kate Feb 19
i see beauty in his face, his voice
i see beauty in his actions
the way he talks.

i see hate in how he speaks
i see malice in how he acts
i see only sadness on his face.
lotusflower5 Feb 6
Hello there, you're a new face
Hello there, I see that you'll be taking my place
Fix their problems and lick their wounds

Keep their memories of me out of sight
as I'll be the reason they cry each night

Hello there,do me this favor
Let the love for me waver.
Narrated by a deceased mother, speaking to her children's stepmother
erdaniaputri Jan 25
this bridge between us
built of kerosene
and you;
you were holding
a goddamn candle

i got love for you
even if youre doubting me
i was trying to get to you
but you lit up the bridge

you watched me burn
and turned into ashes

all these words meant nothing
and you've always been this heartless
stabbing knives of deceit
behind my back
taking a part of myself
and set me on fire
kate Jan 24
you made flowers grow in my lungs
and although they are beautiful,
i cant freaking breathe.
kate Jan 23
there's nothing more upsetting
than seeing beautiful people
hate themselves.
a short one.
Oh, my love for u is stronger than u know. My night, my light, my love, and life. Wher your gone your heart rages on forever with my heart. When you need me I will always be there. Even when your heart is fading my heart will give u bright life.
Hey guys this is my first poem to get me in here. I hope all like it. I am not that wonderful at it but, this was only to get me in here like I said.
kate Jan 10
He's the reason why you're falling apart,
slowly unraveling at the seams.
He's the reason why you
don't recognize yourself anymore,
no longer the girl you used to be.
He's the reason why you
don't let anyone in,
too afraid of being hurt again.
He's the reason why you're crying,
and don't know where to begin.
He's the reason why you're feeling
kate Dec 2017
everything will be
maybe not
maybe not
but i promise you darling;
there will no longer be so much
sorry this is shitty oops .
kate Dec 2017
i used a safety pin
to rip my skin apart
which is kinda ironic
for safety pins are
suppose to
hold things
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