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Middy Jul 2018
It was a long day for me, for her
I helped her walk and told her how tired I was-
Yet she did not respond
For she was as tired as me.
And I controlled her Body
Every moment
Every movement
Every sound that echoed around me
Every sight she sees through her Eyes.

I carried her to bed, her Legs dragging her away
Her Hands ripped off the school uniform
And replaced it with a Nirvana shirt
And blue shorts

She threw her Body onto the bed and lay there,
Her Eyes watched the ceiling as if something was about to happen
Her Lips let out a sigh and she took her phone
And her Fingers and I got ready for what she was about to type today
Middy Jun 2018
So I was having a-a-a
Thing where you...
Oh! A conversation! Yes!
So I was having a conversation.
With... Brown haired....
Ah yes my freind.
Well ex freind.
She saw me stuttering and buffering
Like an old computer
So as the conversation went on
It was abandoned
As by the time I got my sentence right
The bell rang for class
And she vanished into a sea
Of people
Talking L O U D L Y
And I was lost in the crowd
But what do I expect
Since I get lost in my own conversations?
My life when I process information or try to make myself say something. I hate socialising for too long or my processing gets worse
Middy Jun 2018
They preach about pride
“Pride is a sin!”
People nod obediently
“Two men kissing is a sin!”
A few more obedient nods

Slaves? Do we obey all the things
That a silly old book says
To get to a place most probably
Will never see
Since they’ve committed just one

Two men kissing
Sounds harmless as a butterfly
Two girls kissing
Sweet as sugar

It’s fine to be yourself
Boy, girl, both or none
It’s accepted in the animal kingdom
Why not the human one?
Are you scared of a book?
A book that controls how you act
How you talk, speak, pray?

Have pride everyone!
Have pride in yourself!
Who you are!
Who you want to be!
Not only is this for LGBT but I feel that people are just brought up into a religion and forced into it. Like how most are forced to see that LGBT is a bad thing. I hope people have the ability to choose their faith, their path in life and not be bullied or hurt for doing so. And the thing about the animal kingdom is true! There are several gay animals like penguins, sheep, flamingos, giraffes and lion! So there is ‘pride’ (pun intended, I regret nothing) in the animals kingdom: but not in the human Kingdom. All over some book that says we can’t.
Middy May 2018
I’m 99% weird, I’m sure of it
That 1% tells me to act normal
But I don’t think I hear it often
Sometimes when I sleep
It does request so
But it’s just 1%
It’s not like 99% is normal anyway
Yes, the idea was to make it seem a little confusing :P
Middy May 2018
What are you looking at young child?
The two boys kissing over there?
It's fine. I promise. Love is love!
And the two girls holding hands?
That's ok too. Love is love after all.
No need to argue.
What are you looking at, kid?
The single dad with children of his own?
Smiling at their father as does other children?
He does his best, he works hard and never wants to let them down
He's a good dad in my opinion.
Yes, a very handsome one too.
What are you looking at?
The mother who tries to make her child smile?
Oh the child! I see he's wearing pink.
And is that eye shadow? Oh she did it well, his mum did.
Oh and her daughter! Oh she looks cute in blue jeans.
And I love that blue shirt on her.
Oh those two! The ones who like rock music
Wear leather jackets, spikes, tattoos, piercings and black
Yet they're the kindest couple on earth.
Is all this bothering you child?
You shouldn't need to worry. They're all good people, all very nice.
They're all human inside.
Give them a smile dear!
That's it.
Middy May 2018
So I’m daft?
Just because I blast music to escape
The complaining household I’m in
And this planet that appears to be
Ever so loud and uncaring
Yet they apologise
As if it'll solve world hunger

I’m daft becuase my cat like ears
Hear all the groans and sighs
Hearing all the kids in class scream
And you two talking about me
Under your wasted breath

I’m daft because I prefer to be
Alone in my room where I’m safe
And away from you both

So I’m daft
Just cos I barely eat meat
And prefer to read rock magazines
Than old books and girly magazines

I'm daft because I prefer to sleep in a bunk bed
With no one sleeping on the top bunk
Because I'm daft! I'm daft, that's why!
Inspired by something my mum called me while I nearly walked off without her.
Middy May 2018
It's a sad old ****** Sunday
When men walk in suits,
With solemn faces in the cold wind
Tears flow down the elderly's wrinkled faces
And their hands shake
Women hold the hands
Of their whispering children
The long droning speeches are said
All is said and all is done
The poppies are placed
Everyone stands in silence
Then walks home in whispers
Paper poppies on their coats
Waking through
Freezing Autumn leaves
We walk inside our homes
We hear church bells chime
Like the ones at the funerals so long ago
We take off our coats
Leave them around
We lie in bed and sleep
We get up the next day
When all is said and done
And life goes on
Except not for the dead
And not for the ones
Who witnessed death
See this is what ****** me off about November 11th. It's a good idea except if you think about it, people just move on. By people, I mean people who will never get the picture of what it's like to see men dying around you, buried in snow and mud.
Also sorry for not being around, school has been awful recently. :(
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