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Come to me at
Night in my
In my
In my
At first
I barely
At all
Maybe insane?
Over time
I learn to
Live with my
Witches just
As I had with
My beasts
Fantastic monsters
I've always seemed
To see... these
When put
Under that light
So I learn to live
All over again
As far as I
I have
No other
Good choice?
Is An
I Am
Traveler Mar 2014
Life, it seems a question
That’s answered only in death
A light that leaves your body
As you grasp for your last breath

What comes next
Nobody can know
You came like a dream
And now I’m alone

The tears that I bleed
Are hidden by lies
My love is spread thin
For those I would die

Her eyes gave me access
To see through her soul
Now I've gone blind
How could she let go

If death holds the answer
And love holds the key
Then somewhere beyond
She’s waiting for me
Traveler Tim
Over 20 years
I still can't let you go
Ken Pepiton Apr 2019
krause asu
AN accident.

That's how, but why?
Many universes, many realities, imaginable


how long must one live in a cardboard box
to confess the experienced
altered next from then to now.

Copenhagen Calvinist or Lutherin or Anabaptist

holier than I, as was I, as the Hermit hidden
in the fool on the hill,
telling secret meanings to nowhere man, now

touching a time when knowing out paced known
knowables, imaginables were

imagined, not evil, but fine tuned to approach
per fection in effect

what more can I ask? All my debts are paid.

Accidental debt accrual demands accidental debt relief.

Political-lic, that's where my party stands.

Jubilee, nowhere has the ver been
a time like

now. We being at all, as mere words, heard only once,
never uttered

utter non sensed tone tuned to augmented minds

-- bio logic circuit
-- try a spark

Gleam in grandpa's eye, try umph, boy. Better up.

Swing and there is the crack of the bat

never heard, a clap

just now, you are on the ball, and this is
what that always means,

Okeh. Like safe. No war. Okeh. Mark to follow, someday.

biologic circuitry is so unbelievable,

to whom? All who see the supsumpsystems and the info resources,
re re re, every, meaning as if ever were in
finite, every things reasonable countable and measured,

AN ark is a box. Rectangular, most oft.
A box. Hermits live in boxes, some times,

with a coven-ante-cipitate, tincture
of this and that, with a drop o' Paracelsus fave,
Hermetic hermenuetic magishit.
Mercury, liquid conducter, okeh.

You axt a reason for the faith in the wrong *******
autodidactic augmented and medicated old man.

I hapt to save a dammercury switch from an old thermostat,
with a bi-metal coil we could
into action and launch afacethefact face that fact face of fact
tap. Twist it, there, balance, level, spirit levels bubble
hermetic form flow act
ioncat ion quest

spark-- the idea imagicish dealybob- gleam

the feeling of gleam. Toothpaste imparts
*** appeal, I pana imparts diligence, pepsodent is perfect
for explosive types averse to yellow,
oh my god,
game changer. Hidden persuaders never saw us,

by stripe are we healed and made bright white and loveable,
said the tooth from the future, we learned, in school, to love
each night, with a brisk brush before our
prayer for no cavities could be answered.

tap right there.

Gem quality. The meaning of life, I magine, is more.
a simple, as they say, muse. A little think on being the ball.
Hello Prolly Mar 2019
I appreciate you share
can see what you can see
and maybe grasp your bits I dare

Yet got a dream, pics I foresee
about swimming, flowers
meanders and sea.

They are bold and they are bright
free to unfold for someone
who’s in need for some more light
Top notch legal scholar Erin Go Braw
     (less concerned about being fair versus
     abominable, irrevocable, and execrable
     unforgivable oversight most holy "M" & *****)

cabinet of high priests,
     sans spelling chieftains ready to claw
your person to bits,
     and they presage remote clemency

     which decision told, when Jeff Sessions
     decides final punishment to draw
now, (see excerpted lines
     visited with glaring flaw

"Benediction For Lord Apple Macintosh"
     where sized wetbacks, setbacks,
     and drawbacks, required a secret char),...
     intimates a "hee haw"

and rock'm n sock'm pull no punches
     square at yar triangular jaw
YES, on account misspelling,
     whence Grammarian Jude Law

at the least aims (to topple a prospective
     title of eminence grise), banning access
     to such undeserved
     catbird seat, sans Rhetorical perch

laughing while ja plaintively call for maw
**** Oxford English Dictionary - but naw
can do, and hence paw
mister trumpeting

     "FAKE" wordsmith raw
flesh will turn into....
unreadable print until closing text
that elaborates how holiness felt vexed.

To ye (a freshly minted scalawag),
     these 20/20 eyes bulged agog
while steaming with invective
     at what attempted

     to pass as sacred poetic blog
when thee (Matthew Scott Harris),
     now pronounced, an illiterate,
     immoderate, and inveterate å[email protected]#$%∑

with a severe cerebral clog
(meaning prefrontal lobotomy
     not out of the question),
      you m~r mangy whelp of a she dog
     (my humble apologies to canines),

less deserving than being
     whipped near death's doorstep flog
after henchmen (strongly
     resembling Alaskan BullWorms
     guarding this royal hutch,
     herein Cupertino, California.
Matia James Jun 2018
Have you ever felt like you just need to re-start your life? Like you've ****** up so bad that the only way to fix it is to start over. Imagine your life being a video game that when you hit a part you can't beat you can re-start the game and try again. Well I feel like life has a re-start button and it's comes when you stop feeling sorry for yourself and pick yourself up off the ground. I hit the re-start button a few times....relationships, friendships, even on myself.
There's nothing wrong with wanting a fresh start at this thing called life. Especially when you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. Re-starting your life is not giving up, it's striving to do better, to be better, and to not make the same mistakes again. I pressed the re-start button on my life and now I start school in the fall and still have time to give my son my all. See a re-start can be beneficial if you use it to your advantage. Don't waste your second chance because you don't wanna continue to waste valuable time pressing your re-start button back to are for when you need them most not when you don't wanna continue after you just started over 5 minutes ago. That button is powerful so use it well. You don't get many re-starts in life especially as you continue to get older.
Everyone needs a re-start button but don't abuse the power of starting over. Use it wisely and to your advantage. Be smart.
the celebrated sailing frog
     from Montgomery County
     went a court'n, or so the tale iz toad
to a grand ole mansion built around 1910,
     and e'en 'pon

     being razed ~2012 ah no dummy
     sea worthiness still plainly showed,
twas February 28th, 1968,
     when my father
     bought the house at 324 Level Road

majority deuce score plus nineteen years,
     rush back with unfettered exuberant zeal  
this aging elf spent psalm tranquil
     May days sung sotto voce
     atop memorialized, prized,

     shingled out, ship-shape valued,
     venerated, vip voted faux ****** demesne
     "Glen Elm" named private
     100+ acre wooded common weal

many a pitch perfect spring day
     found yours truly
     frankly basking atop the spacious roof
oft times begging the cosmic force

     irrationally lyft ting this Earthlinked bing,
     this uber dreamer
     willingly taken with "****"
(magic amazing dragons)

     presuming my absence,
     would not be missed and whereabouts
     no cause for alarm,
    but the usual antics of a contemplative goof

ball, and aware
     a minor for hair (Sunkist) gold
Helios innocently beckoned,
     this then sole Sol tanned

     within the solar raised fold
surrendering while atop
     the multi acred roof where any cold
melted away, whence became bathed
    like a bronze statue of auld.

zip pose zing the weather forecast
     donned wafted air
fragrant with flowered flora
     visibility for miles
     if ether crystal clear,

this high da way countless yards
     off the ground presented flare
approximating pristine floral display
     with powerfully poignant immunity
     against cackling, jeering, scowling,

     parents or other nemesis with glare
ring (smoke emitting nostrils),
     an idyll escape for this heir
to the throne of the mountain king,
     this make believe verdant submerged lair
unwittingly left a gaping hole,

     when Gambone Brothers
     industrial machinery voraciously
     made clean sweep,
     without a trace of former imp pier
     real resilient stately structured heart
     of "Glen Elm" could no longer rear

the well built when helplessly, holistically humbly
     brought to her knees
     (gory detail aye will spare),
nonetheless more than one pearl shaped tear

trickled down chafed
     sad reddened cheeks,
     whose head must veer
away asper thine subsequently
     blotted out never never never land

     eclipsed by transient rubble,
     thence vinyl city (dis) graced sacred space,
no doubt a great ache,
     when Saint Nick sought
     sought in vain for
     324 Templed throne every where!
Jim Musics Apr 2018
Ab heute sind My April Gedichte
ein Hase, Schnee, Faulenzen, Schreiben, Petrichor, Geräusche, Sterne und ein Oktopus.
Hier geht es um nichts.
Der gleiche Respekt, den ich den meisten Politikern gebe.
Was ich für meine zusätzliche Arbeit bei meinem letzten Job bekommen habe.
Wie sehr sollten Sie sich um dieses "Gedicht" kümmern?
Das Gegenteil von dem, was ich für dich empfinde, liebe Dichter.
i ain't
are more

we made that shape
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