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Beulin S S Nov 2020
Wash out all the vengeance

As the water washes the dirt;

Insert new hope and to start newly

As the new clothes embrace your skin;

Brighten your life with new lights

As the lamps wipe out the darkness;

Let the life burst with delight and success

As the bursting crackers drag the delight in.

Bloom with the new start and happiness

Wipe out all the fears...

Let the Day of light cover your life

With bondless happiness and fill you with light...

"Happy Diwali"
Spread happiness with the day of light....
Beulin S S Nov 2020
Smile from the heart,
But not from the thoughts
To ruin others...
Smile from the heart can cheer  others ;smiling  with poisonal thoughts
Beulin S S Nov 2020
If you think I am worthless,
and underrated
I'll become a star
In your sky;
You'll look at me
from abyss to heaven...
But you can't hold me again.
Underestimating is just a fault. Don't  mock others for being slow.
Beulin S S Nov 2020
Beyond my desire,
Twinkling gems appeared
Shining to enlighten my life...

All around the world
Rare gems appeared;
Mingled among the souls,
Yearning desires filled with delight.
Precious things coming into life to make us happy
Beulin S S Nov 2020
One drop poison

In the ***

ruins your

entire life...

A drop of negativity

Ruins your future.
Beulin S S Oct 2020
Life of mine
has seen various dimensions
Days of success
Days of failures
Days of disappointment
Days of happiness
Days of betrayal
Days of top and bottom
Even when the days turning upside down...
I longed for a stable life.

Little bit of poisoning thoughts
can ruin a person...
As the Blake's poison tree;
Wrath of mine
can **** me as poison.
My steps must be keen and wise,
when a new day dawns...

I may be shutdown,
I may be left without options,
My days of happiness
will come again
Just to embrace me
to shine my days...

I don't want to run away
I want to be a hero of my life;
My days of spring
will come back to me...
Days of smothering war
will vanish away...

I want to live each day
with my whole happiness;
I want to be smiling
eternally with soul...
I wish to be on highlights;
To move on, in my life...

I want to be a star
Of my precious life;
Nothing can stop
My moving life.
I'll work as bee
to be the greatest star.
Let me live my life
Until I reach heaven...
To  move on successfully in this hardest life
Beulin S S Oct 2020
War between

Sleep and memories

Dragged me

to the past

to the future

to the heaven

and the hell..

Pillows bathed

with tears


With my frustration

Embraced me,

When I Smiled;

Finally, I am asleep...

Yet, the war continues

Till the end!
Memorries drags me somewhere....
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