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Now that I feel elated, I can be who I am.
Now that I have taken all the heat, I can rise up leaving back,
All the residue that I had collected.

Now that I am pure enough,
I can be whatever I want enough
I can coalesce and be a drop
And rain over acres of prop.

Such is life with cycles to learn,
Descent in rounds from heaven in this earth.
Are you perfect? So much not,
But you always need to make your plot.
prop. - Property, fields, lands etc.
Thomas W Case Jul 2020
torrential down pour
life giving water for plants
sad at the window
After the rain, the heat breaks and dissipates,
and the air sits lightly on my skin.
There is space for us to breathe.

For some time, our nostrils wistfully recall the
pavement's sweltering heat as fat droplets
hurled themselves to destruction.
Paige White Jun 2020
“Hey there! Ain’t got no bad dog, do you?”
“Oh no. Just a chicken.”

His nonchalant shuffle forward
suddenly shifted to backpedaling swiftly on our sudden puddles without delay
His throat kind of froze
As he garbled “A ROOSTER?!?“ in great alarm.
“Yeah, but he’s out back, probably still hiding from the storm.”
I hope he has a blessed beyond all measure rest of the day. He sure gave me a chuckle from his obvious prior experience with a mean rooster. He’d have probably had the same reaction if I’d said oh, just my pet Rottweiler lol 😂
Glenn Currier May 2020
Light rain falls into my day
darkened skies hang low
inside dry suffused dismay
and a small nagging unease
reminds me a clear sunny day
is a gift in the murky malaise
to make this persistent haunt
until again light reigns.
Sometimes I can't resist a play on words. ;-)
A Nov 2019
Want to invest my time
But it seems like a waste
People melt like cough drops
Gone, but I still got the taste
the black-rose Dec 2018
a certain chill across my skin,
it gives me goosebumps.
to look outside & see the skys all dark & gray.
to all the better days ahead of me,
with sadness as my remedy
it pays a homage to the storms
that passed my way.
Jann Flach Dec 2018
i'm waiting for you
the hole rainy day
it's been a while
since it started to
catch feelings for you

you take my demons away
i call you church
because when you are near
all my demons flee
there are no devils here

you take care of me
in a way no one ever did
and i'm about to love you more
than myself
Alya Adzkia Nov 2018
our relationship is like
you force the sun to stay on such a gloomy, rainy day
because you need her to warm your soul up
no, she couldn't shine as bright as usual

but you asked the sun to leave at night
because there is a moon
there is a constellation of stars
there are citylights
they brighten up your dark soul

and suddenly you like cold weather

and suddenly you miss a warm morning

and suddenly you don't wanna be interupted by her light

and suddenly you miss her flame

— and

enlighten me,
how can I survive?
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