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nish Feb 2019
It’s me.
It’s us.
It’s humanity stripped, this is our true form
We are painted with stars and consumed by the cosmos, only to come back again brighter than ever before.

My heart is the sun, my soul is the void.
I was going through my old stuff and found this from
4 July 2016
nish Jan 2019
i think its time
to fall in love

the depthless kind
with flower buds
that blossom into stereotypical roses

i prefer the scent of lavender
but i'll take roses
if it comes with a side of love

the depthless kind of course.
obviously my lonely *** was inspired by Princess and the Frog
sigh I love Disney movies
time for a fling
nish Jan 2019
theres a split difference
a second thought you never had
for the difference between a burdened regret
and an unforgettable memory
hi? been a while, not in a writing mood haha
everyone have a great day :)
nish Dec 2018
sometimes we forget
humans are mindless
among the sadness
monotonous moments
and fleeting happiness
there is a form of fighting peace

it is love
and one day you will fall

it truly is the sweetest fruit
and you must cherish it
as though it is the last pearl
in this dark and vast ocean
of travesty we call life.
-To my future daughter.

I might never have one, and I might never show this. But I couldn't think of anyone else to dedicate it to.
And its not the kind of poem you leave lying around undedicated ya know.
nish Nov 2018
god will redeem you
for your only sin
was loving me
nish Nov 2018
i'd take up a lasso to the stars
rearrange them

a bucket of water
extinguish the sun

walk a mile
in a second

lessen your pain
bear your burden

but don't ask me
to stop loving you
some things
just can't be done.
overcome the impossible when you're head over heels
nish Nov 2018
theres a freezing cold irony
in trying your very best
its a hit or a miss
for sometimes
all you can give
is still not enough.
-Don't be upset if you're best is not enough, its all you could ever give.
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