Middy 5d

You’re guilty
Of breaking a glass heart
It was an angel
An angel you chose
And you broke them
You have red hands
Red liquid
Dripping from your ruby lips
And from your nails
And your knife
And you shot them
You broke their glass heart
Now you’re guilty
You could’ve been happy
With them
You could’ve lived happily
With them
But no
You chose to break
Break them
Break their glass heart
With your red hands

Explain why people just break hearts like it’s the most normal thing in the world. It’s cruel and you’d hate it if it happened to you
So why do you do it?
Middy 6d

I'm hidden in my snowstorm
Cut off from reality
It's a lover place
Don't get me wrong
But it's just not for me

I'm sipping hot chocolate
In a fire so dear and warm
My gloved hands  
Are toasty and warm
As these marshmallows
Floating in my hot chocolate lake

I close my eyes
In the warmth
The cold
Oh so so cold
But my foes, my enemies
My freinds, my allies
You're both so dear and warm

Let's all get together, foe or freind, and have fun in the snow!
Happy holidays HP poets!
Middy 7d

It's getting louder
With all the talking
The murmuring
The staring
Too much, too much

I'm in a class room
Surrounded by a crowd
Of screaming, shouting
And endless chatter

Oh dear god
When will it end?
Seems to be becoming
Quicker, quicker AND QUICKER

Oh no
No no no no
It's getting louder
Im screaming
Others are staring
I'm almost not there
But my screams and cries are

No one saw me
When I groaned quietly
No one saw me
When I covered my ears
No one saw me
When I started to cry
Now they see
As I run away screaming

Dear teachers,
You were given a job at a school
So control your class for god's sake
Middy Dec 6

in my eyes
in a world of hate
a world of anger and war
a world where racism is just fine

a song is playing far away

in a world of bloody roses
petals falling on the green grounds
turning brown, dull and grey

a song is playing
it's getting closer

in my eyes
the world will one day
be green and will grow
there will be smiling

maybe some day

and the song will be loud and clear

Middy Nov 26

Mother Nature is watching
These humans wasting her magic
Burning it
Cutting it
Wasting it away

She wants it used for good
For the children to play with
For the homeless to have homes
For humans to breathe away
At the luxury of her air


Middy Nov 20

" it's ok to say things to people!
Say anything you want! "
Said the teacher in class
Helping these students
Making sure they pass
But won't help
With the bullying
The hate
Anything at all

Until a quiet voice speaks
From the back corner of the room
hidden away behind laughter
Talking and gossip

" sir: I think you are wrong "

Silence comes
It leaves with trembling fear
As the teacher speaks again

" how so? We have free will!
We should use it right? "

" wrong. "
The girl stands
She looks at everyone
Eyes filled with sadness
Anger and frustration

" I think we have all heard
Of the game known as hangman
We think of the right letters to say
That way the man lives
If we say the wrong things,
The man is hung. "

Nods and whispers come out
Stares and tiltings of heads
Are seen in the room

" and your point being? "
The teacher snaps
Faster than a broken twig
Or a mouse In a trap

" we have to say nice things
That way people are happy
People live peacefully with smiles
No fear or tear to be seen
But if we say bad things
To human beings
They are sad.
They die. With a noose, a gun
Sometimes a knife or blade
Sometimes on a train track
A road of black or in a river of tears.
This happens everyday,
Every 40 seconds
to millions of people. "

Silence appears with a smile
a smile of joy and relief
then leaves as shouts of agreemnet
call out in the classroom
the girl silently walks to the door
staring at dumbfounded teacher

" if you think we should have free speech
so we can say horrible things
think of hangman "

It disgusts me that people say what they like and not realise the effects of their words. I rememeber this one girl in my history class who kept saying the word retard. As an autistic person, natrally I asked her to stop but she responded with " but I wasn't insulting anyone! i just said I look like a retard! ". Not much to say about this, though I wish this girl good luck in making friends...
Middy Nov 18

“ sticks and stones
may break my bones but
words will never hurt me ”
What a lie
What a scandal
What a stupid quote

We are Human
We aren't immortal
We aren't immune
to pain and words

If words can't hurt me
Then why do they bleed
Into my bloody wrists
And scarred thighs
Why do they stun me
Into tears and heartbreak
Why do I reach for the razor
And mix bitter tears
With red liquid
On the white bathroom floor

Why do they cause
Broken hearted lovers
To keep from bridges
Tear stained faces
To be mourned for
At funerals
Why do they cause
A gun to be shot
And the bucket
It will hit
The gunner

“ sticks and stones
May break my bones
but words will always kill me. ”

I was thinking about that quote and wonder how it came up
Words will always hurt others
They always will
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