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Khoisan Mar 2022
The irony after the fall

we needed us

to stand tall
mothwasher Jul 2020
a curious family of raptor children, a lake of caterpillar carcasses (boulder soup), a grocer for the taliban, gas powered anything, the exposed midsection of a tree, bank robberies or bear maulings in progress, triangles, an irascible bus driver thinking in isosceles, the itinerant story of a mama mammoth, starquakes and extinctions, massive roaches, a neck bath in hot breath, sudden abeyance from behind, the way gravity kills caterpillars and spares us because all angles of gravity make 180 degrees and this is stillness. fear running a straight line from behind us, through us, and in front of us. what i consistently get caught up in, the third point might be my final resting. this is why i ******* hate triangles.
Keiri Dec 2019
Have I ever lived if I say
I've never felt this way?
Have I been thinking to real
Denying all I'm starting to feel?

Have I been too sceptical
To experience the end of all?
Have I been stupid
The things I rid?

I'm loving for the first time
After so many times I tried?
Did I never care a dime.
Had I such a blurry sight?

Or maybe I've never felt this
Because it hurts a lot
It's a feeling I won't miss
A feeling I haven't been brought.

To fall for someone who
Makes it complicated
Because he is in love with two
and you're the one who's overrated.

To fall for someone you'd die for
And he would die for you
However there's someone more
who'd die for him too.

As in a chess game I have lost
However, I keep my fingers crossed.
I've loved before, but I know I've been toxic in my way of love, and they were toxic to me too... I feel like I'm in love, real love for the first time with someone who's caring, sweet and nice, I know it's not the first time for me, it just doesn't feels the same as before... It feels nice to feel loved, appreciated, necessary but also... As if I'm a good person, deserving of his kind words and gentle touches. But even though he loves me too, he's taken, and off limits. She's been making him happy for a long time, even before I passed along. And I want him to stay happy, because he makes me happy, it's what he deserves. All is fair in love and war, yet I always tend to play chess according to the rules... And even though I hate the pain and I love this warm, soft,... gentle feeling, I'm gonna throw down my king and...... checkmate, I lost...
Danielle Mar 2018
The Circles are calling!
As they circle round my head
Weaving me dizzy and divine
As we fall into the Circles of Hell.
I try to block them by feeling square
Only to form a triangle
The pressure builds
And lines are being bowed
Everything collapses into roundness
And my sanity goes.
Just a good summary of those moments in life when everything seems to happen at once, good things intermingling with the bad, and just dumped on you.
sunprincess Jan 2018
Pyramids reaching for a starry constellation
Years ago, another time period, another age
Ruling emperors ordering cruel crucifixions
And those guards whipping sun-burnt slaves
Making them carry heavy stones and suffer
Imagine stones some large as an automobile
Dragged along by prisoners, known as slaves
So I don't think I would like being a triangle
Aaron LaLux Jul 2017

My 1300th poem,
was ‘Diamond Triangles’,
didn’t even plan that,
now I see why they say I’m Illuminati,

33 triangles tattooed to my body,

in room #1301 now,
13th floor of the hotel,
13th floor room #1,
it’s always on for real,

no off switch,
so no we don’t switch,
on the offense we don’t snitch,
our defense airtight got the game sewed & stitched,

tight as our lips are because loose lips still sink cruise ships,

all in no pretend all real for real 100% legit,
I’m ready if you’re ready come on let’s get it,

let’s go now,
the time has never been better,
let’s pow wow & wow how,
this weather as in this reign has never been wetter,

or greater,
compliments to the Haters,
because you haven’t made it till they hate it,
so I’m grateful for the confirmation from the Haters,

we’re here to Rock The Nation,
shout out to RocNation,
shout out to Jay Z see we’re all Gods,
all it took was a combination of carpe diem & patience,

a combination between futuristic technologies & wisdom from The Ancients,

know the difference,
between patience & hesitation,
I thank my Dad for teaching me that,
see he taught me a lot of those “what not to do” lessons,

learned what not to do through his actions,
so I could prevent them & not grow up like him,
& that’s not to say I don’t love him because I do,
& that's mentioned to clarify that I didn’t write this just to spite him,

kinda like,
why I wear these diamonds,
which isn’t to show off no nah,
I wear them because diamonds are enlightening,

just look at the way they catch the light,
see real diamonds are a sure thing,
just like these words I write,
on the luckiest floor in this whole building floor #13,

writing my 1300th poem,
was ‘Diamond Triangles’,
didn’t even plan that,
now I see why they say I’m Illuminati,

33 triangles tattooed to my body,

in room #1301 now,
13th floor of the hotel,
13th floor room #1,
it’s always on for real,

especially when it’s Strange :30,
& it’s Strange :30 again,
so I guess it’s time to sign off,
with a goodnight & a Thee End...

from '777' available worldwide on Amazon

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆
Olga Valerevna Jun 2017
A color I could never see I found inside of you
the deepest parts of us reflected every shade of blue
Depending on the moment I would speak in melodies
that I could never carry were you not right here with me
And even though our days have led us miles far apart
I find you in the chorus of the beat within my heart
The chords I scribed in blood because I've nothing left to give
"I want to break the silence," said her Spirit to my skin
triangles, numerals.
Àŧùl Jan 2017
Scalene Triangle: Here no sides or angles are the same.
Isosceles Triangle: Here two sides and angles are same.
Acute Triangle: Here all three angles are less than 90º.
Obtuse Triangle: Here one angle is greater than 90º.
Equilateral Triangle: Here all sides & angles are the same.
Right Triangle: Here one angle is equal to 90º.
And the most common triangle is...
Love Triangle: Here a lover usually cheats on the other.

I unluckily have gotten stuck in all these 7 triangles.
Never deserved to be cheated but still got cheated.
I can not hate them but still, I so often get hated.
And the mathematical triangles only bothered.
I never cheated anybody.

My HP Poem #1387
©Atul Kaushal
Ophelia Dec 2014
Darling I've been here before
I've held these hands,
I've met these eyes
I used to think we could be together
One sweet night was all I got
But it was a paradise
One I'd only tasted in dreams
But now it's just a bitter memory
Of mistakes made and hearts broken
Now you have her and I have me
Yet perhaps not even she has won
You still say you're happiest
Wrapped in my arms
As if it's her fault you didnt choose me
I thought I'd move on
I knew I'd still be broken
But I'd be okay
Well I was wrong
I'm only fine as long as we're apart
And the sun is shining
And I don't have to think
Or feel
A thing
But when I see you
Or her
Or smell the rain
Or choose Orange
Or hear any of our songs
I have to admit to myself
That I am far from recovery

But if I had the chance to do it all again
To turn back the clock, and relive
Those two short months
When nothing came between us
I'd take it
Even knowing how the story ends
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