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verytyours Dec 2020
Sad and lonely eyes
Who busts this solid gentleman?
Who lay misery in your beautiful eyes?
You gave her a vow
Yet she gave you castle in the air—false hopes
your heart has been broken by a person who kept gave you false hope and still, you believe all of it
I can't live anymore,
Breathe anymore,
think clearly anymore.
Be happy for a brief moment, that's when you try to own it.
What component in it is hopeless?
What percentage of it is worth it?
What factor damaged my purpose?
What is my purpose?
Sure I make one up, watch it grow, watch it flourish.
But how do I continue that purpose?
How do I not give up and feel worthless.
I already feel that way, but I think you've heard this.
Maybe you didn't. I did. Too many times.
It's carved into my skin.
Nina Jun 2019
I told myself to let go
Because i know you're happier with her

I told myself to forget you
But i can't seem to bring myself to put you in the past

I told myself to stop loving you
But despite us no longer talking,
It is you that still fills up my heart.

I told myself that I'd be happier without you,
But that was a lie.
I was happier with you around.
Paras Bajaj Apr 2019
He went downhill;
waited with color in his eyes.

She went uphill;
acted like she was blind.
-Paras Bajaj #PoetrybyParas
Instagram : @mr.parasbajaj
nightdew Feb 2019
it scares me to love you,
because everything you love,
always gets old to you,
everything will someday lose its color to you.

like that day when we were outside,
strolling the park side-by-side,
admiring the glories of the cloudy day,
but it began to pour,
and you told me you loved the rain days prior.

you didn't embrace it,
you hurriedly ran the way back home,
dragging me along helplessly.

i arched a brow,
and blew the question out of my lips,
"i thought you loved the rain?"
you let out a raspy chuckle,
shrugging your shoulders as you bent down.

"it got old, the rain's full of bacteria,"
you responded like it was no big ordeal,
heaving as you ran your fingers through your pocket,
in search for your keys.

it hit me then,
falling in love with you,
would just be like loving the rain to you,
it'll get old and it'll be filled with bacteria.

and i thought you loved the rain,
but running from it isn't love,
and i thought i loved you, too,
but this isn't love, is it?
we lost our colors
"Here we go again", I told myself..

Here I am again....hoping.
Hoping that we could talk,
Hoping that I could feel every point of your smile.

Here I am again... longing.
Longing that our eyes would meet intensely...
Longing to embrace you...
Longing to be
with you..

Here I am again...
Rachel Oct 2015
As the dawn comes I tried to write
Sealing words with promises I keep hoping
Although none of it will ever come
Still my heart can't stop assuming

He'll love me today and will leave by tomorrow
Without any trace that both of us ever met
I felt cheap and at the same time used
Yet, I keep waiting for this boy

As I watched the stars and the moon above
There's a building pain inside my chest
While my body aches for exhaustion
This boy consumed a lot from me

And before I close my eyes
All I hear is a sad song
A melody that does not belong to mine
But keeps my heart beating
Reina Franco Oct 2015
A f a s h i o n i s t a –
it’s not who I am
or I was, at least.
Am not the girly-girl
fond of hearts and flowers,
nor of a stiletto and
of a dress.

On groceries, (I wore)
an old pair of tees and shorts.
On malls,
a plain shirt and maong jeans.
On every day,
a pair of flat footwear.
Just those. Period.
Just until –

A pair of Chinito eyes,
on my direction, came across.
I was enchanted. Captivated.
And I was driven insane.
I. Want. Those. To. Keep.
Looking. At. Me.

So I began –
A dress, I wore.
Hearts and flowers, I was
covered with.
Stilettos, ah! They hurts!
but I slipped them on,

A dress–
That white heavy laced
ballgown, in my dreams
I began to behold.
As I walk down the aisle
gracefully and proudly, towards
that pair of Chinito eyes.

That dress (The Dress)
that I never got to wear,
in my reality.
Because those two Chinito eyes,
to another direction,
**T h e y. S h i f t e d.
Anize Orona Aug 2015
I know this great place,
Where troubles are gone
The grass is greener,
It's like a wonder land

My mind is clear,
I have goals
But it only exists,
When I take pills.
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