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Julia Nov 2017
Surround us in white light so that we may be your eternal servants of good
Temptation is pervasive as we remember what we should
Intend our curiosity
Empower creativity
Deliver us from evil
so we may live eternally
trying to use the divine tools the way I think They are showing me
Keda Kanye Jul 2017
I grew up
That I was wrong

I can't see myself
Without seeing the pain
That I have caused others
And I've always felt
I belonged
In the gutters

I think
I'm too big for this world
I don't know
To be
Just good
Or just bad
Aaron LaLux Aug 2016
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Conscious Dec 2014
Pumpkins and sweets
Not a good combination
Scary ghosts and children
Not a good combination

Three knocks on the door
"Trick or treat!!?"
Smiles appear
All becomes a good combination

Tonight good lies in evil
Blood becomes red wine
Wolves hug sheep
Piggies enjoy their homes
Vampires drink water

And little red riding hood's grand ma gets to eat the treats

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Mary Christopher May 2014
I can't help it
The evil I'm drawn to

It pours out of me
Like hot coffee
Energizing and burning
Flowing and covering
Everything in its path

I can't help that
No matter what I do
The evil inside me
Is drawn to the best parts of you

I can't help the fact
That I hurt you
It's simply what I do

I feel like you should know better
At least by now
After all we've been through

If you think I've changed
That will never be true
The evil inside of me
Will always be drawn
To the good inside you

to idolize a segregated love
against fear, that knows nothing of failure, hurt, destruction
to cage evil, to make evil, by making cages
and to venerate, righteously, some ideological and illogical heaven
to loose sight, of the dark
and be blinded, in sheer light
is to forget beauty,
real beauty
is lost in piousness
in gross
over simplifications
in staunch
and heartless,
some dreary
and to lose beauty,
is to lose life.

without death you are dead
and if there were only good there would be no good at all
and truth is true by falsifiability

never lose sight of the terror
that waxes at beauties heart
with trembling and real love,
shaking for the unshakeable,
and put demons in their place next to angels,
bring shadows to the light,
or you'll know nothing
of great dreams
of shifting colour and hue
and shade and shine
and here we are
and here
we are

I say
give me it all,
I'll refuse nothing,
grant me totality,
hand in hand with
my union-
I am for wholeness-
I am for
the world

I am a lover
feel, I need to feel
I am a lover
sense, I need to sense
I am an artist
see, I need to see


to hide nothing
to hide nothing

and see

— The End —