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ali Jan 2020
are the taste of love.
they come from passion—
or its betrayal.
may 3rd, 9:32 pm-- I haven't written much lately, not since about mid-summer- I miss it. Though I think my smile has been speaking more for me than my words used to now, and I guess that's a good thing :)
ali May 2019
we are so stuck
in today
that we never realize
how close we may be
to missing
a tomorrow
ali Apr 2019
beneath the stars,
we dance
to the rhythm
of our hearts,
to the melody
of the summer wind.

when we stop,
you are dripping in moonlight,
cerulean blue
competing with starlight,
arms around my waist
a home,
soft edges and curls
outlined by darkness,
in the form of you.
inspired by the song dancing in the moonlight by toploader and the boy who sings it with me:)
ali Feb 2019
where the sound of gunfire
never seemed to cease
there was little else
she could do
to survive.
inside a
brutally honest
where she endured
she tried to understand
the chaos
shattered everywhere
originally a blackout poem but it may be one of my favorite pieces
ali Feb 2019
i fell in love
with a boy
who is not poetry.

he is not
ink and paper
but rather
bones and blood,
curves and edges
beneath my fingertips.

he is not
definitive words
but rather
light laughter
and soft kisses,
in a few seconds.

he is not
full of hidden meanings
but rather
giving his entirety
to a girl
who needs to use it
as a blanket.

he is not
he cannot fit
inside these lines,
be found
within finite words.
he cannot hide
between periods,
into stanzas.

i cannot make him
he is perfection
and poetry
is too broken
for a love like his.
i've written very few legitimate poems about him and wonder why... he's too much to fit into words, a poem isn't enough
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