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Hurricanebabe May 2019
I am searching for a love I yet to receive.
I am looking for someone to care about me.
I am searching for someone who loves me as me.
I am looking for my better half.
Ylzm Apr 2019
The poor bless the rich,
and the lowly bless the mighty;
Even as Jacob blessed Pharaoh,
And the giver blessed.
Ceyhun Mahi Dec 2018
O Pen, write it all down before it leaves,
It's rude not to save what the heart receives.
Rex Verum Regem Aug 2018

Believe it or not, even the strong need support
even the strong need reassurance.

I need support
I need reassurance

It’s not enough to say you love me
How do you show it!?
It’s not enough to say you want me
How do you prove it!?

I will go to the moon and back for you!!
I’ve heard that before and in the same breath you spoke these words you refuse me a glass of water;
The moon is quite far away

I love you to the moon and back, I’ve also heard but the sourest touch of my hand sends you into unexplainable rage. Love as fickle as the wind

Support me so we may ascend and be reborn anew into something greater than we once had.
Reassure me so I have a reason to keep my eyes on you and you alone.

Feed me energy that berths success
Feed me.

Rex Verum Regem
To menu people get into relationships for themselves and themselves alone not understanding that the person they are with is not just part of that relationship but. A product of that relationship.

When you have a child, you want your child to grow up, be healthy and strong so:
you feed the child
You take care of the child
You nerture the child
Because it’s your child
Relationship are the same:
Feed your partner
Take care of your partner
Nerture your partner
Because he/she is your partner.

“Work towards success!!”
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
Ask in prayer and believe,
maintain the faith and
you'll recieve
Keep the faith always. If you lost that, you'e already lost.
Brian McDonagh May 2018
There’s no true newness
In renewing traditions.
If we as a people are called to accept change,
Then such gatherings and conventions as church
Should ponder anew
The possibilities of conforming
To accepting that a deity like the Holy Spirit
Cannot be contained to a breviary
Or even within walls for that matter.
I’m not necessarily promoting any sort of evangelism,
But elevating ecumenism
And a grand renewal of what it means
For those confined to the guilt and shame
That can come from church catechism, church magisterium,
Church this-and-that
To have their own way of approaching spirituality.
Let’s all be Richard Rohrs and St. Francises,
Not rebuilding a church,
But disassembling a building
That separates believers of faith.
If we are all friends,
Why do we hide behind walls?
Can we not bear
What other brethren might believe?
Let’s combust the world,
Scorching sameness,
Fueling newness.
There really needs to be reform particularly in the Catholic church.  I'm Catholic and I know what I have experienced; it's like one church I go to seems more institutionalized while another a gateway to easy friendships.  Again, church poem though it may seem, please perceive how you like; the sky's the limit with imagination!
When we started we could see
People laughed and we didn't care
Now we getting up there
We will holler that we over here
With our God our fear
We won't be afraid
For our time is not near
But our time is now and here
For us to be revered
By those who once jeered
At us when others cheered
For they could see
That we didn't care
About what people said!
When you have ideas only, it takes faith to hold on to what you believe in even when friends and family discourage you.
Tony Oquendo Aug 2014
Soft as a mothers glow, this star so warm and bright
from a place too far away to hold, yet warms a summers night
as evening falls to sleep it goes this stoic friend of mine
upon a new day she unfolds, hello my sweet sunshine
LightShade Oct 2017
Why is that when we truly love someone
We give them everything we got
And never expect anything in return
But that's the painful part
We never recieve anything back
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