Middy Feb 2
I'm confused by the world in several ways
that's a question many ask.
well here is my reply, response,
a question for YOU!
why are there bus time tables when they never run on time?
why do parents say "eat your food! Some children don't even eat!"
then throw away their last slice of pizza as they speak,
like another sunday supliment filled with only a fraction of war
yet there are a million more!
why do people procatrasinate?
why do people beg others to achieve their dreams
while laughing at another comedy on Netflix?
Tragic, such a tragedy.
Such a hopeless waste of humanity
Middy Jan 10
An unbirthday!
364 of them!
Make them happy days!
Even if it’s not the best day
And your birthday seems so far
And it seems that it’s the best
To be honest I see why
But everyday can be good
Ok I’ll say upon experience
That some will make you scream
And you want to wake up
Thinking it’s all just a dream
Some will make you shout
And no one knows what it’s about
That some will make you cry
Feel like you want to die
Like a flower withering away
let the flower rise and grow!
Be a garden! Be you!
Be strong! Be happy
Love others but please oh please don’t forget yourself
Care for others and yourself
Keep on going no matter what!
Oh and one final thing
Happy birthday
Or unbirthday of course

love from Middy xoxo
Even if it’s not your birthday, Make your day special!
Middy Jan 10
It’s been a while
Since I saw your smile
Light up a man’s wrinkled face
It’s been so long
Since you wrote a son
Why not write one now
You haven’t really danced
So why not take a chance?
I haven’t been in ages due to personal stuff. Sorry!
Middy Dec 2017
It’s chewing my insides
It’s gobbling me up
I feel so awful
Sick and disgusting

I carry death
I chew down my enemies
I sink ships with a nibble
And I go down with it

My guts are churning
I feel so bad
My heart feels rotten
Like that Apple over there
God I feel worse
Watch out all of you mindless people
I feel so sick
People really do underestimate rats
They are Small but they care for family
They are small but they can kill millions
Middy Dec 2017
My body is cracked
It’s the way it was made
God probably thought
I was really so bad
When he saw me at first sight
He sighed softly
So my heart is broken
And no one can see

The knife of abuse hits my body
And it shatters again
Put my limbs back together
Yet they’re still cracked
A gun of a thousand words
Shoots me in the chest
A little voice says
That I’m better off dead

Maybe I am
Maybe I am not
But as far as I can see
I shouldn’t exist
Why do people shatter others who are going through pain?
What did they do to them?
Middy Dec 2017
My eyes are closed tight
I’m fast asleep
In my cocoon
Hidden away
I’m asleep and no one can hear me
I’m asleep and no one can see me
I’m in my cocoon
No one can find me

No one will gobble me up
Chew me up and spit me out
No one will yell
And hurt my aching ears
From morning to night
Until I awake
I’m in my cocoon
Hidden away
I love being asleep
Because no one can tell at me about anything
Middy Dec 2017
You’re guilty
Of breaking a glass heart
It was an angel
An angel you chose
And you broke them
You have red hands
Red liquid
Dripping from your ruby lips
And from your nails
And your knife
And you shot them
You broke their glass heart
Now you’re guilty
You could’ve been happy
With them
You could’ve lived happily
With them
But no
You chose to break
Break them
Break their glass heart
With your red hands
Explain why people just break hearts like it’s the most normal thing in the world. It’s cruel and you’d hate it if it happened to you
So why do you do it?
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