Middy 5h

I'm all alone
In this bright blue sea
That's turning grey in the dark
But I could cope
I used to

But now I can't
I'm alone on the wooden dock
Where boats lie on the sides
With shells and seaweed
Scattered around them

The sand used to feel so warm
Now it's colder than the ice cream
You'd give me and you'd laugh
Your deep gentle laugh
That I missed so dear

" hello poppet! "
You would say as I would hug him
Kiss his wrinkled and rough cheek
I'd hang upside down on my bed
As I wished him goodnight
You would smile and chuckle
On those lonely nights

You'd fly wooden airplanes
In the green parks
You'd throw them so far away
Now I fly alone
No one to turn to
No one to love

Your hair was silver as ice
Your smile wider
Than a child at play
You were a giant
You were so tall and strong
Yet you were so gentle
So kind and loving

You stuck a plaster and kiss
Upon my bleeding knee
And wiped my tears away
And gave me another cornetto
But now I'm still bleeding
And I have tears streaming down
My broken and crumpled face
How could you leave?
Why did you leave?
I love you...

In memory of my grandad who died of skin cancer in April 2014, barely a few days after his 75th birthday.
His last words: " hello poppet ".
All the things I mentioned are things we'd do together
Now I fly alone
Now I sail the seas alone
Middy 1d

At night I chase dreams
As I'm curled up in bed
My arms are illustrated
With the stories of my life

My friends are always there
My family is very blurry
But the people who I love
Are crystal clear
And I know they care

I'm running across the desert
With a sandstorm chasing me
While I run after my dream
It's almost out of reach
I'm running on grasslands
Over mountains and hills
Lush fields of flowers and green
Through the rainy stormy weather
Past the sunshine and summer
Thought the snow and the winter

I won't stop chasing my dreams
They won't stop running away
But I will catch them some day
Even if no one believes I can

You can do it
You can catch your dreams
Middy 3d

Men in black guarded the gates
Leading to where they call hell
A large building with corridors
Rooms that waste hours of time
The men shut the black gates
From behind my shaking back
I start my day's sentence

I'm in the winding corridors
Hearing a young girl cry far away
Another few words of hate
Tossed at her pretty face as usual
Yet the headmaster doesn't care

A boy is walking nearby me
He has a black eye and a nose
Streaming a waterfall of blood
His body littered with bruises
Another one suffering from abuse
From fellow prison immates
And his own kindly parents
Yet the teachers don't care
What kind of educators are they?

We learn things we already knew
Is brainwashed into forgetting
Our fractions and subtracting
Turning into loneliness and dread
And adding our depression levels
Dividing our energy down
And multiplying our confusion

Panic attacks our brains and
We don't know what's coming
A test by writing a story
An essay or even a ramble
Or knowing scientific facts
That we probably won't need
Apart from if you like science

I stare out the window
Dreaming of a classroom
Filled with freedom and love
Songs and poetry and dancing
Playing with words
Not planning a story before
We touch the bloody pen

But now we are birds in cages
Ready to sing our song
As the old writer in his chair says

“ how can a bird born for joy
Sit in a cage and sing? ”

But what is the answer?
No one knows

I like my education
Bit seriously school feels like a prison to me.
Middy 5d

Hello dear child
Are you new in this world?
Don't be scared
I'm glad you joined
So I can toy with your mind
And mess up your world

To the left you'll find the history
Of bombs, suicides and death
In the attacks with the word terror
Look there and you'll see why
You'll be shocked by the flames
The tears, the pain and the loss
You'll be crying and wondering
Why does this happen?

To the right you'll find the starving
The sick, the homeless, the dead
The sick and elderly, the ill
The ones who are mentally scarred
They keep crying out for help
They keep asking for money
And begging for food and drink
I would be kind and give them
A little money and a bite to eat

Have you heard of the rich?
Boy you’ll be surprised
They are government
Gentlemen, ladies, leaders
War starters, war lovers,
Positions and debaters
Some are greedy, some are wise
But which will you be?

Speaking of which, who are you?
A fighter? An artist? A poet?
A dancer? An acrobat? A dreamer?
A song writer? A reader? A writer?
Who are you?
In this world of black and white
And a slight hint of grey
That’s for me to know
And for you to find out

Inspired after responding to a comment on my latest poem.
I don't know why but I'm laughing at it wondering what I was thinking
You know who you are
Middy 6d

I hate school I will hate school
I hated school I hate school
I will hate school I hated school
I hate school I hated school
I will hate school I hate school
I hated school I hate school
I hate school I will hate school
I will hate school I hate school
    I hated school I will hate school
I hate school I hated school
I will hate school I hated school
I hated school I hate school
I hate school I will hate school



I will shoot someone at work
I shot someone at their house
I had shot someone in the shop
I shot someone during a concert
I will shoot someone during class
I had shot someone in the heart
I shot someone while they slept
I will shoot someone tonight
I shot someone now
I had shot someone yesterday


The bomb exploded
The bomb will explode
The bomb had exploded
The bomb will explode
The bomb exploded
The bomb will explode
The bomb had exploded
The bomb exploded
The bomb will explode
The bomb had exploded
The bomb will explode
The bomb exploded
The bomb had exploded
The bomb will explode
The bomb exploded


Inspired by a small paragraph in the book My Name Is Mina by David Almond
I agree with hating school, don't get me wrong I love education
But I feel schools are like cages or prisons, the teacher is the warden.
Sorry for it being so long it if I get anything wrong
Middy 6d

I'm sitting in my usual corner
Of the coffee shop in town
The morning's come
The day has begun
So where's the singing birds?

It's a very quiet morning
Only three cars passed by
A black Nissan Pick Up truck
A siver Honda car
And a truck heading to the south
To give us our supplies
That the farmers and poor make
Just for us
But get no credit or coin

I'm looking around and I see
Five people in the room
Six if you count the homeless man
Staring through the window
A black Labrador next to him
He's staring at me

The man in the corner
Has several wrinkles
Maybe 50? 60? 70?
He's got very milky coffee
Next to the newspaper he has
He's looking at the crossword
And raging with silent curses
That he thinks no one can hear
But if you look in his eyes
You see the frustration in them

A female teenager
She's staring at me
What is she jealous of now?
I really don't know what.
She's just glancing
Staring and glancing
As she sips her vanilla mocha
With her long hot pink nails
And sighs with her ruby red lips
You see jealousy in her green eyes
So sharp and cat like
You can almost smell it

There's a woman in her thirties
She is still smoking and puffing
And putting her ashes in the tray
' another interaction with cancer '
I think as she stares into space
If you look into her chocolate eyes
The same colour as her tea
She's thinking very deeply
As I am right now

There's a man at the coffee bar
Whistling away
He's cleaning up the desk
Waiting for the next customer
Waiting for the new order
Then he will make their drink
Make a working man smile
And a tired mother laugh
But it's not helping the man
The homeless one outside
Yet when you look into his eyes
His bright hazel will show
Happiness and joy

There's a guy in the corner
Listening to some music
With his black coffee on
I sit with him
Even though he's misjudged
And he flashes me a smile
As his black and purple hair
Is tossed around by his hand

" you've been writing a lot, love "
He smiles as he stops his songs

" I know. " I reply.

I see him everyday
He's going through something
Sad and tough
And when you look at his eyes
A deep greyish blue
He's had enough of it

" are you sad? " I whisper
Looking at him
He turns away with tears
They're welling up in his eyes

" it's ok, " I smile
And pat his shaking shoulder
" you're never alone.
I'm your friend "

He looks at me in the eyes
My observant and gentle eyes
They show comfort when I see him
Smiling at long last

I soon have to go.
Places to be
Places to go

" see you tomorrow "
He smiles at me

" see you soon! "
I smile back at him

I make sure to get a take away
A plain coffee with a packet
Of sweet smelling sugar
I give it to the homeless man
You should've seen the
Joy and happiness in his eyes!

Middy 7d

This child
A school boy
Who can't stop
Moving and won't
Stop talking or saying
Stuff that's out of the topic
He will be a kind man who
Won't give up on his hopes
Or dreams he always has
He will often laugh and
Dance and moonwalk
Putting a smile on
Others' faces
But some will
Taunt him and
Cackle at his antics
Some will think he is
Mad, crazy or energetic
He will struggle through life
But he will climb mountains and
He will scream for millions to hear

......................He is smart....................

I'm writing in a few form today! Anyone like?
This was inspired after i met two people at a party a few days ago. One with ADHD and autism and the other with Aspergers. We both talked and it turns the man with ADHD was diagnosed only recently as an adult. They are both very kind people and the man with Aspergers is very clever and nice. Adding them here is a little way of saying a thanks for meeting them.
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