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Karijinbba Dec 2020
Your prayers in church
to God Sundays
were daily routine
with me decades long.
I woke up this morning
like before alone
on a flying balloon
in windless silence
as companions
viewing the greenery below
until you materialized in it
in another queen's arms.

I fall off that ride
just to find out it wasn't
any re-occuring dream
I wake up glad right before
I hit down
in my final big boom

Per your promised word dear
we are always together
it just hurts being physically
apart twin butterfly mine.

Asleep or awake it seems
it's all the same heaven
all in the midst switching
from paradise to hell
off and on
I choose Heaven with you
when you chose hell
to be with me
I fell deeply in love with you

Understanding now
I rather share you
then lose you love,
and I no longer fall off
in dreams, or anywhere
Real Kings, mostly
do have many wives
I am glad I was yours
first love,
second wife to be
decades long fianceé
we wanted each other
for our first and last love.

Glad to know what it is
to be loved and love back
to be deeply in love
and without boundaries
enjoying this out
worldly ride.
By: karijinbba.
Revised 02-2021.
All rights reserved.
Left Foot Poet Apr 2014
all thy
despairing words,
lifted from furrowed-lined brow

resting now
upon silver-trayed fingertips,
whereupon and thereupon,
enhanced, rotated, cropped,
18kt gold coated

turned to a good turn

ported to a novice station

sorted to unforeseen places

don't ask why,
please do not cry,
it is what
needs doing

possess the unpleasant,

format all cares, away, away,
onto a calendar of a new life,
a world where

where sugar is dietetic,
everything that tastes good,
all taken in moderation,
lest you lose too much weight,
all cavities are filled with good

where we all speak in rhymes,
dueling wits laughing,
collapsing into each other's arms
succumbing to each other's
oral pleasuring

where apples grow on
Eden trees,
Red, for love eternal,
Green, for life perpetual

as for knowledge,
well that inherent,
what you need to know,
what you seek to know,
desired and sudden there,
for all need knowing
inherited, and well-placed,
simply awaiting your asking

even inspiration,
beckoned, binary

this, my world,
now, yours...
Karijinbba Apr 2020
My mind is a fortress
and so is yours united to win
are summoned to heal self first
calling my own spirit guides
my guardian Archangel Ariel
eager to guide
Aries me exuding innocence (like that of a child) Ariel
“Angelic Ambassador of Divine Magic and Miraculous Manifestation healing others is
near or far healing the inner core first Cimi transforming
the mind whiter then snow
knowing how is the key hole
where goldlock unlocks
summons for urgent healing.

I close my eyes surrounding myself with nature's best
under the bright warm lumminous light of ten suns
My Guardian Angels appear
to guide dispersing darkness
with sun light beams
circling my whole being applying
Saint Germaine's violet flame adhering to this healing circle
of light waiting it's turn

Gold beams emanates from
My king's Jeweled mind
it's a heavenly healing golden light 
wrapping itself over this Violet flame circled beam
in deep meditation I beathe in light and exale out any darkness
unhealthy legions, until light exaled is whiter than snow
In the presence of light shadow people virus cannot infiltrate
darkness sickness all dissipates

I breathe in violet flames of Saint Germain and zeal in it's healing
breathing in the violet flame
exaling fear as pure as violet
flame exaled.

with mind busy my imagination becomes a healing deal fascination
the mind becomes its own healing fortress wheel
rolling is action ignition
enableling invoking the heavenly light healing beam plight .

all three circles become the
life breathing rings.

I breath in for others who can't who still wish to be healed.
it's all on a free will field.

Others breathe in healing violet flame undoing bad karmic trash

and exale out legion sickness
regrets averting untimely death.

dispersing healing living light
from this sanctuary tower plight
with healer mind replicating
circles of healing flame light
beamed around fellow Man's vessels
of distressed virulent souls;

they gladly re-live and breathe
we are all one mind united indeed we win.

Our minds joined as one
are the rolling drive needed .

Healing united mind to mind we are all the manifesting power for healing by the violet flame
04-12-2020 besting cov-19
Copy Rights.
Beware coloidal silver turns skin gray on white skin and even blue.

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There are very few treatments, allopathic or natural that can **** a virus outright, as usually a virus must run its course. However the list of natural remedies here come as close to stopping a virus in its tracks as Mother Nature can get.


Silver has been utilized as a medicine since ancient times to treat scores of ailments, including the bubonic plague. Colloidal silver is a suspension of pure metallic silver in water, that is used to dramatically reduce the activity of the *** virus in AIDS patients, slow down the ravages of the hepatitis C virus and combat other viruses in general. It works by interfering with the enzymes that allow a virus to utilize oxygen thus, in essence, suffocating it so it cannot do damage in the body.


The common black elderberry (Sambucus nigra) has long been used to reduce the length and severity of flu symptoms and studies. Taking 60 ml a day for adults and 30 ml for children helps to facilitate a complete recovery, often in three days. Elderberry extract binds to the tiny spikes on a virus protein that are used to pierce and invade healthy cells and destroys them so that the virus is ineffective. Elderberry may also be effective against the ****** simplex virus and some *** strains.
Lloyd Elipokea Mar 2020
I may never strut my stuff confidently on stage as part of some grand theatrical production which earns rave reviews.
But through my deeply-felt love of the written word, I have been generously afforded the chance to live vicariously through the adventures of many a character who have held me in thrall over the years.
Be it the CIA agent Jack Ryan and his daring espionage escapades or that utmost epitome of heroism, Ulysses and the epic trials and perils he must overcome to return home and be reunited with his patiently waiting, long-suffering wife, I have brilliantly outsmarted enemy operatives and gotten the better of hideously hulking, one-eyed giants named Cyclops among other praiseworthy feats.
So, the next time you're suffering a potent attack of stultifying boredom, try reading a book and soon you will be hooked.

The End.
Traveler Mar 2014
Life, it seems a question
That’s answered only in death
A light that leaves your body
As you grasp for your last breath

What comes next
Nobody can know
You came like a dream
And now I’m alone

The tears that I bleed
Are hidden by lies
My love is spread thin
For those I would die

Her eyes gave me access
To see through her soul
Now I've gone blind
How could she let go

If death holds the answer
And love holds the key
Then somewhere beyond
She’s waiting for me
Traveler Tim
Over 20 years
I still can't let you go
Ken Pepiton Apr 2019
krause asu
AN accident.

That's how, but why?
Many universes, many realities, imaginable


how long must one live in a cardboard box
to confess the experienced
altered next from then to now.

Copenhagen Calvinist or Lutherin or Anabaptist

holier than I, as was I, as the Hermit hidden
in the fool on the hill,
telling secret meanings to nowhere man, now

touching a time when knowing out paced known
knowables, imaginables were

imagined, not evil, but fine tuned to approach
per fection in effect

what more can I ask? All my debts are paid.

Accidental debt accrual demands accidental debt relief.

Political-lic, that's where my party stands.

Jubilee, nowhere has the ver been
a time like

now. We being at all, as mere words, heard only once,
never uttered

utter non sensed tone tuned to augmented minds

-- bio logic circuit
-- try a spark

Gleam in grandpa's eye, try umph, boy. Better up.

Swing and there is the crack of the bat

never heard, a clap

just now, you are on the ball, and this is
what that always means,

Okeh. Like safe. No war. Okeh. Mark to follow, someday.

biologic circuitry is so unbelievable,

to whom? All who see the supsumpsystems and the info resources,
re re re, every, meaning as if ever were in
finite, every things reasonable countable and measured,

AN ark is a box. Rectangular, most oft.
A box. Hermits live in boxes, some times,

with a coven-ante-cipitate, tincture
of this and that, with a drop o' Paracelsus fave,
Hermetic hermenuetic magishit.
Mercury, liquid conducter, okeh.

You axt a reason for the faith in the wrong *******
autodidactic augmented and medicated old man.

I hapt to save a dammercury switch from an old thermostat,
with a bi-metal coil we could
into action and launch afacethefact face that fact face of fact
tap. Twist it, there, balance, level, spirit levels bubble
hermetic form flow act
ioncat ion quest

spark-- the idea imagicish dealybob- gleam

the feeling of gleam. Toothpaste imparts
*** appeal, I pana imparts diligence, pepsodent is perfect
for explosive types averse to yellow,
oh my god,
game changer. Hidden persuaders never saw us,

by stripe are we healed and made bright white and loveable,
said the tooth from the future, we learned, in school, to love
each night, with a brisk brush before our
prayer for no cavities could be answered.

tap right there.

Gem quality. The meaning of life, I magine, is more.
a simple, as they say, muse. A little think on being the ball.
Hello Prolly Mar 2019
I appreciate you share
can see what you can see
and maybe grasp your bits I dare

Yet got a dream, pics I foresee
about swimming, flowers
meanders and sea.

They are bold and they are bright
free to unfold for someone
who’s in need for some more light
Top notch legal scholar Erin Go Braw
     (less concerned about being fair versus
     abominable, irrevocable, and execrable
     unforgivable oversight most holy "M" & *****)

cabinet of high priests,
     sans spelling chieftains ready to claw
your person to bits,
     and they presage remote clemency

     which decision told, when Jeff Sessions
     decides final punishment to draw
now, (see excerpted lines
     visited with glaring flaw

"Benediction For Lord Apple Macintosh"
     where sized wetbacks, setbacks,
     and drawbacks, required a secret char),...
     intimates a "hee haw"

and rock'm n sock'm pull no punches
     square at yar triangular jaw
YES, on account misspelling,
     whence Grammarian Jude Law

at the least aims (to topple a prospective
     title of eminence grise), banning access
     to such undeserved
     catbird seat, sans Rhetorical perch

laughing while ja plaintively call for maw
**** Oxford English Dictionary - but naw
can do, and hence paw
mister trumpeting

     "FAKE" wordsmith raw
flesh will turn into....
unreadable print until closing text
that elaborates how holiness felt vexed.

To ye (a freshly minted scalawag),
     these 20/20 eyes bulged agog
while steaming with invective
     at what attempted

     to pass as sacred poetic blog
when thee (Matthew Scott Harris),
     now pronounced, an illiterate,
     immoderate, and inveterate å!@#$%∑

with a severe cerebral clog
(meaning prefrontal lobotomy
     not out of the question),
      you m~r mangy whelp of a she dog
     (my humble apologies to canines),

less deserving than being
     whipped near death's doorstep flog
after henchmen (strongly
     resembling Alaskan BullWorms
     guarding this royal hutch,
     herein Cupertino, California.
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