kate 2d

11:11 appears on the clock
and i think of the times
we were scared to talk

kate 5d

everything will be
maybe not
maybe not
but i promise you darling;
there will no longer be so much

sorry this is shitty oops .
kate 5d

i used a safety pin
to rip my skin apart
which is kinda ironic
for safety pins are
suppose to
hold things

kate Dec 6

she hid her face with a book
so she wouldn't see the ugly things

she hid her ears with headphones
so she wouldn't hear the horrible noise

she hid herself in a corner
so people wouldn't talk to her

but even the best book
or the loudest music
or the darkest corner
couldn't keep out
the the monsters in her head

kate Dec 1

right or wrong,
black or white,
up or down and
day or night.

pros and cons,
good and bad,
pleasing some,
others mad.

what is right and
what is wrong?
was it my choice
all along?

yes or no and
caged or free,
my future is
what i cant see.

Fairy tales and fantasies are someone's cause of happiness,
Happiness that can't be seen in reality,
Reality that we want to escape,
To escape just to feel faux happiness.

kate Nov 10

some things are too beautiful to describe.
like the sun setting on a lake
tall trees blowing in the wind.
or the way someone looks at something when they love it.
or how excited dogs get.
some things are too beautiful to understand.
like random acts of kindness.
or why your heart and face light up when you see that one person.
some things are too beautiful.
too beautiful to see.
too beautiful to like.
too beautiful.

kate Nov 7

People today,
They want to know you,
Not to stay,
But to hold things against you.

People today,
They approach you,
Not to console you,
But to betray you.

Lately these days, I,
I often get angry or cry,
Because people can trigger me just with a sigh.

Lately these days, I,
I have little motivation to try,
Because there's little I can do without having things I need to buy.

People today,
They unrighteously judge you,
Only to criticize you,
And to break you.

People today,
They carefully watch you,
Only to make fun of you,
And to hurt you.

kate Nov 7

it's me,
Hannah; Hannah Baker
i thought i could surpass all this pain, let go;
pretend it was never there
but every day i saw your faces,
a smile placed on your lips
laughter on your tongue
how could you be so happy
knowing what you all did
you treat my body like a building
something you can enter and exit as you please
you wear my skin like a tee shirt
as if it's yours
but am i not a person?
you throw me around like the basketball you hold tightly between your dry bony fingers
the fingers you used to play with my hair,
your eyes were deceiving,
they were soft and kind
but your tongue was like a dagger that stabbed my soul
you broke me.
you took something away from me,
something that didn't belong to you
you stole it and threw it away
like it didn't mean anything
just another trophy in your case of lies
i felt unclean
you broke my soul.
now i don't feel,
i can't feel
i guess you took that away too
i can still smell the alcohol that you whispered into my ear
how could you,
am i not a person?
you treated me like a thing
as if i didn't have a name
i can no longer hear my heartbeat
i don't remember how to breathe
but then i saw you
and i thought maybe i'd give life another chance
but then you said i should move on
as if it were a book
and i didn't like the way it ended
but you see this is where my story ends
as i sit here in the depth of my porcelain bathtub
painting my wrists with silver
watching the red pore out into the once clear liquid,
that surrounded my corpse
i have only one question
am i not a person?
you called me a liar
but you were all just afraid
of the truth,

i mean why would a dead girl lie?

okay so, this poem was based on what Hannah Baker (from 13 reasons why) went through.
kate Nov 7

I swam oceans for you
yet you built
Bridges for her.

a short one.
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