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sunprincess Jan 2018
Pyramids reaching for a starry constellation
Years ago, another time period, another age
Ruling emperors ordering cruel crucifixions
And those guards whipping sun-burnt slaves
Making them carry heavy stones and suffer
Imagine stones some large as an automobile
Dragged along by prisoners, known as slaves
So I don't think I would like being a triangle
Middy Oct 2017
Three pyramids
Three stars in the sky
Is that not strange?

What mysteries are
Hidden in the sands
By the ancient ones?

Who helped them up?
How did they go so high?
In the night time sky?

Did the River Nile
Guide them here safe and sound?
How did they float up?

So many questions
But the right time comes
They are unanswered
I wrote this after watching a documentary about the pyramids of Giza.
All of this is written in the Japanese style of writing. Known as Haiku.
I have poems painted like the Pyramids on my skin
They sprink like umbers, burning demons on my sleep,
Am a god.

Then God said, "Let us make mankind in our image"
Genesis 1:26
Aaron LaLux Mar 2017
Should’ve Taken The Camel

I didn’t want to ride the camel,
with it’s rotted teeth and tortured eyes,
though he did kneel for me nicely,
and the tour guide seemed kind when he offered me the ride,

but I didn’t want to ride the camel,
so I took a horse instead,
and we rode in a race,
to catch the sunset at the pyramids,

past dusty whirlpools,
of broken bones and trash,
horse hair clinging to a leg bone,
bloated heads and plastic bags,

dusty as Hell,
dry and hot from sun,
the sound of the whips on the horses,
gets us up and on the run,

gripping onto the leather saddle,
as this white horse begins to gallop,
and as we get going faster and faster,
I begin to think I should’ve taken the camel…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆
Aaron LaLux Dec 2016
Be Quick

I’m on the back of His Enduro,
through the alkaline dust of the desert,
we ride by the full moon’s light,
the three Pyramids of Giza casting perfectly measured silhouettes,

so dark they could be shadows,

and we both know time is of the essence,
so we are trying to Be Quick,

I’ve got a train to catch,
a one way ticket to Luxor,
but they say life is the journey not the destination,
so we’re always going even if we don’t always know where,


on the back of this bike,
I hold on to Him for dear life,
as the back wheel kicks up the Sands of Time,
His bike obediently continuing into the night,

I don’t know where we are going,
but I know if I live to write about it I will,
because I am a writer and writing is what I do,
it’s my way of showing gratitude and being thankful,

He’s a writer too,
similar to me,
or maybe I’m similar to Him,
because He’s 20 years my senior,

used to live the Hollywood Life,
made films and got famous,
and now He's a non profit doctor,
helping those in need that are nameless,

I see my future in his eyes,
so when we stop atop a dune,
at a bedouin camp with the three pyramids on the moon lit horizon,
I ask Him one question,

“Are you happy?”.

He pauses,
and He answers,
with something poetically metaphorical like,
“Happiness is relative.”

And then,
He proceeds to tell me the story of his life...

He talks about Hollywood,
He talks about love and about searching,
He talks about how he gave it all up,
to come to these deserts and help those that need helping,

He reveals so much,
so much more than any of these words can translate,
and as our evening comes to an end,
I realize as amazing as our lives may be we are only men,

atop a dune in Giza,
overlooking the Great Pyramids,
trying to share knowledge without sounding like preachers,

He is Jesus,
at least as close to Jesus as I’ve ever met,
quite fitting considering He came from The City of Angels,
and I see in His eyes that for society he has wept,

and I want to stay there,
because I love Him,
I see his struggle,
and His moral dilemmas,

but I've got a train to catch,
and life waits for no man,
so we wrap up our conversation,
and travel back across those Egyptian sands,

and it is then,
that I realize,
that He is me,
in 20 years time,

He is me,
in 20 years,
and as amazing as his ways seem,
I wonder if He’s lonely and if every effort he's ever made was worth it,

and that is why I asked Him what I now ask You,

“Are you happy?”.

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆
As Time Slips Through The Sands of The Hourglass...
Aaron LaLux Nov 2016
The Great Pyramid

Scared to Death,
which makes sense,
nowhere to go but up,
from the top of The Great Pyramid,

no pictures here,
so free you can’t capture it,
white owls and black cats,
call me Alexandria,

honest what,
do you do when,
all of the wisdom,
gets spoken but people don’t listen.


I’m at the top of the pyramid,
and I’m scared to death,
not scared of death,
but scared to death,

and that’s exactly what a paradox is,

and Horus,
light the,

bless all,
our children,
the need,
more than hope when,
their families are dying,
and it’s not enough to just be trying,
need more than hope,
need to do more than try,
when you can walk no higher,
that is when it’s time to fly.

Scared to Death,
which makes sense,
nowhere to go but up,
from the top of The Great Pyramid.

Please God,
we are,
the Children of Egypt,

we created the pyramids,
and our pyramids created this,

so don’t expect,
a symphony of sympathy from us kids,
even if we,
we unconditionally accept it,

Oh God,
please don’t neglect,
can’t you see we did this all for you,
and all we ask for in return is your acceptance and respect,

Oh God,
I’m scared to death,
I’m stressed and I’m tense,
please allow me to relax,

and please,
when I reach your gates,
I pray you let me pass,

I am just a child of You,
and we are family especially in death,


I do believe the Light will prevail,
even if it hasn’t happened in this generation yet,
and I’m excited and I’m ready all my bags are packed,
and I’m climb up the steps to the top of The Great Pyramid,

and I’ll come when you call,
even when I’m scared to death…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆

The Holy Trilogy Vol. 1; available worldwide: 11/11/16
Another True Story...
Aaron LaLux Aug 2016
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Aaron LaLux Jul 2016
Vegas Baby

Eating sushi,
in the center at the top of the pyramid,
this is The Life,
point blank period.

Hamachi Ahi,
uni unagi,
we eat everything,
up to the last big fish in all the seven seas,
seven seas seven sins,
at the table gamblin’,
wash it all down with all green everything,
green dollars green eyes,
green grass green tea,
from poor to rich tables turn lights switch look how the pendulum swings.

Eating sushi,
in the center at the top of the pyramid,
this is The Life,
point blank period.

Built on the backs,
of high hopes and low self esteems,
where every game is fixed,
and sits upon a million broken dreams,
see I’ve seen,
a man lose everything due to his greeds,
in his passionate pursuit to procure his wants,
he lost all of his necessary needs,

this is Vegas Baby,
where bad things seem good,
and good things seem shady,

though luckily,
I’ve mastered the art of the sin,
so I rarely play,
and when I do play I play to win,
loaded dice cards up my sleeve,
I know the dealer and I paid off the magician,
for I am one of those,
who made it to the top of the pyramid,
so now I sit in a penthouse suite with a sweet freak in my sheets at the Luxor,
I told you before this is The Life point blank period.

Eating sushi,
in the center at the top of the pyramid,
this is The Life,
point blank period.

As I soak,
my bruised bones and my blood diamonds,
in a bubble bath of passionfruit and guava,
this is no joke I exude The Good Life without even tryin’,
my karma mixed with my commas brought me to nirvana,
no Kurt Cobain,
just hurt and pain,
mixed up with this money made my a monster,
no Meek Mills,
or weak wills,
just this student from the School of Hard Knocks that graduated with honors,
some how,
so now,
I’m swimmin’ in endorphins with a princess no tiara,
no tomorrow,
no time to borrow,
and I Bet we’re gonna make Love *** Magic no Future or Ciara,

that’s a pop reference,
if you didn’t get it yet,
Future Ciara I Bet,
Love *** Magic trick,

or treat,

there’s tons of puns and subliminal messages,
in almost ever line I write,
sometimes the sublime subliminals are so subtle,
that I don’t even catch them they escape no alibi,
copy cat killers,
can imitate but never copyright,
they’re just imitation fillers,
while my literature stays genuine,
all illegitimate posers attempts at insight,
pale in comparison to my legitimate ledgers of time,

often imitated,
but never duplicated,
the Word of God,
plus what Satan said this,
the balance of extremes,
forearms tattooed with pitchforks,
back tatted with angel wings,
this is what happens,
when fashion meets passion,
this is a combination of everything and everything,
this is it that is all,
I am infinitely everything,

and I meditate on all of this,
right here at this restaurant as they stare,
an American dream living legend,
awake in a never-ending nefarious nightmare.

Eating sushi,
in the center at the top of the pyramid,
I told you this is The Life,
point blank period… ∆

Aaron L∆ Lux

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Aaron LaLux Jul 2016
El Mirador

The Sikh man on the the rooftop balcony,
tells me if I have any problems in this city,
to come and see him,
and he will deal with it,

he’s serious,
and he’s loving,
and his black eyes reflect,
against the black streeted city,
in a way that leaves no doubt,
upon my incensed mind,

we are in,
a Belizean town,
on the Guatemala border,
it’s late the moon is there,
as She always is such a trusted companion,

the balcony smells,
of humid resentment,
there is a sleepy nostalgia,
blowing through the air,

everything looks misty,

tomorrow I depart for Flores,
then to El Mirador,
the largest pyramid in the world,
waiting for me to explore,

I have a few days,
found some extra time,
between flying to NYC,
then flying to Milan,
to find my way to El Mirador,
it’s a six day hike from Flores,
this is something that’s calling me,
told you before I’m a traveler not a tourist,

I’m packing my bags,
getting ready for another trip,
my business is straight,
and my 5th book is almost finished,

which gives me a few days to breathe,
to hike into the jungles in respect of the pyramids,
and I was packing my bags and getting everything ready,
when I decided to take a break and step out onto the balcony,

where to my surprise I found a man,
sitting in the dark,
resting in the infinite,
space of time and thought,

and when I discovered him,
he began to speak,
he told me he’d come from Amritsar,
and that he was a Sikh,

Seek and Ye shall find,
so I go with God,
and get back to getting ready,
for my trek to El Mirador.

— ∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆ —

The H Trilogy
Volume 1

Way past 12
yet still I am awake
the world sin,
in a pen
conforming lights,
this is the world now?
digitized in bytes
digitized in bites and bytes.
we are ever distant, we don't
gaze at each other on these nights
we just digitize , digitize bytes
process instead of feel
and distract ourselves
forever encased in the mud of the machine.
Lets jump on the lifeboat
and find ourselves homes
to root in, not another boot that breaks the skin
Emote, and feel
don't process
with a zeal that begs
Inspired by listening to Radiohead Pyramid song late at night,
or is it morning? :)
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