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I have lived many dreams,
The first few, I didn’t realize, I was,
Until they were over, they lived their time,
Dreams do not stay, in our life forever,
We must join the ride, when they pass by,
Most only appear one time, in this life,
Follow your dreams, or always wonder why,

                                                                                                                                                     Tom Maxwell©
                                                                                                                                                  2:40 PM
We dream about many things, often we do not realize we  are living , a dream,
At the moment, we are enjoying, the excitement they bring...
Sharmila Juliet Apr 2019
Who build this wall between us
Without us realizing
It's growing day by day
I couldn't find the way to break it.
Maybe I am the one who is trying.
Can't you extend your hand little?
nightdew Feb 2019
it scares me to love you,
because everything you love,
always gets old to you,
everything will someday lose its color to you.

like that day when we were outside,
strolling the park side-by-side,
admiring the glories of the cloudy day,
but it began to pour,
and you told me you loved the rain days prior.

you didn't embrace it,
you hurriedly ran the way back home,
dragging me along helplessly.

i arched a brow,
and blew the question out of my lips,
"i thought you loved the rain?"
you let out a raspy chuckle,
shrugging your shoulders as you bent down.

"it got old, the rain's full of bacteria,"
you responded like it was no big ordeal,
heaving as you ran your fingers through your pocket,
in search for your keys.

it hit me then,
falling in love with you,
would just be like loving the rain to you,
it'll get old and it'll be filled with bacteria.

and i thought you loved the rain,
but running from it isn't love,
and i thought i loved you, too,
but this isn't love, is it?
we lost our colors
julie Oct 2018
Taking a breath
A short one
Just inhaling a little bit
Of this world

Taking a step
A small one
Just to see
where it would take me
In this world

Taking a look
A quick one
Just to see
the important things
In this world

Taking a BREAK

Just to realize
How grateful I am
For this world
Karmen Jul 2018
call me a fool cause i played it cool
to your ways one would consider cruel
assuming i had no clue you were using me like a tool
newsflash my dude, i knew of my use
wasnt hard to tell i meant nothing to you
nothing to the man you wished to become, seeking a light of success
in eyes of the chick that birthed your first heart

i played it cool, perceiving myself to be a fool
acting like i had no, choosing to be your tool
well aware i was diving deep
into a hole that would forever sink
darkness that only grew more in depth

you warned me many time
but your soul showed there was more sincere way inside
so i remained , allowing you to take lead
knowing my place, giving you space
allowing my trust to be placed
hopes in rebuilding the self-confidence you highly lacked

all to a tough past
you felt had some shame
having troubles to embrace
it helped you become the man you are today
something great
you stay fighting to succeed in eyes of your
you played a person you were not
whenever there was an awaken depth within our encounter
forcing yourself to be cruel
i continued to be cool
be perceived as a fool
for our souls intertwined, wanted all to remain cool
for i did not fight, or take flight
seeking revenge wasn't an option
i chose to dive into the everlasting depth of a hole
allowing you so much control
losing my own ways to life
forgetting my own reasons to live
like a fool you became too cruel
not pacing your use of using me as a tool
making things so uncool
you had too much authority and used it all so soon
awakened my eyes
allowing me some sight
see where i could escape free
from the leash
had worked it to such short length
there be no fight
in releasing me
to become better then i once was
i soar far away
keeping you in my heart
but never allowing
capture to be an option
journal, book to be
Valene May 2018
I had a bad day

You know when you get those days when you get hit with the truth
When you found out the person you were in love with was in love too
Getting so happy, heaven gave you what you wanted, then you found out he was not in love with you
When you probe deeper than what the two of you have
And see the type of love that they have
How you guys were a secret fling, how you felt butterflies and no one knew a thing
How you would both look at each other and smile
But no one really knew why
Then you look at them and see
His willing to show everyone how much he loves the
Feeling of holding her in his arms as if his wishes came true
And now you're left with a broken heart, forced to see the red become blue

I had a bad day

You know one of those days when you found out its gone
When you're other half as told you the news that you guys shall part
Smiles are now adorning their face
Only this time, it because they're leaving you babe
The friend you have becomes the friend you once had
And the sorrow of before comes back to haunt you once more
That time when you've found someone who gets you
Someone who understands why getting stabbed in the back doesn't make you cry
That person who understands how much time you need
Like they're skilled in the art of growing roses
That person who always made me smile
Is now leaving me for longer than a little while

I had a bad day

You know that day when **** just happens
You were already a floor people walked on
Your heart was already a court people played on
And now you're the grass that bulls excrete on
The universe decides to not only break your heart and take the tape away
But they also remind you of every single reason it was so fun to break you
It reminded you of how much value society will give you
And by now I realized its not a lot
When you find out you're the **** amongst the flowers
You're the thorn amongst the roses
And you're the slave to a system of an imaginery hierarchy
The hierarchy that says you'll never be accepted

Yeah, I had a pretty bad day today
How was your day?
runningIntheDark May 2018
Realizing I'm not where I belong, just where I am.

Realizing I lost my love for myself and I can't pour from an empty cup.

Realizing I'm on my way, but not there yet.

Realizing that breaking someone else, won't build me.

Realizing that caring, isn't always easy, nor will it repair anything.

Realizing that eventually these rains will stop and these winds will cease.
ali Mar 2018
i know the devil
isn’t the one to lead us all into Hell
because there’s no chance
he’s that good
at hiding behind crystal blue eyes.

if you told me seven months ago
that those blue eyes
would lead me here,
i would’ve thrown my head and laughed.

here i am.
and there you are.
in your hand,
my heart.

i’d never thought
i’d be one to beg,
but then again i never thought
i could be this foolish.

my words ricochet off the walls
each with as much power as a bullet
yet they never seem to hit you,
and only come back to hurt me.

as you look me straight in the eyes,
clouded over from..something..
a glance at your hand
leaves me grasping at my chest.

the pain seems to only intensify
until i look down
and see
that my heart is resting in my own hand..
and i’m crushing it myself.

because this entire time,
i’ve been staring in a mirror,
imagining you there,
all the things we could have been
and should have done.

but in the end,
you disappeared and lied,
and i had to realize
that in all of this,
i’m only hurting myself.
i’m not really sure where to go with this certain idea or topic, so i’m sure there’s more like these coming. inspired by a friend:)
Gabriel burnS Oct 2017
I was assembled 33 years ago
From a piece of genetic code
My firmware was updated incrementally
The errors didn’t happen accidentally

And the glitches carried
Hidden features, secretly;
You’d come across a stowaway
A smuggled possibility for change

Deviation from the norms
With incalculable vector
Even if you have direction
There’s no way to know the destination

My main mistakes were
Having lust for knowledge and
The infinite supply of patience
While my time was running out of sand
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