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Valene May 2018
I had a bad day

You know when you get those days when you get hit with the truth
When you found out the person you were in love with was in love too
Getting so happy, heaven gave you what you wanted, then you found out he was not in love with you
When you probe deeper than what the two of you have
And see the type of love that they have
How you guys were a secret fling, how you felt butterflies and no one knew a thing
How you would both look at each other and smile
But no one really knew why
Then you look at them and see
His willing to show everyone how much he loves the
Feeling of holding her in his arms as if his wishes came true
And now you're left with a broken heart, forced to see the red become blue

I had a bad day

You know one of those days when you found out its gone
When you're other half as told you the news that you guys shall part
Smiles are now adorning their face
Only this time, it because they're leaving you babe
The friend you have becomes the friend you once had
And the sorrow of before comes back to haunt you once more
That time when you've found someone who gets you
Someone who understands why getting stabbed in the back doesn't make you cry
That person who understands how much time you need
Like they're skilled in the art of growing roses
That person who always made me smile
Is now leaving me for longer than a little while

I had a bad day

You know that day when **** just happens
You were already a floor people walked on
Your heart was already a court people played on
And now you're the grass that bulls excrete on
The universe decides to not only break your heart and take the tape away
But they also remind you of every single reason it was so fun to break you
It reminded you of how much value society will give you
And by now I realized its not a lot
When you find out you're the **** amongst the flowers
You're the thorn amongst the roses
And you're the slave to a system of an imaginery hierarchy
The hierarchy that says you'll never be accepted

Yeah, I had a pretty bad day today
How was your day?
Valene Apr 2018
She was like the sky,
A scheduled light with the blessed glow from the sun
A huge change, one that showed me darkness can come from light
Like how day can become night

She was like the sky,
A clear blue of sadness and sorrow
They focused on the flaws that clouded her beauty,
But I noticed the millions of stars that shone within her

She was like the sky,
Everyone wants to be the master of the heavens
But she was heaven herself
She was a sky full of so much hope

She was like the sky,
They hated seeing her constantly shine,
Constantly reflect her happy light,
They loved it when she shed,
They took her tears for fulfilling rain,
They prayed for her to cry, to stop all the shine
In order to supply for their desires and pride

She was like the sky,
And now she's more like an endless stream.
A poem about woman in general, specifically about my little sister. This speaks about how people are getting happier because of others sorrows and tears.
Valene Apr 2018
It's official, we're monsters
We're disgraces, we're abominations
We're ****, we're dirt
We're apart of a ***** and evil congregation

We've been so cruel
They've judged us just because our skin is ashen
They've persecuted themselves, stabbed each others back, turned each other into ashes
Hearts have become nothing but beating organs that pump evil into our veins
Brains have been blocked out and replaced by things that just produce shame

Thinking that we're the superior species, but that's absurd
We run like zebras to **** like lions then scavenge like vultures and feed off each others carcases
To think that we were created in God's image, the idea hurts
Cause God's image is turning into Satan's minions, into his children and we blindly walk into our own Tartarus

And don't get me started on the laws of the land we don't even take care of
Telling me about the right to freedom to help you paint the idea of the right freedom

You **** in order to gain, and that process goes on and on and on
From the early days, all we do is take and the process goes on and on and on

I hate the way they look at her beauty and can't fight for it
Just take her and have fun, a whole night of it
I hate the way you so quick to hate and so quick to **** my vibe
And the fact you like it, you love it, when you've got stolen stacks instead of working for a truthful dime

Screaming "I'm just human" has made me realize
That it just disgraces the title if we pin it to a crime
Let's not lie to ourselves any longer
We're humans, and humans have proved that that means being imperfect people, but perfect little monsters
Valene Apr 2018
I lay here, alone
Listening to the deadly shadows call
To the demons cry for me to come home
To the darkness telling me to embrace it all

I lay here, awake
Seeing the face of death at the corner
Showing me the terrifying touch of its embrace
Yet, it's starting to get warmer

I lay here, deep in thought
Seeing the light of my very soul
It darkening and fading, cause it can no longer be fought
Lucy seems to be taking over after all

I lay here, frightened
As I hear my own ****** cries
The drip of the dark ink flowing down my body
The written records of every one of my hidden crimes
The sight of myself dragging me down the haunted lobey

I sit here, and smile
For that was the plan he came up with
For me to give in, to give up and die
But once again Lucy, you failed you little *****
Valene Mar 2018
What is love?

Is it when I look at you and go brain dead
Speechless, because I've never seen such beauty
I can't do anything but smile in your presence
Like how bleeding hearts can't help but grow in the sun

Is it when you become my only fantasy
When I close my eyes and see your face glued in my mind
When you've become a sticky note in my memory box
A million dollar account in my memory bank

Is it when your eyes make me feel like I've been captured by doves
Like I'm soaring through the skies and your touch has got me secured in the heavens
When your lips seem to be a kings feast
A piece of heaven sculpted into perfection
When poppies and grass can't drug me as much as your kiss does

Is it when my heart bleeds when yours starts to shed
When your enemies are preparing your death bed and I can't do anything but fight for your life
When I can't feel anything but the need to protect you
To act as your guardian angel in your times of need

If the answer is no
Then I guess I don't love you
Then I guess I'm not loving you the right way
Valene Mar 2018
Oh corpse, oh corpse, you're not dead
Even if you have taken your last breath

Even if the call of sorrows was what you last heard
And the sight of dark and black was your last sight
And the valleys are now the location of your new home
And life has left you with no doubt

And you've succumbed to an eternal slumber
And the reapers touch was what you last felt
And you've been dragged to your death bed
And your eyes have lost its earthly light

And your heart no longer beats for your loved one
And you're sweet lips have become bloodless reminders
And your touch is as cold as Lucy's heart
And warm tears have washed you, oh dear corpse you are not dead

Your spirit still lives amongst the living
And now you have two homes
A home in the valley of the shadows of death where remorse and sorrows and darkness roams
And a place in your lovers heart, and banks have also become your home

True death will never be obtained
Until you have been fully ordained
As the priest of the forgotten church where it's members have no memories
Until you have been ****** to hell and made the new Satan of the land
You will never die

For a soul will leave it's body, but it will forever live in God's land
People die, souls rest. That's the only difference.
Valene Mar 2018
The cute little bench in my favorite park is big enough to fit a group of four
The petals on a precious little monocotyledon flower come in groups of three
The minute I crack an elephant peanut I see a pair of peanuts, side by side, two in one
And I come, and forever stay, as one
Alone to deal with the qualms of my life
Alone to roam the earth as I try and figure out the reason I was put onto this cruel world
Alone at a table for two, and I'm too invisible to even be served

Oh how I long for my other half
How I long for a group of friends to sit next to me on my bench of sorrows
How I long for two precious friends to enjoy the beauty of these monocots
How I long for someone, just someone, to share those elephant peanuts with
Or better yet, for them to throw them at me as we engage in horseplay

But no, no matter how many times I open up
Or how many times I try to be nice
Or how many times I try to understand everyone else's problems
No one will be the type of friend I need

I'll forever sit alone on my bench of sorrows as I look up at the sky and bask in a ray of hope
I'll forever walk in the meadow and be hit with the smell of lovely dreams
I'll forever eat those peanuts alone as I eat those little reminders
And I'll keep wondering what it would be like to have a friend
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