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FeatherWords Dec 2019
Oh, so many
are the papers I've thrown away;
Papers with words from my heart,
my soul

If piled like leaves on an autumn day
red, orange, yellow
the colours of my feelings,
not as vibrant as the leaves, I must say
for, they are grey
as the sky on a rainy day

Oh, so many
are the papers I've thrown away;
Papers soaked in my indeterminate tears;
white and bland like the sky on a winter day
A Nov 2019
Want to invest my time
But it seems like a waste
People melt like cough drops
Gone, but I still got the taste
the black-rose Dec 2018
a certain chill across my skin,
it gives me goosebumps.
to look outside & see the skys all dark & gray.
to all the better days ahead of me,
with sadness as my remedy
it pays a homage to the storms
that passed my way.
Jann Flach Dec 2018
i'm waiting for you
the hole rainy day
it's been a while
since it started to
catch feelings for you

you take my demons away
i call you church
because when you are near
all my demons flee
there are no devils here

you take care of me
in a way no one ever did
and i'm about to love you more
than myself
Alya Adzkia Nov 2018
our relationship is like
you force the sun to stay on such a gloomy, rainy day
because you need her to warm your soul up
no, she couldn't shine as bright as usual

but you asked the sun to leave at night
because there is a moon
there is a constellation of stars
there are citylights
they brighten up your dark soul

and suddenly you like cold weather

and suddenly you miss a warm morning

and suddenly you don't wanna be interupted by her light

and suddenly you miss her flame

— and

enlighten me,
how can I survive?
Kassey Jul 2018
Dark sky, cold days
Beautiful thoughts I say
Feeling better in silence
Writing poems
Keeps me happy
And helps me escape
This **** reality

Everyday feels so endless
Secrets kepts
Distance hurts
Spring passed
Mind doubts
Cried in a corner for hours
Regret everything that has began

Our love fades
In a shadow grey
Suddenly, you fall asleep
Without knowing my condition
You didn't give me affection
You kissed a girl
I smiled bitterly
I hope the both of you were happy

That is just an old sad memory
I spend a stupid time for love
Tears dried on my cheeks
Drowning in sadness
Questions left unanswered
Shattered thoughts
Played emotions
I hope I will be numb
To forgot all ghost memories of ours
Thousand of precious
moments were wasted
I challenge myself to do a poem using words that I saw and this iss the result. ***
Grace Feb 2018
the fog emerges from the wood
like ****** spirits from their graves
reaching to join their brethren
aloft in the sky
blocking the sun
that beckons it ascend

the horizon is aglow
in the dappled sunlight
hazy with moisture
and heavy with the dead
Josephine Zecena Nov 2017
I clench my fist tight.
So dearly trying not to cave in and dial, but the device taunts me.
That Pandora's box full of the emotions, images, and echoes that drench me like rain.

It seems the pages have run out.
Every excuse, every apology, every sweet nothing drained like the battery on my phone due to the over use to distract me from you.

You, sitting there on your shelf.
With your legs dangling and hitting my face. Swelling my eyes and lips shut as you watch my greatest regrets play repeatedly in my mind.
Making me unrecognizable to those around me now.

This is who I've become.
A silent shell filled with the echoes of your laughs and smiles.  
With only melancholy music to comfort me.
The world around me only now visible through rain soaked glasses.
Smooth jazz by Coleman Hawkins as it rains outside my window is the only thing that brings me comfort. The only realm I find my weary soul comforted by.
Kmo Sep 2017
If your love is like rain
I will go outside
And catch every drop of it.
Tiffany Merkel Jul 2017
Rain drops round over a blade of grass, before falling and hitting this solid mass

The clouds deepen to a dark shade of grey
Oh how I've never liked this kind of day...

Heavier and heavier they seem to grow until a bolt of lighting Strikes down below

All at once the sky begins to pour as I run to the safety of your big red door

There you stand with arms open wide
I smile excitedly and prance inside

Come love and get out of the storm
I promise to keep you forever safe
and forever warm

Now I can with confidence say
That I do too enjoy a rainy day
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