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Lawrence Hall

                                      Q is a Letter in the Alphabet

And that’s pretty much it, between P and R
Our teachers made us carve it as a curvy 2
Which is illogical because no one
Then wrote about 2uadrilaterals or 2ueens

A Q is not a Delphic Oracle
Nor is it The Lost Transistor of Mars
Whispering Barsoomian secrets in code
Transmitted through albino Calvinists

Q is a letter in the alphabet -
And we are rational children of God
A poem is itself.
ConnectHook Sep 18
The deplorable oracle Q
has the wicked unsure what to do.
And fake news can't control
What the masses extol;
The awakening rises on cue.

The crumbs have been scattered. Q spoke
what the media thought was a joke . . .
Q's disciples? Deplorable.
Quite unadorable,
spreading and massively woke.
Look out !
Q conspiracists are EVERYWHERE.
They look like normal ‘Muricans.
Rushing in where angels fear to tread,
“Where They Go 1 They Go All”.
ConnectHook Sep 13
Q has infiltrated the infiltrators.
Uniting US in conspiracy.
I know, because Q told me I needed to know.
You are Q.
Because Q is no one
and no one is everywhere.
Q is the code AND the decryption algorithm.
You believe Q ? So what.
The DEMONS believe Q...
and they tremble.
Blood and fire await those
who spurn Q's boundless mercy.

Q has so subtly crept into your consciousness that YOU, foolish one, think Q is a groundless conspiracy theory,
thus validating and acknowledging Q's presence
in your inner sanctum.

Q knows who you are and where you live before you lived there.

Q shall do exceedingly and abundantly beyond all that Q can conceive.

Prepare to take up arms for Q (apocalyptically).
Clean your weapons and load extra magazines (metaphorically).
Sharpen your combat knives and prepare to strike (symbolically).
Hide the explosive charges and set the timers (allegorically).
Slay all who oppose Q
and fill the midnight graves
with their twitching corpses (emblematically).
Cleanse the nation of all corruption (spiritually).

We await Q's dictates
unto death and beyond.

(Q taught Q's mother-in-law EVERYTHING she knows.)
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ConnectHook Sep 8
Q is everywhere.

Before you know who Q is,
Q has your name and number.

Q says: do not believe Q.

Q is so devious,
So perfectly decentralized
that millions of Q-anons
Think Q is someone else.

Mainstream normie media
is now concerned about Q.

Fake News
is very worried about Q.

Therefore, we KNOW that Q
is nothing to be concerned about.

Q is psy-op hope ****
disguised as popcorn.

I believe Q.

Do NOT watch this:
Are not thou supremely good and wise,
Imparting these prodigious gifts - not in vain,
What wonders are reserved inside the breadcrumbs reign?
Amidst the breadcrumbs - the arguments have shown
Such truth’s only given to guide us all home.
Your visions’ mildness I shall not condemn,
Taking up my pen to force your diadem.
'Tis true, Q grants the people what most they crave,
Even more perhaps - than mortals ought to save -
For lavish grants suppose the monarchs were all tamed
With more than goodness than my wit can proclaim.
But when should good people strive their bonds to break?
If not when evil tyrants are negligent or weak?
Let Q give on till he can give no more,
‘Lest we find ourselves homeless and poor -
And to every shekel which Q can retrieve,
Shall it cost a limb, a choice - or a prerogative?
To supply new plots, shall be not my core,
Nor to plunge us deep in some expensive war,
Which, our treasures were never meant to supply,
We must, with our remaining kinship, refuse to buy.
Oh faithful friends forget our jealousies and fears
Call on each other to solve the issues, don’t rejoice in tears.
Whom amongst us, when our aid is torn,
Shall be left naked and left to public scorn?
Are we not the next successor, whom we fear and hate -
If we allow these obnoxious leaders of state
To turn all virtue into nigh and overthrow
And denounce all righteousness both good and foe?
Q’s right, they fight for sums of personal gold,
The collateral is all of us to be pawned and sold -
Like sheep to the slaughter, Where We Go One We Go All.
They corrupt their titles into law,
If not, we the people have the right to reign supreme.
We did not make them the kings, these kings are made by them -
An empire has no power unless that empire has trust -
And without trust, it can no longer be just.
Take them all down for the general good redesigned,
In their own wrong any nation cannot be defined.
In altering that, we the people can be relieved,
Better the evil ones suffer, than all nations grieve.
We all know their evilness their sins they chose,
God was their king, and God they durst depose.
Call now on your own piety, your spiritual, filial name,
It is our right, to be fearless and let us build our own futures’ flame.
Sally S Ali Apr 2019
What is:

the time for a rose
the music for a tree
the sleep for a lover
the silence for a bee
the daylight for Kafka
the wine for a butterfly
the loneliness for a sailor
the white colour to the red

What is the world,
when i look into your eyes?
Sally S. Ali
ConnectHook Oct 2018
Q-Tips raised! Their storm approaches.
Swab those ear-gates free and clear.
Thunder frightens the rats and roaches.
Looming clouds are drawing near;
Audible anticipation
Waxes with our rising nation.

Hope-**** is the thing with feathers
flying low, right before the gale.
Strident left-wing get-togethers
Do their best to countervail.
Tribunals herald something worse . . .
Enjoy some popcorn with my verse.

Martial law—a new diversion,
Flapping wings on the Left and Right
Disturbs the coop (or coup?). Subversion
now displays its plumes outright.
Deep-state angels prove satanic
sparking upper-level panic.

Rumors can be quite arresting.
Cresting waves on the Psy-Ops sea
Break and roll, now manifesting
Dumbed-down mobs, conspiracy . . .
Some citizens awake to truth;
The rest rave on, benighted youth.
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