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If I give you love
what will I get in return?
will it be acknowledged?
or will it be but spurned?
If I offer my love
will you be mine forever?
or will you laugh at me
and say to me   - not ever.
Am I just a fool in love?
head over heels and blind?
silly and sheepish, blushing
not knowing what's in my mind?
I stand on the steps of happiness
worried, lest I fall
falling at your feet
all curled up in a ball.
Columbus took a chance
and by God - he did all right
I cannot leave you now
without putting up a fight.
I smiled and said I love you
my voice began to crack
but your eyes lit up I swear
as you smiled at me right back!
Caity 7d
from head to toe

you watch

As my fingers
from my neck to my left hip

dropping through a valley which releases a moan

As you watch

as i touch your favourite work of art
Caity 7d
the letters drop carelessly from her lips

not carelessly


waiting for prey

like a wolf under sheep skin
Caity Nov 4
sitting awake
I thought of him

of what we were

of what it was

of how it should have been.

but now
I thank god
sitting awake

instead of waking up screaming
  Oct 18 Caity
Sawyer Gowans
In the moments between is when I know I love her

The fraction of a second before she looks up again when her gaze softens and her brow unfurls as the artwork enveloping her soul releases her back into the world and reality fades gently into her periphery

In the moments when she’s singing along and the music finds the breaking point where she lets her voice fall silent and leans into its embrace before joining back in as if to preserve the feeling of the notes like a pressed leaf that was too pure to be piled with the rest and jumped into with careless abandon

In the pause when our lips part and she breathes me in savoring the moment
stirring the hopes and dreams of my younger self back into a frenzy without so much as a word

In this moment
in the break of our nightly conversation to be whisked away to help her family as she often does I find my love only grows as again and again her generosity with her time is out on display and I take my place in the court side seats I so proudly occupy and I silently cheer her on.

And in the long days between our last kiss and our first embrace
like soldiers come home from the battlefield her moonlight skin greets me each time like the arms of long lost love
She melts beneath my touch and all the in betweens culminate and I call it love
Caity Oct 17
the rustle in the sheets
as you start to wind down
may be my favourite sound
as your head
sinks on the pillow
and I can tell
you’ve found a home
Caity Oct 17
a child’s trust

as they trust jump into your arms

could never be sweeter than anything

except maybe how you smiled at me

leaning against the doorframe

like you could see

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