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Kawsu Sanneh Mar 27
Behind the scenes! I saw life at flicking fractured
Where ultimate livelihood was freeze and captured
Where dispirited Soul are Helpless
Where her routine of hopes are surmise

I saw feeble frivolous panther apart
Daunting anti corruptions depart
No watchful wary to assist
From their flaws they desist

Oh! What a bleakly bone of us
Why we ain't nothing but a thang?
There, they thought we are not anything
Shall i shake hands with the Democrats

At millions thee heartbeats
I breathe the stinking sensation of sadness,
As efferent emotions flows
Thru highly elevated arteries to capillaries.

There setting on the edge of one's seat.
When shall we wake her Sleeping Mine?
When shall her roar be featly dine
When shall she dive matters without threat.

When shall her daily headaches be heal
What can we concealed without laughter at peril
Our thoughts, our mental illness at oceans
We have fight but our foughten freedom at the oceans

Behind the scenes
I'm seeing wariness of Darkness alarming
I'm still touching the roughest depth of fierce
As we trace the hardest parts of the jungle.

At bounded bypass of gastric were splints
Everything was cleanly clear from the truth TV
Nothing can ever be hiding from the plaint
Even the sparking bullet of The Champion TV

Were shall our barking voice last
Shall we woefully wrath at exile
Fear no more, at last, the past
Worrisome inevitably wine the tactile  

The valor of shame shall be color
There they shine to sin
There shall we mourns at min
As those dreamed were damply ****! At vapor I
Kawsu Sanneh Mar 27
If Manifestations were not enough for our daily devastations
For what an endless evil eye shall we look unto?
Shall we woefully explore in the jungles of scared destinations
In Oder to deep our feets into richdom, as we look up to.

Why all those indecent quest against the innocent ******
Had the panther not eager to pull the trigger
What a fearable havoc could you raise?
In spite of self insinuations against heinous crime.

Let's retain reliable personnel
That could be needed to counsel,
The rampant rampage revolving restlessly on the ground
That had tamper Hamper against honest souls

Where were those insightful intelligentsias of the era?
Had their thoughts not ought to hove
Us unanimously in that fretted Shove (?)
Which have been anchored in our ancestral shrine?

Let our deeds never be odious as a toad,
Hence we were being mewed to be eliminated
But the invincible creatures were future to lead
And born to bear the threatening of the thunderstorm.
Kawsu Sanneh Mar 26
Raise an Inferno against Corona
As if no one cares, but here is a
Solution that is within the flora
Of Darkness.Be bold, never be frail
At this young age. Be strong as we trail
And track those ancestral shrine
Let's wage war against corona
It's is real, let's feel the pain of that
Pandemic. Raise awareness
Who could ponder fearlessly?
To reduce bitterness of the threat
The panic is too much, we can't bear it
How could we bear it?. I am felling it.
That fuster flow in frugal frivolity
Imagine! Who to follow?, What to do?
Which medical measure could you
Follow?, When there large fossil of
Fake news flowing. Be combatant!
Be mentally armed. Be a militant!
Raise awareness against Corona
Raise an inferno against Corona
Stay Home, let it burn from stigma
Let it soul strive in hotly magma
Never be fussed neither be panic
None been bemused. Be that  mic
With the loudest voice from falsehoods
Approach corses with clean immunity
Start it at the grassroots, link society
Let them new the deathly effects of
Corona. Tell them, let them raise an
Inferno against Coronavirus.
The poem is main focus on the pessimist paranoid on coronavirus. There a contemporary fear that arouses through the persona's mind, Which has been clearly manifested in some.
There are also some precautionary measures as recommended by the World Health Organization, The poet Persona in hes awareness stipulates some simple measures as, How vulnerable African countries are to the pandemics outbreaks of COVID 19.
Kawsu Sanneh Mar 26
Tell them, let them to vanish
I mean those cruel vampires
I am referring to them, the crisps,
The evils to our lyrics to perish

Free us, free us from your satanic shores
Let us life, let us be happy but not sores
Let streams flows through our pores
Let our dreams be fulfil at the highest scores

Let those Vampires vanish from our government
From their unruly atitude, where all flaws farment
Where their deathly games begins. Where corruption
wine and wallows within our administration

Refer them to the scribbling scripts of the land
Lay it, Spread it, Open it and read it before them
Even if they resist, Do not desists to grab them
Led them to the truth. Tell them that change, we demand.

What did they wants from us, which they not been
Awarded. When they hoared loudly for votes
We gave them. We paid them through taxes. We have seen
Them brutally burning our fleets of vehicles.

We shall never needs "rocket scientist" to led us
And we don't sense of elegance. Where humours
Hide with hedonic faith. Where they thought we are
Sleeping. Until I task champion to read us "Sleep no more"

From an enigmatic society, where our soul have bee laid
To survive. We shall never slacken our ink. We have paid
Them as servants. How could we surrender our armour
When our only blood vessels were been torn in every hour.

Until then we will never relax to advocate
We can't fold flawless flanges to suffocate
We stand for change. An immediate change
Where we shall all sleep in pleasant peace
Kawsu Sanneh Mar 26
And there he has to die for himself at abject poverty
Far from flunky folks as to who shall be blame
Who shall I echoes from shores of shrinelet of deity
Who shall I saunter at an evening out without shame
For their deathless fame, for an inanimate living soul
To life without faith at hand, from their fearless
Thought you couldn't imagine? From his fretless foul
Where he harm no one at most. For him he died helpless
For him he kept no one but faultless faith
For him shall anyone complain his cruelties?
He a roared figured of honesty from birth
With his simplicity to quashed hunger at difficulties
I had nothing doth but to washed my hand off him
Where his soul sparks as a giant gem
Kawsu Sanneh Mar 26
When I First Encountered with The Devil
There the weakest warriors wrathly
Flee from the farthest toes of a naughty evil
Even the roaring of a Lion wouldn't keep him healthy
Where trees dance, where the waiving hands of grass
Will be so frail to desist trampling, Where men ****
Grisly! When actually there a million of deathless Dalais
At abundance! But when invincible souls landed, Hey! Hope soar
That inevitable quest of callous chaos were quashed
That retro of hatred threat becomes clearly claptrap
That war wallows with forces that were waffled
For death! I survived those inanimate vap
From there, if for anyone knows but sonnets
They shall forever flows without dements
Kawsu Sanneh Mar 26
Worthless life let me to rest
Lost in faith, Thy gothic Soul lured
For they the Regretted filthy blissed of priest
For that, shall unending poverty be cured?

The grimy monster gnaw, as mind been pawn
Death reminds, the lovely once demise,
Why wouldn't you change?, are you a prawn
Sins swallow righteous deed, the evil stands and rise

Grave for the Deaths at brisk
Indeed Death shall continue to frisk
Alert! Destiny to final destination
Alert! Amnesty of resurrection

Crippling deeds swing in pain
Occults of evil were spiritually tass
Wretchedly bore life is at hunt
Running from the gossiping ghasts of Satan

As those deity faith overwhelms
The cherished sprit of evil is at mirth
But Innocent souls fly at frith
But for all shall they resist those claims

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