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Anna Adler Sep 18
I adore the crispness of an apple,
Thin, breakable skin
Encasing **** flesh,
Hiding danger in small doses.
Its dewy, red skin,
Could ****** anyone -
From Eve to Snow-White.
A bite and you're done for.
It's a dangerous fruit
To get from a stranger.
A witch in disguise,
An old lady,
Or God.

But you?
You didn't offer me apples.
You offered a single pomegranate,
Hard to crack open,
But hides dozens of nectar-filled seeds.
A single one won't do the trick,
So why not have some?
Just a little.

You opened it,
Wide and inviting,
And watched me get
Addicted to the unsuspected,
To the soft and juicy insides.

You watched me count the seeds,
Almost obsessing over
The delicateness of each one.
Blessing you,
Praising you,
Before biting into one seed,
Or two,
Or a dozen,
Or ten thousand.

And I?
I followed the pomegranate's many, many seeds
Feeding and feasting
Right from your hands.
Finding pleasure in the poison,
Innocently falling captive,
Taking the bait,
As you march me straight to hell.

It was too late when I realized,
Apples are for witches,
Pomegranates are for worse.

It comes anytime,
like a blowing breeze,
tenderly caressing,
it creeps in, and
softens the toughened,
this breeze of fragility
makes ****** tissues

some days,
a playful little girl
steers a paper boat
on a big basin of water,

plays with dogs...watching
spiders weaving webs, perching
birds and butterflies, pretending
they are dwarf friends...while
munching a red, crisp apple, like
snow white.....playful, sleepy,

on an undaunted mood,
wonder woman determinedly
crosses her gauntlet-wrapped protect loved ones
and in so doing, makes possible
the impossible,
come hell or high water

some days, a blend of all three
occurs, but, the child and the brave,
try to rule over the,
every an adventure...


©Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
August 26, 2020
Spriha Kant Jul 30
What if the character of Snow White was as black as ebony ?

What if the heart of Snow White was as cold as snow ?

What if the nature of Snow White was red in tooth and claw ?

With her hair as black as ebony , lips as red as rose and skin as white as snow , would Snow White still be then called as
beautiful as the light of the day and fairest of all ?
One of the poems written during my initial days in school
Old vibes !
Siren May 8
Mirror mirror on the wall,
who is the falsest of them all?

It seems to be,
it must be me.
Am I Grimhilde?
vonny Apr 13
you were forbidden to eat,

yet one look at your crisp red skin sent me into ecstasy

instead of sinking my teeth into your imagined taste like i was tempted to,

i instead took the role of protecting my dear ones from your poison

this task made me keen and aware to your attempts,

of emulating a sweet apple for them and i to eat

despite the graceful attempts to resist tasting you,

i did take a careful bite

only to find out,

you weren't the poison everyone had warned me about
i wrote this about a boy i love, who i did avoid at first because he seemed a little mean. however when i knew him, he was not what people said he was.
Carlo C Gomez Nov 2019
Mirror, mirror
On the wall,
Why am I
Still concerned
With being
The fairest of them all?
Anne Scintilla Nov 2019
apple of the eye,
red lip with a poisoned kiss,
peonies for the dead.
not all fairytales have happy endings.

lkm Jul 2019
I loved you.
Yes, I did.

But I should’ve known better than to have believed the web of lies you sprouted at me. I should’ve known better than to believe your “I love you.”
Why did I take that bite from the apple, if only I had known it was poisoned. _

My mother warned me about strangers with blue eyes walking down the street. She said that was why she was protecting me.
I should've never let down my golden hair, if only I had known.

It didn’t have to wait until the clock struck 12:00 midnight for it to happen; bibbidi-bobbidi-boo, I’ll have hand it to you, you really had me fooled.
You were never Prince Charming, I needed to be my own Prince Charming.

I’m stuck in a timeless blank, neither moving forward nor back, a canvas that has not been painted yet and sadness is the only color I know.
I’m afraid I don’t have much patience to wait for a 100 years for true love’s first kiss._

A thousand times you tore my walls down, tore me apart and even when I’m at a chokehold, I thought it was still love.
Maybe I was a fool to have thought there was beauty in the beast.

I traded my heart for something temporary, I lost my voice just to let you step all over me, and some part of me hates that I’d still let you if we were to try all over again.
I’ve become the foam of bubbles lost in the sea because I couldn’t hurt you the way you hurt everyone.
kiran goswami Dec 2018
She said
" The story you told them was incomplete,
You did not tell them how did I feel. "
But darling,
Every story would remain incomplete in this light,
Because you're the victim of your story
And I am of mine.
Even the Evil Queen has something to say
But all we know is the story of Snow White.
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