to
Indeed I lost
To sting the wasp

Life yelped in rhetorical ways
Pocket of space
When questions soar
In masking roars

Life cried herself to sleep last night
Polluting sight
As stars dim out
With clouds of doubt.
Elena Mar 10
To grow my garden slow
To health and digs be known
That in a soil throne
Will be a deeper love to grow,
While taking chances
Hands will dance
And spring from the ground of romance.
Elena Mar 10
Oh the joys of Spring
Swinging from her singing moon
Cast her eyes to meet
Elena Mar 7
Treasure is a current
Strong and full of richness
Atop lush foundations
Peak monumental formations

To dig up treasure
Is to fuel the planet with toxic waste,
And then call it “wealth.”

Gold mines dig deeper holes
While silver tongues manifest poetic roles
A current indeed!
We treasure an illusion
We call it a seed
Yet it functions just like a basic need

Truth protests, like an invasive ****
But riches sweep away truth’s plea
Hacking at the roots of transparency.
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