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Harley Hucof Oct 5
The Thing about Logic is that it can be used to prove anything.

Words Of Harfouchism.
Nicholas Fonte Apr 2018
are you Satisfied?
jusT open your eyes
evade All their lies
You will live for The died
accept no moRe shame
to hell with the liar
we will rise Up higher
you will keep your namE
Just a little dumb thing I wrote a long while I back. I know some things sound forced and the meaning is very simple to grasp, but I couldn't help but share the message I left in my poetry notebook.
Nicholas Fonte Apr 2018
Do you know what it's like to be worthless?
To constantly be the unproved?
I can't begin to tell you how remorseless
They are when they see the disapproved
Yet, I will hold no spite
Because I have this dream
That will win my fight
To prove myself in this grand scheme
aniket nikhade Oct 2015
Time and again,
every time the same thing has always emerged out,
the same thing remaining true.

Time and again it has been proved that nothing succeeds like success
Success has many fathers, failure is an orphan.
The same thing been universal and also true.

As of now in the present,
experiencing the joy of the present moment in time when everything has fallen in it’s proper place.

Life seems to have changed, since everything in the present seems to have taken the desired shape.
What was thought, the same thing has happened
As if it seems something like the same.

The outside world now looks different,
much more different is the way in which the outside world now looks upon in this presnet moment.
As of now definitely everything seems to have changed, for sure.

Continual efforts made since past with proper steps taken
Corrections as and when, whenever required they were made.
When in doubt the  right direction was sought,
everything checked,
verified and confirmed to make sure that there is no room left for any doubt.

Errors made before were checked at the back of mind,
checked so as to make sure that nothing similar happens again.

Nothing was left to fate,
absolutely nothing,
nothing unattended,
absolutely nothing.

No stone was left unturned
Obstacles that came along the way were handled,
then came the stupefied moment when it was realized, understood, confirmed, checked and verified as to whether or not success was gained.

Definitely success was achieved at that point in time.

Since everything has been worked out and everything in it's place,
expectations are met and everything seems to be prefectly alright.

Now is the moment in time to enjoy the fruits of all the efforts that were made since prior.

The world is a fast changing place
For the time being everything seems to be working fine,
then the very next moment in time the mind changes.

For the time being it seems like nothing succeeds like success
The next moment there is a change of mind
Anxiety and curiosity been a part of the routine habit come into action and play there respective roles.

Now at the back of mind it seems like time is running out,
hence it seems better to ascertain the future,
even when it is very well known that future remains uncertain and cannot be secured.

While ascertaining the future many things, which belong to present are kept on hold,
even then the future cannot be certain and secure and even then the process of ascertaining future in the present will not take a pause.

When it comes to ascertaining the future there is always a search for possibilities like what is possible and what’s impossible.
To look beyond the present and move ahead towards the future so as to explore more and more new and different things.
To search for things missed out in the past and seek for the right direction
To look for new and different things, something which is apart from the normal routine.
Now is the moment in time to discover new horizon
It's not only success which remains in the mind,
an uncertain future remains of concern, which is beyond success.
aniket nikhade Nov 2015
Reviewed is the past, refreshed, reorganized and recognized.
Yet the past remains a thing of past.

Time and again it has been proved that every change brings with it something new, something different.

Different is the present,
different from prior,
different from the past.

Different will be the future,
different from what has been ascertained in the present.

It’s easy to make up your mind to start something new,
however, the real challenge lies in to contain and continue with the present.

There is always a lure to get something more in the future
Along with time things will improve and get better,
but do this one thing and your future will be bright.
The lure aspect becomes a sort of mechanism, which works in changing the mindset of an individual
Subsquent to this lure are the recurrent changes taking place in the present.
Then there are mistakes from the past that get recalled, recollected and remembered in the present
Anything and everything amongst all this has the potential to deter the progress of what is happening in the present moment of time.

Yet with all this that is going on around you it is always better to be what you are in the present
Live in the present with the present moment in time
Move ahead along with the present moment in time
A time will come when you will realize, understand and accept what is right and all that has gone wrong.

Important will be that moment in time, since it will be important to accept the truth and act accordingly.

Once the right direction is taken,
line of action decided,
better do not wait for what is in store with regards to the future,
since the future will always remain uncertain.

Better be a part of the present moment in time
Give your best and hope for the same, nothing but the best.
Till then, it’s all watch and wait.

Definitely again a right opportunity will come across your way if you are keen on not to give up in your life and keep going.
Lastuxedo Sep 2015
Because after years of chasing after you trying to prove

           that I was smart enough for you
       that I was funny enough for you
    that I was right there for you
that I would never give up on you
    I gave up on myself
I was the stupidest one after all
   You proved it
      You were the funny guy
  and You were always right
     and You're still here, don't know why
        and You should have given up
           and yet here we are.
Batool Aug 2015
she was just a random girl
for the world outside
no one knew her real face
the one she always hide

they  made sure to make her think
that she can never dance
blocking for her all the paths;
she never got her chance

They thought of her as just a girl
a girl with broken smile
without reading her mystic eyes
that told her secret while

picking up the heart's rhythm
she decided to dance
ignoring what they made her think
she tried to take her chance

the moment when she moved her feet
everlasting spell was cast
mesmerizied by her rebellious moves
they fall for her real fast

flowing towards a melodious realm
she made her moves advanced
never missing a single beat
she danced and danced and danced

the music filled her as she danced
with eternal peace ...
the world then witnessed
her real worth
she was the masterpiece !!

— The End —