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Brandon Conway Jul 2018
Sitting at the bottom
Of the sun-kissing tower
I hear you crying for help
Could I make a suggestion?
     Stop cutting your hair
          And blaming the scissors
               Instead of your own hand.
Dominique R Jun 2018
I wanna live
I want to feel the sun on my face
Bury my feet in the warm sand
Curl my toes and feel alive
My mind is my prison
My thoughts are my shackles
I am stuck in routine
Desperate to break free
I don’t know what I want
I definitely don’t know what I need
But I know I want to feel alive
I want to feel like I am living
Not stuck in my tower
Watching people from afar
Leading lives that I wish I could lead
I am rapunzel
Wondering when my life will begin
When all along
I have the power
The power to change my life
To make it how I want it to be
I am stuck
But I long to be free
Lily Mar 2018
I am Rapunzel,
Up in her tower,
Alienated from the rest
Of the world,
Separated by an invisible line
That I can't cross.
Between the window and the ground,
There lies a barrier,
That even the most charming
Prince can't bridge.
The effort to join the rest
Of the world is too much,
My hair is too short to
Reach the ground, to reach reality.
But aren't I in a
Fantasy world to
Begin with?
Angela Rose Oct 2017
Follow the rabbit he will take you to happiness
Do not be late, do not miss that date
You could get lost in a sea of confusion
You would be deceived by the ostensible outlook

You could go fetch seven little men
You could be the fairest of them all
Beware of the deep and everlasting sleep
You would be deceived by the apple's red color

Worry about the petals, they are falling so quickly
He will be stuck that forever if you cannot make him love you
Keep an eye on the rose, it is far too beautiful to let go
You will be deceived by the appearance of a beast

Stuck in a tower, do not ever look down
Grow out your hair past the tall brick walls
Spot a good man, make him rescue your heart
You would be deceived by the family relations

Cleaning the bathroom, making the bed
Sneak out to town, be invited to a dance
"Fairy Godmother, please just give me once chance"
You would be deceived by the loss of one shoe

So waiting, I am waiting for an answer to come
Looking for one man to be the one that I want
A fairy-tale ending is nothing I am after
For I would be deceived by the misinterpretations of the story
This little poem is something I wrote back in high-school, but is one of the pieces I am most proud of and most impressed with myself over.
Monica S Oct 2017
She sits in a castle made of glass,
and waits for the guard bellow to pass.
Then slowly, she lets down her hair
and climbs down gently with some care.

Finally, her feet can touch the cold stone.
So she walks and walks till she hears a groan:
It was a wrinkled man; helpless and old;
beaten and poor but heart made of gold.

She bent down and sat there on one knee,
then played with her hair to earn some money.
Slowly but surely the money came pouring in
and, for a long time since, the old man was no longer thin.
Honestly it didn't take long to write but its a story which I wish could be seen more often
yellah girl Nov 2016
i am Rapunzel.
captured behind a stone wall
slick with acid, coated with barbed wire.
i beat and i pound at the wall, until the flesh
is torn and my bones crumble.
i scream and i cry, until my voice cracks
and my throat bleeds.
i pray and i persevere, but no matter
how much i try, the wall will not budge.

i am Rapunzel.
captured behind a stone wall,
slick with acid, coated with barbed wire.
i cut my hair and dripped it out the window
like garland, but no one climbs through.
i sing a broken hallelujah, like a songbird
with a wish bone in her throat.
i search hi and lo for the key to my tower,
but there is only stone and a locked door.

i am Rapunzel.
captured behind a stone wall
slick with acid, coated with barbed wire.
i hold the fragments of my hope in my
****** palms, i water them with my tears.
some day my prince will come, perhaps
with a silver key in one hand, and
the Promise Land in his eyes.
I suppose this is a little better than the previous temper tantrum that was published.
Tehreem Aug 2016
Would you love her?
If her hair fell free
Locks sway on her shoulder
Wind catches them boldly
Sunlight will invade them
Brown blaze of strands
If you could see them play
Confining her forlorn face
Would run your fingers slowly?
If she sets them free
If she let them flow
A Rapunzel is what you need?
A glance of that entangled mane
Would be enough to drive you insane?
A flaw for the world hidden and draped.
Awesome Annie Jan 2016
The chains have become a part of me, as I lost count of all the years. Endless minutes passed me by, hands to clumsy to catch my tears.

I can't help but know deep inside, that my soul just wastes away. Confined in this solitude, where I was forever put to stay.

Every story has a witch, whose ugly cackle can make you shake. Evil that can't easily be defeated, by true love or a wooden stake. 

Shadows watch me while I sleep, and whisper that I must stay. Hope seems to dim now, with each passing day.

A prince was supposed to rescue me, but age has now set in. Youth has faded beyond the years, the signs of time carved into skin.

Fairy tales did me in, I realized as I step closer towards the drop. Beautifully poised I finally took that leap, knowing it's the only way to make it stop.
Gideon McCarthur Oct 2015
Once a girl lived in a tower.
She had the longest golden locks you had ever seen.
Her mother would visit and be hoisted upwards upon those locks to see her daughter.
The girl was named after a plant… Rapunzel.
How could she know this though when she had always lived in her home of the tower.
Her mother had kept her there since she could remember.
Rapunzel would ask when should could see the world.
Her mother would turn down these pleas saying the world was too dangerous for Rapunzel.
As she grew older Rapunzel realized that she resided in not a home but a prison.
Why was mother allowed to see the world and she was not?
Why could she not decide for herself the dangers of the world?
Freedom always framed within her window but too far below to reach.
On her 18th birthday Rapunzel fled the tower using the locks that had grown so very long.
Her mother soon after discovered her daughter to be missing.  Full of spite she pursued her daughter.
Rapunzel’s hair kept her from going too far and soon her mother was upon her.
Rapunzel tried to flee, but her mother seeing her daughter free from the world she had made for her stepped upon the long locks.
She pulled her daughter back to her slowly, back to the safety of her arms, her world. Rapunzel struggled on the ground trying to escape. She took a rock and severed the locks from her head. She fell forward into the edge of the woods and onto thorns.
She was blinded. Her mother rushed to her side not concerned for the eyes that weeped red but for the destroyed beauty that was her daughter’s locks.
Rapunzel may have lost her sight in that moment but her mother had lost hers long before that. Unable to see how she had hurt her daughter. That the greatest pain her daughter had experienced was given by her. Her daughter was blind and could not see the world, but her mother had never seen her for what she was.
Batool Aug 2015
Locked up in the tower,
she waited
till her last breath
to listen to those magical words
that her prince
was supposed to say
"Rapunzel, Rapunzel !!
let down your hair"
to set her free
to let her love
but destined to die alone
she never got to listen
as nobody ever dared
to speak those words !!
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